Mohenjo Daro Movie Review - Hrithik Roshan

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review: This Friday we are going to see the much anticipated Mohenjo Daro. The historical adventure film starring Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hedge is directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. It is produced by UTV Motion Pictures. Let's take a look at Mohenjo Daro review first.


Hrithik Roshan is coming to silver screens after two years. Ashutosh who has helmed classic like Lagaan and Swades is in the director's seat. It also has been shot on a grand scale and it took 2 years to complete this project. So expectations are too damn higher for all the right reasons.

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review


The film tells the story of an indigo farmer Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) who travels to Mohenjo Daro (an ancient city in Indus Valley Civilization). Upon reaching there he saves the life of a girl named Chaani (Pooja Hegde) who is the symbol of Mother Sindhu's grace and blessing. As luck would have been, he falls in love with Channi but Sarman soon finds out his secret connection with Mohenjo Daro. It ignites the fight between local politician Maham (Kabir Bedi) who is seizing power and oppresing the public. Will Sarman be able to defeat Maham and saves the lives of his people? Will he get his love Channi back in his life? Watch the film to find out.

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review: Analysis

Set in ancient Indus Valley Civilization, Mohenjo Daro was in the making for too long. But it was worth waiting. No doubt Ashutosh has played with the history at many places but he has made it visually spectacular and story wise compelling. Mohenjo Daro is all about Sarman from the start until the end. The excellent writing and dialogues have made it a delight to watch. The visuals are stunning and the fight sequences look brilliant on screen.

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The first part covers the journey of Sarman to Mohenjo Daro and his falling for Channi. Generally, knows as Greek God, Hrithik Roshan is a super strong young man who is the saviour of his people. The second half starts off very well and the audience enjoys the introduction of the few new characters. Yes, there is a lot of action which mainly involved Hrithik and there is no price for guessing that who was the ultimate winner.

Mohenjo Daro stands out for the brilliant conception, enactment and of course execution. The script is very well researched and the makers have taken care of each and every single detail. There is some jaw-dropping action that will keep you on the edge of the seat. The climax is one of another major highlights which will force you to hook to the screens. The few shocking revelations add more drama in the story.

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It also has some weak points. Ashutosh takes too much cinematic liberty at times. There are few loopholes and time lapses here and there. The love angle between Hrithik and Pooja is cliched and does not make much sense considering the setting of the film. VFX is just about okay and could have been better. The duration is shorter as compared to other historical films and in doing so most details of the culture of ancient civilization are missing. However it has made it fast paced

Mohenjo Daro Review: Direction, Editing & Screenplay

Ashutosh Gowarikar is a genius and you just cannot complain much about the direction. The sets and cinematography are top-notch which has made it a visual treat. The action sequences are very well executed. There are scenes that will leave you speecless, spellbound and and well also make you nostalgic. It does not have much of VFX and is rightly so as the focus is more on the story. However the costumes is a let-down as it does not suit the theme of the film.

The music by A.R Rahman may have not much impact during its audio release but the songs look excellent in the film. Mohenjo Mohenjo and Tu Hai songs create magic on screens. The background score is sheer brilliance and gives you goosebumps.

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review: Star Performances

♦ Hrithik Roshan undoubtedly has delivered one of his career best performance. He nails the character head on and proves that only he could have played such character. His transformation from a small former to a lover and then to a fighter is legendary. Hrithik will sweep all the awards for best actor next year.

♦ Pooja Hedge makes a good debut. You will fall for her innocence and grace at the same time. She makes a good pair with Hrithik Roshan too. But we wished to see her more in the film.

♦ The supporting cast is absolutely fabulous and gives a tremendous support. Few unknown names shine.

What’s Good:

♦ Well researched Script & Story
♦ Action Sequences
♦ Hrithik delivers one of his career best performance
♦ Brilliantly shoot Climax
♦ Songs are visual treat + Background score


What’s Not:

♦ Hrithik-Pooja love story is too much cliched
♦ Few Loopholes


Mohenjo Daro Review: Last Word

On the whole Mohenjo Daro is all about pure entertainment. Ashutosh's dedication, brilliant story and stunning visuals have made it a must watch. Don't miss it for anything.

Rating: 4/5


Are you excited to watch the film in the theaters? Do let us know about Mohenjo Daro movie review below.

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  1. Yes...yes...I knew it already that mojo would be one of the best movie of the decade.....in long run content will matter...mojo is clearly winner...hv booked 12 tickets....will enjoy with friends...

  2. I knew it Ashu and Hrithik Sir .....will Rock again dis tym .....Yesss ...Congrats to all Hrithik Fans ...Storm is Coming ....BLCOKBUSTER all the way ....!!!!

  3. Woww so many loopholes still 4* movie.....We the people never understand the review system.




    #CANTWAIT !!

  5. Can we believe your review BOLLYARENA.


  6. "Hrithik will sweep all the awards for Best Actor next year "
    this line made my day ....thank you Bollyarena ....

    4 out of 5 ...itna toh meine bhi expect nahi kiya tha Bollyarena se ... feeling elated ..

  7. Koe b ye film ko kharab nahi bolra kyun ki ye film bani hi kharab.zara dilse nahi dimaag se dekho iss ka trailer.HR ek stylish actor hai use aisi film nahi karni chair.guzarish ke baad ab ye film.

  8. Before Review
    Mohanjodaro Prediction 95 cr
    now 130cr
    if Rustom Review 4*
    Mohanjodaro again prediction 95 cr

  9. Thank you Bolly Arena for such a beautiful review now i am more confident about the film cant wait to watch it.

  10. wow i know ....MD WILL BE WELL SCRIPTED MOVIE.........Now waiting for Rustom review....
    definitely Rustom also get positive reviews.....both movies will rock at the box office.....same as
    LAGAAN VS GADAR.......Hisrtory will be repeated this friday..........

  11. 4 stars from a site who gave 3 star for Dilwale and Prdp(most bollybood sites gave 4 stars to these avrage movies) and 1.5 for Housfull3 that means film is really good . Definitely gonna watch this epic adventure tomorrow, FDFS is confirmed for Mohanjodaro
    Bollyarena always gives honest review :)

  12. Mahenjo ko maro sorry daro.......4*-2*=2* avg.............film above average.....Rustom ....house fusstam. 4*-1*=3* above avg.....dono ek se badkar ek....Rustom 3*-MDaro 2*(3*-2*+1*=2*)both film are just above avg......enjoyyy Karo year....bhailog....

  13. Hrithik is equal to all 3 khans salman shahrukh aamir = handsome more than salman, act equally to shahruk and perfectionist as Aamir so unka usse jalna to banta hai

  14. Woooooooooooo.....
    .everyone was trolling MD but after the review the movie is going to be blast and will take 15th August on blast......
    Waiting for rustom review....

  15. Overwhelmed with ur reviews... I knew that its going to be an epic and whoah 4 stars.... Just cant wait for tomorrow... Love u bolleyarena ?

  16. Ek bollyarena K review se itna excited hogae HR ke fan.....kya baat hai...Film ko dekho fir book....salman sharuk amir akshay ya HR.....4th spot kon lega....reality ko samjho emotional matho bhailog ab ye matbolo ki HR he greate hai.....sob ye actor greate hi had......

  17. who is hrithik....and what is Akshay...here in Middle East we know only SRK....

    1. aabbe srk is finished...........ritik will take his position..........

  18. Sharuk.Salman.amir teen khan jabtak hai tabtak koe inki jaga. Nahi lega.HR bichara 2 saal k baad ek film ae hai over excited hoke uski film ko flop mat Karo.....

  19. 4 star means its an excellent film.cannot wait further now bollyarena your review has just made my day.

  20. review of rustom are out too.... and it hat got excellent reviews like mj..
    as per the reviews rustom is the film of the year so far...and akki deserves a national awards for his performance....

  21. Wow Bollyarena team, at Sultan time you said that there is nothing new in story, and you find Mohanjodaro is a brilliant story, How??? Have you not seen such story before in Bollywood...
    A Villain who is Politian and wants to rule the city or country, Heroin who is his daughter or relative, Hero who fights for his love and for country.....What's new in this, it's a very common story which we are looking from very long time in Industry.....
    Why everytime every site are against Salman Khan, he is trying to do not only different but also brilliant movies and Box Office result proves it, but no one support or praise his efforts and work....I think SULTAN story is much better and different compare to MJD...
    Nothing against MJD, story is common but still I know it is treat to watch because of it's big scale....Best Of Luck MJD hope it will do great...

  22. I did not see yet but i hv already told you this will be better than jodha akbar..n jodha akbar also nice movie by ashutosh. I told u i hv faith on directors like ashotosh n sanjay bhansali.

  23. The love story might be cliched, but we have to remember that it is not a modern day's love story. It's 2016 BC, and they might have tried to things that way, which may look cliched in today's world.

  24. how can you give 4* to this crap!
    everyone who watched this is abusing the director. and Criticized the Crap

  25. Original reports come and it's getting mixed to negative response and I am right that if bollyarena gives 4 star then movie will be flop

  26. I am really excited to watch Mohenjodaro, definately it will create a history.... Hurray
    After a very long time going to watch Hrithik on Big Screen........

  27. Hi, Bollyareana, Are you kidding me.
    4/5 Mohenjodaro.

    please check review on
    1.5/5 Mohenjodaro

  28. Bstst performance of hrthik.good stry good direction n good music..dnt judge by gvng stars..judge by seeing u vll definetly get de strng feelng to do somethng fr others..

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