Mohenjo Daro 3rd Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Mohenjo Daro Day 3 Box Office Collection: The early trends suggest that Mohenjo Daro has a better start on its 3rd day. The film had a varied performance at different circuits. In metros, it is going well while in mass centers it is strictly average. Check out Mohenjo Daro day 3 collection report.

Mohenjo Daro Day 3 Box Office Collection Report

Morning Shows Report:

A great start is mostly expected on Sunday as it is a holiday. Though the film has decent occupancy than yesterday but still it should have been way better. The overall occupancy was 40% which is about 10% higher than yesterday. As expected once again, it has the best start in down South, Mumbai and Kolkata but performance outside metros remained average.

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The film will grow from here but it should have an extraordinary jump in under-performing circuits to recover the damage done in last two days there. However, it is unlikely that it will turn the tables. So it will just about hold the ground to have a decent run for a 1-2 week.

Noon Shows Report:

Mohenjo Daro is showing varied performance in the noon shows. It has a very good pickup but again that was limited to multiplexes and metros and the pan-India performance is missing. Still, it can target 14 cr and that will be a good result considering that it is mainly coming from metros.

Evening Shows Report:

The evening shows did not go that well for MD. It should have grown higher but instead, the occupancy dropped a little. We can expect 13 crore if the interiors did pick up otherwise actuals will be anything between 12-13 crore.

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Mohenjo Daro Day 3 Box Office Collection Early Trends:

As per early estimate Mohenjo Daro day 3 collection will be in the range of 12 crore. The final numbers will be updated tomorrow.

Mohenjo Daro has collected over 19 crores in the first two days.  We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Mohenjo Daro day 3 box office collection update in the comments section.

42 comments on “Mohenjo Daro 3rd Day Box Office Collection Estimates”

  1. It will definitely cross 120 CR. In long run it will outclass Rustom. People are really loving the movie.

    Only media and paid PR are spreading negativity

    1. sapne dekh 120cr to dur ki bat Hai pahele 80cr to par karle .... disaster of the year bcoz budget 120cr

      1. Aabe Hrithik Ki ek film nahi chali.lakin Hrithik Akshay se bhut aage h.don't forget krrish 3 and bang bang.

        1. hr says papa Ji papa Ji mere liye aur ek film banao aur fake collection batao ... ha ha lolll

        2. Beta Akshay Hrithik ka baap ni dada hai 2 Saal mein film Karta hai Aur so Bhi flop Akki har Saal 4 film karta hai aur wo Bhi hit

          1. Comment:akshay Kumar ka total movie 100+ hai lekin iss me se kuch film hit huya aur saare film disaster, flop, average,below average

        3. Fuck bang bang and krish. Movie in difference of 1.5 years while Akshay movies are in difference of only 3 months but the craze is not low for Akshay. Do any one has power to give back to back hit movie in same year? Akshay is a hatrick hero and unbeatable king of Bollywood.

  2. It is beautiful movie depicting our old civilization in a beautiful manner. Every indian should watch this movie at least for one time. Every character has justified with their part. Must watch movie

  3. sad for ritik.........but next time he will come back with huge blockbuster
    all the best.........

  4. After watching rustom this week will watch MD nixt week because the people love the two movies and MD will beat rustom maby in socend week

  5. Bollywood Arena

    Why have the Q&A session been stopped... ??
    That was really amazing...and grew ur popularity... Thanks to your honest answers ...

    Is their any problem or it is temporary ??

  6. I watched Mohenjodaro today and its my honest opinion that the movie is simply fab. Before release I was in a view that AR RAHMAN hasn't done justice to such a great historical project but after watching the movie I must say his work is in complete sink with th movie. Especially the title song is simply fantastic. A complete visual treat to eye.
    Dear everyone, it really takes a lot lot of courage to make movies of such scale. Lots of research and humungous hardwork is required to create such sets. If we will discourage such people they will stop talking interest in such beautiful historical , cultural period narratives.
    Please remember its very easy to go abroad And shoot beautiful love stories in beautiful serene nature but it extremely difficult to create an ambience which really dates back in centuries. I really salute ppl like SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI, ASHUTOSH, RAJMOULI for their vision, efforts n hard work.
    Mohenjodaro is a great work and surely deserves to be a hit, if not blockbuster.

    I urge the fans of all superstars to discourage such negativity and cherish the culture. The Indian Cinema is infact going one step forward with such movies.

    1. I watch both movies and I really enjoyed Ruston, MD was fucking boring movie....

  7. If you have two option people may chose the better one. Seen #Mohenjodaro today @iHrithik and overall movie is not that bad. It is just harmed by negativity rumoured by some #Tuchiya critics

  8. Very true.. Clash with RUSTOM made huge loss to MD.. We must appreciate such film makers who tries to entertain us with these type of different subjects.. Well ,Sad for Ritik.. But he will cm back strongly.. Congratulations to Akshay for the fantastic treat...

  9. Mohenjo daro is an excellent movie
    Some people , including media are trying to run it down
    There is element of something new in the movie
    Rustom is good also , but old subject.
    Prove media and bad elements wrong by watching Mohenjo daro.
    Otherwise in future we have crapy movies

  10. mohenjodaro is good movie ...but dont like this...i will wish hritik roshan will be blockbuster movie.....

  11. Mohenjo daro is out cladsing everything. Backwash movies bohat dekhli acchi cheeze dekhoge to acchi filme banegi. Saal me char bar film release karne wala kya complete karega

    1. Compete ni beta Pel diya Hrithik ko era of Srk n Hrithik and akhtars and intellectuals cinema is over era of Supertstar had begun Akki Salman Amir Ajay

  12. mohenjodaro is good movie ...but audience dont support this...i will wish next time
    hritik roshan will be blockbuster movie.....

  13. its really fantastic movie for all time..this war like before two movies dilwale and bajirao mastani...kab kya ho jaye koi sure nahi ho sakta... mohenjo daro continue to growth

  14. I also liked mohenjo daro but fact is normal audience are not liking the movie if they liked it than growth will be much higher if we compare growth of rustom n mjd growth of mjd is less so picture is clear mjd is rejected by audience despite of good movie.

  15. it is definitely a good movie... don't know why people rejected it!!! Hrithik is the best actor in Bollywood.. he has worked so hard for this movie... I feel sad for hrithik... but he will be back with a blockbuster...

  16. mohenjodaro is a very powerful cinema of Indian film industry. reviews and box office! !! Bullshit. ?for hrithik and aushutosh super job. not for stupid audience

  17. MD is awesome movir. Media and Bollywood show negative figure out there. But if u want to see a family entertainment with historical part and good music with class of AR Rehman and awesomeness of Hrithik. Go head don't follow others opinion, this movie surely gives u fell awesome.
    I m surely say that after 2 days everyone rewatch this movie because it impact slowly ur sole.
    This movie is loving by my kids because now these days type of movies rarely watcheable.

  18. No value for money.
    Lost my money.
    Thanks UTV for booking single screen theatre, I lost only 80 bucks.
    Those who have not seen avoid mohanjo daro !
    Sincere feedback, I m not akshay fan neither hritik fan but just a history lover !

  19. Movie is superb and every 1 must watch this film . Hrithik is only actor in bollywood who give strong fight to khan's.

  20. i m not fan of actor i m fan of good movie and rather saying any slang to any one i would like to say both rustom and md are excellent movie but if peaople r going with rustom means its better,saare bewakuf aur main chatur tau nahi ho sakta,jise majority pasand kar rahi hai must be smthing better is there,congrates akshay and hard luck to hritik

  21. Mohanjo daro watchable movie at once....
    What's gd...
    First half 25 min
    Gaint fight superb
    And climax is outstanding .

    What's bad....
    Romantic angle boring
    Pooja can not act very well.she is miscast.
    Chemistry of pooja and HR sir very bad.

    Only HR sir carry this movie .
    2.5/5 star...
    Watchable movie. ..
    MD better than Fan , housefull 3 , bhagi, dishoom udata panjab.
    MD equal to Sultan
    But not better than airlift, neerja and Rustom.

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