Mohenjo Daro Early Reports

Mohenjo Daro Box Office Early Reports

The early reports depend on the unbiased reviews, distributors expectations and trade pundits. That is mainly associated with box office numbers.

The distributors have given a mixed response for Mohenjo Daro. The advance at most of the centers is way below the mark. Mohenjo Daro is carrying mixed to negative reports from inside. Censor Board reports were positive but that hardly matters. Even at the screenings held at Gulf, the response was rather mixed. That is a surprise as mostly Gulf tend to give positive feedback for even average films.

Overall we will consider Mohenjo Daro early reports as below average. In comparison Rustom is also carrying mixed reports but its advanve booking is slightly better. There is a big question mark that whether Mohenjo Daro will be able to recover its high costs? The answer will be out tomorrow.

FilmEarly Reports
Kya Kool Hain HumMixed
Ghayal Once AgainPositive
Sanam ReMixed
Jai GangajaalMixed
Kapoor and SonsPositive
Rocky HandsomeNegative
Ki and KaMixed
Housefull 3Mixed
Udta PunjabPositive
Great Grand MastiNegative
Mohenjo DaroMixed
A Flying JattNegative
Baar Baar DekhoMixed
Raaz RebootNegative
MS Dhoni The Untold StoryMixed
Ae Dil Hai MushkilMixed
Rock On 2Negative

18 comments on “Mohenjo Daro Early Reports”

  1. More negative reviews coming of this movie... but I hope it recovers it's cost at least. On the other hand Rustom is showing best opening in places of Akshay so far. The tables have turned now.

  2. But you said in your review that its magnificent. And most of the movies which was given good review by you has been loved by majority? So why its different now

  3. So many people nd sites now saying that Rustom will cross 100cr if it gets Positive WOM.... But Iam still saying Rustom is depends upon Mohenjo Daro WOM....

    Mohenjo Daro and Rustom

    #Boxoffice Prediction- Very difficult to predict Bcz here need to predict two films WOM and its also related to each other.

    #1)If Rustom got Positive WOM nd

    a)If MD got Positive WOM,
    Rustom- 77cr, MD- 167cr(120-190)
    b)If MD got Mixed WOM,
    Rustom- 90. MD- 101(80-120)
    c)If MD got negative WOM
    Rustom- 103, MD- 73(70-100)

    #2)If Mohenjodaro got Positive WOM,

    a)If Rustom got positive WOM,
    Rustom 77, MD 167
    b)If Rustom got Mixed WOM,
    Rustom-64, MD- 170
    c)If Rustom got Negative WOM,
    Rustom-52cr MD- 185cr

    If MD got extra ordinary WOM then 200cr sure.

  4. Reviews are Individual opinions as I said in earlier post. Reviewer of Bollyarena may have liked it but it does not necessarily mean that all Reviewers and more importantly Public will feel like it.

    It was known well in advance that MJ will not be liked and these early Reports show that...

    Dislike me as much as you want, but trust me MJ will not go 3 figures lifetime.

  5. Kya baat............ finally Honest Opinion by bollyarena.......Seems start learning the lesson by

  6. Mohanjodaro making fool of people... Keeping historical name but showing no history about mohanjodaro... Waste movie... Rustom is promoted as patriotic movie and so it is... Rustom will definitely win...

  7. Here is my prediction for first day

    Rustom : 12.5 to 13.5 Cr.
    Mohenjo Daro : 12 to 13 Cr.

    Let's see how it goes.

  8. Hahaha, But Bollyarena Team according to you it is Brilliant story, something new and different and you gave it 4 star.....and Sultan was an ordinary story and there is nothing new in it and you gave it 3 star...LOL

    Hope now you understand that just because Hrithik is coming after 2 year and Ashutosh is a Director does not make movie Brilliant and Different.....Directors like Ali Abbas Zafar can also give Brilliant movie......And I hope next time when you review Salman movie, you review it unbiased way....Though reviews does not affect Salman's movie.....

    Note: The intention of my comment is not to criticize you....just want to share my feelings...hope you don't mind and improve yourself for future....THANKS

  9. Don't worry Ruston will have more mixed view... Hungama 3 Koi moi 3 star nw were r the ppl who were blaming bollyarena..

  10. Bhailog dono movie just avg and above avg hai....rustom 2.5 to 3* and MJD 2* .....Kal kitna khush horahe the bollyarena K review se mahenjodaro ko 4* denekbaad...reality samjho emotional mat ho enjoy....

  11. @HR_is mine....tum jab neend se uthoge peace wali neend se uthoge to ye news dekhkarr phir se sojaoge.....

  12. Bad reviews by bollyarena many many other sites gave rustom 4 stars but don't know why bollyarena gave rustom 3 stars whereas Rustom reviews are better than MJD in many other sites

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