Mohenjo Daro 4th Day Box Office Collection: Official Figures

Mohenjo Daro 4th Day Box Office Collection: Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde starrer Mohenjo Daro was low in the first weekend but it continued to grow over the days. Now Rustom collection was good on its first Monday. The film which started on a low note had crossed the Rs. 30 cr mark in the opening weekend.

Mohenjo Daro 4th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

It has done good business on Monday. Going by the trade estimates Mohenjo Daro 4th day collection will be around 10.36 crore.

Mohenjo Daro has fared best in South India, Mysore and Kolkata. It did gain momentum in Mumbai but remained low in the North Indian circuits like East Punjab, UP etc. The ticket prices were same as it was in the opening weekend which aided Mohenjo Daro 4th day collection.

Mohenjo Daro box office collection in 4 days will be 40 crores. The film has shown growth on almost each day which indicates that it has found appreciation. But the competition from Rustom and negativity before the release hurt Mohenjo Daro badly and as a result, it took a poor opening.

Now coming to the budget and recovery aspects, it is surely one of the most expensive films of Bollywood. Mohenjo Daro collection should go over 120 crore for recovering the costs. As of now it is nowhere closer to the recovery and has almost no chance of doing so. With such poor opening and competition from another film, it becomes impossible to turn the tables. For big films box office is all about the opening weekend and holidays.

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If the film has an excellent hold (less than 40% drop) on Tuesday, it can have a good run in next days which will minimize the losses. So now it has all become a matter of respect. This was Hrithik Roshan's first release in last two years so there will be a disappointment. But Hrithik is a big star and he will not be affected by a single flop.

Mohenjo Daro 4th Day Collection

10.36 Crore



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
40.90 Cr


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9 comments on “Mohenjo Daro 4th Day Box Office Collection: Official Figures”

  1. HR is a good actor and more a good human being......
    he supported Akshay and vice versa
    i wish him best of luck for this movie and future..

    1. Me akki fan personally i dont have anything against hr. I watched both the movies here at Feltham cine world enjoyed both the movies...

  2. Still feels the same... It will earn around 63cr in life time( 60-75)

    I was predicted Rustom will cross 100 cr nd my early prediction were around 105(100-130)cr nd even Indicine now predicts d same...... Proud moment..

  3. HR is a good actor and more a good human being
    he praised Akshay's rustom and vice versa
    i wish him best of luck for this movie and for future projects.

  4. Watched MD today and this is my review. Will be watching Rustom tmrw.
    Mohenjo Daro is a superb movie and god knows why ppl are spreading negativity about the movie. The story is so good and beautiful. The movie is fast paced and is very enjoyable. The VFX is not upto the mark but isn't as bad as ppl are saying. Ashutosh Gowariker's directing is so good and the editing of the movie is also good. The climax is marvellous!  Pooja Hegde was graceful  and stunning. Hrithik Roshan's acting is the best, like WOW! He should be receiving all the awards. The action scenes are well shot and has been executed superbly! Overall this is one of the best movies of this year and should be treated like one. I urge everyone to watch this movie and support it as there has been so much of handwork involved in it!  Please watch both Rustom and MD as both should be supported. My rating for the movie is 4/5!

  5. The movie is poor so it's hurts it's collection, it is collecting in holidays because rustom is housefull and people want to enjoy their holiday so they are going to watching it from tomorrow it will see huge crash in collection and in 2nd week it will finish.

  6. Rustum bahut acchi film hai plz apne najdiki thiyetar me jaaye aur film ka bharpur lift le

  7. kitna chillar hua re bhai..

    Sultan last day > = Mohen se daro life time....hahahaha

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