Mohenjo Daro Budget Screen Count, Economics

Mohenjo Daro Budget, Screen Count, Economics: The film features Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hedge in the lead roles. It is directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar and is produced by UTV Motion Pictures.

Mohenjo Daro Budget:

Mohenjo Daro budget is approximately 120 crore including production cost and P&A. The film has been shot on a big scale however they have not spent much on marketing.

Mohenjo Daro Screen Count:

The film will be releasing in around 3050 screens in India. Some of the screens will be shared along with Rustom too. It has taken a big lead at single screens audience but at multiplexes, Rustom can get a similar number of shows. UTV had already booked many screens as few months back they offered a multi-films deal which included Baaghi, The Jungle Book, Mohenjo Daro and Dangal.

Mohenjo Daro Economics:

It has recovered a very good amount from pre-release business including Satellite and music rights. Take a look

Satellite rights of the film were sold to 45 cr and music rights to 10 cr. It had also recovered 5 crore from other rights. It means that film has already recovered 60 crore from pre-release business and needs further 60 cr from India and overseas theatrical share.

However as you know we don't give verdict just on the basis of producers recovery and also considers distributing price. Mohenjo Daro is sold to distributors at a huge 85 cr price. It means Mohenjo Daro is already profitable for the producers. But it should go over 140 crore for generating profits for distributors.

  • Satellite Rights: 45 Cr
  • Music: 10 Cr
  • Others: 5 Cr
  • Distributing Price: 85 Cr
  • Recover Cost: 130 Cr
  • Hit: 140-150 Cr
  • Super Hit: 185 Cr



A lot has been said about Mohenjo Daro already as the exception buzz is missing this time from a Hrithik Roshan starrer. But one thing is for sucre that if Mohenjo Daro has a good word of mouth, it will become a big money spinner. The early reports will be updated soon.

Round Up:


Mohenjo Daro

Hrithik Roshan
Ashutosh Gowarikar
Release Date
12 August 2016
Run Time
153 min
120 Cr
Early Reports


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13 comments on “Mohenjo Daro Budget Screen Count, Economics”

  1. if the content of mohenjo daro click then a sure shot 200 crore club member.and if content did not click then hit status would be difficult.

  2. MD Box office predictions, with:-
    #Negative WOM: 60-65cr (DISASTER)
    #Mixed WOM: 85-90 (FLOP)
    #Mixed to Positive WOM: 105-110cr (BELOW AVERAGE)
    #Positive WOM: 175-185cr (SUPERHIT)
    #Extra-Ordinary WOM: 200cr+ (BLOCKBUSTER)

  3. I think this one will have good opening.. around 15 cr, as family audience will prefer mohanjo daro over rustom.
    With good weekend of wround 55 cr and monday being national holiday and Wednesday and Thursday being partial holidays, I guess around 115 cr plus week is on cards.
    With 70% drop in second week will take the total to 150cr and then 10cr in remaining weeks.
    Overall hit.

  4. If Distributor Price is 85 cr price, won't it require atleast 170 to Break-even as almost 50% of Net is Distributor Share?
    Why are you quoting 140 crore?

  5. @bollyarena, still waiting for Answer / Correction:

    If Distributor Price is 85 cr price, won’t it require atleast 170 to Break-even as almost 50% of Net is Distributor Share?
    Why are you quoting 140 crore?

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