Mohenjo Daro continues to garner International accolades

Mohenjo Daro may have flopped at the Indian box office however it continues to garner international accolades. After being named the closing film for the 69th Locarno International Film Festival and receiving a phenomenal response, now the 45th Annual Conference on South Asia, which is held in Madison, Wisconsin, will also be screening 'Mohenjo Daro' on October 23.

Mohenjo Daro

In regards to this screening Ashutosh says, "When the Conference Chair Ms. Mitra Sharafi connected with me requesting permission to screen 'Mohenjo Daro' at their Annual Conference, I felt honoured and humbled. I thank Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, a leading archaeologist who has spent over 30 years studying the Mohenjo Daro and Harappa sites for supporting the film and sharing his knowledge."

Dr. Mark Kenoyer and his team had visited Mumbai to provide Ashutosh with all the archaeological findings in the early stages of preproduction of the film. They even visited the set in Bhuj to see its construction and look at all the props that would be used in the film.

7 comments on “Mohenjo Daro continues to garner International accolades”

  1. Though the film could not earn too much but it is really a wonderful piece of work everyone must see this movie.

  2. film utni bhi bura nhi tha sirf bollywood wale hi hritik k against ho gye the
    or aaj ajay k against ho gye hain
    shame Bollywood people

  3. I feel MD did not deserve to be a Disaster . Yes it was not a masterpiece like JA, Lagaan and Swades but still it was not something horrible or crap . It takes guts to make a movie on such topic because only limited information is available all over the world . Also the Civilization is 4000 years ago which makes it really difficult to make it relevant for today's generation . Even though MD is a Box Office failure I am proud of the fact that Hrithik was a part of this movie . He could have done a commercial Potboiler like Bang Bang and Dhoom 2 but he did something different such as JA, ZNMD and Mohenjo Daro . The first half is pretty average but the second half is absolutely brilliant . Hrithik was top notch as Sarman and I am damn he will be nominated for the Best Actor Award . The fight sequence with Bakar and Zokar was exceptional . The flood sequence was mindblowing and looked pretty convincing on the big screen . The love story between Sarman and Chaani should have been better executed as their love never felt solid . The first half should have been better which should have made it an unforgettable experience . Feeling disappointed but I am damn sure Hrithik will strike gold with Kaabil . Die Hard Fan Saksham Duggal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the film failed to live upto Indian audience expectation bcuz film failed to create that atmosphere of Indus valley civilization. everything was looking so fake, costume, language, architect, visuals almost everything. Hrithik's act was good.. Story was also very ordinary..

  5. this movie is true art work.. this proves that still indian audience is not ready for mature cinema...im disappointed coz now no director will take or think 1000 time before making such film.. hard work of hr doesnt go in vain.. hollywood deserve such talent..

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