MNS issues threats to cinema owners against screening of Tiger Zinda Hai

After the controversies surrounding Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati, another Bollywood film finds itself in trouble. MNS chief Raj Thackeray has issued fresh threats to cineplex owners over Salman Khan-starrer Tiger Zinda Hai.

Thackeray said that cinemas should feature Marathi film Deva in the prime-time slots. The MNS also stated that regional films shouldn't bear the loss over big-budget star releases and that Marathi films should get enough time slots.

"It's not threat. We want Marathi films to be screened at prime time as they don't get enough time slots. Why should regional films bear the loss? There's nothing wrong in promoting Marathi culture. Cineplex owners have to abide by our demand, you can take it as a threat," they said.

Tiger Zinda Hai is all set to release this Friday.

41 comments on “MNS issues threats to cinema owners against screening of Tiger Zinda Hai”

    1. Tiger zinda hai
      India nett 415cr
      India gross 530cr
      Overseas $30M (200cr around )
      Worldwide 730cr ..

      Salmania begins

    2. Parshya tera agree hona to confirm hh,,, tu to hamesha salman sir ke against rehta h ,,,lekin TZH ke 1st week collection ke baad Teri bolti band ho jayegi.....

    3. I will also support our Marathi cinema inke baap ka maal hai kya . Hamare Marathi film ko screen milna chahiye . I support Raj Thakre .

  1. Are inka koi aur kaam nahi hota kya . Koi bhi badi movie release hone ke pehle in vele logo ko publicity chahiye hoti hai . Ye to hadd he yaar . Were are we heading to ?

    1. Salman is worst actor ever ..he is disgrace is tha name of actor ..ye is liye survive ke rha sirf or sirf action masala movie ke chalte sbhi Ko yaad Hoga isme apna career south ki blockbuster movie ki copy kar kar ke banaya ..India me mass action movie bhut chalti hai ..

    2. Top actors this year-
      Salman-he will come on top with tzh and deserves it..fdfs

      Varun-he has jumped and came close to the top stars..he is miles ahead now from other youngsters. .

      Akki-ajay gave a bb..bt akki did a fabulous job with 2 small budget films. .and jolly was released on a dull period like February. .superb year

      Ajay-baadshao dissapointed. .bt I really liked g4..and once again another rohit film brings him back on track..waiting for taanaji

      Irrfan-hm was superb..I hope he gets more role...he is one of the best in this country
      Srk-he was dissapointing. .bt even his worst film collects 10m in overseas

      Rajkumar rao-he was brilliant in all films..superb. .pls do some commercial movies now..u are a famtastic actor
      Ayushman-he had a successful year..hope to see more success

  2. Ok now dilwale vs tiger Zinda hai
    Dilwale 3100 screens and clash with Bajirao or negatively protest hua or bhut shows ban hua
    Tiger Zinda hai 4500 screens solo release and 4 days long weekend

    Dilwale 1st day 22cr in 3100screems with clash ..mtlb tiger Zinda hai Ko 35cr+ krna Hoga 1st day ..usse kam hua to dilwale Jeet Gaya

    Dilwale lifetime 148cr in India $26.6M in overseas and 374cr worldwide ..mtlb tiger Zinda hai Ko 240cr + krna hai India me dilwale se jeetne ke liye ..overseas me $30M touch krna Hoga which is Impossible for Salman or wodwide 500cr krna Hoga dilwale se jeetne ke liye

    Agar dilwale solo rehta to India me 250cr
    Overseas $35M ( $26.6M Kia clash me or 900 screens me ..solo me 1200 screens" rehta )
    Worldwide dilwale ..India nett 250cr
    India gross 340cr
    Overseas 225cr
    Worldwide 565-575cr

  3. Tiger Zinda hai India nett 230cr
    India gross 320cr
    Overseas $18M ( 115cr )
    Worldwide gross 435cr

    If dilwale solo aata to :
    India nett 250cr
    India gross 340cr
    Overseas $35M (220cr ) ..clash me 900 screens me 180cr Kia tha
    Wodwide 560cr

    Tiger bacha hai Srk ke samne hahahaha

    1. @sagar seriously dilwale 340 cr krti seriously?rohit shetty tak ne movie ko bakwaa bata diya aur tu pata nahi dreams mein khoya hua hai grow up man atleast kuch sensible bola kr

  4. Thunderstorms is arriving on 22nd Dec ,,in nakli badalo se kya hawa,,,,sirf hawa hh film KO publicity ke liye....TZH will crash all Bollywood recoeds accept BB2 Indian domestic collection...

  5. Parshya seriously u agree with raj thakrey. U r an admirer of raj thakrey. Dont demean amir khan by supporting him. Wats the guarantee of him not disturbing an amir khan film - THugs. If tat happens then ll u support him at that time too. Be honest to urself.

    1. @Rohit
      No problem still i will support Raj thakare coz regional film must have first priority

      TOH 4000 screen me release hue toh bhi chalega par marathi film Aamir ke film ke sath relrase nahi hoti aur na hogi

      1. Exactly our industry also should grown up . Dadagiri nahi chalegi . Deva film nakki pahaychi . Ankush bhau ki film hai .

      2. Parshya aunty udti udti news aayi hai ki ek movie TOH k saath release hone wali hai diwale pe..lgta hai christmas date chhod aamir ne glti krdi but hopefully movie acchi hogi as bina dekhe kuch nahi bol sakte but kuch bewakoof hai jo movie bina dekhe kuch bhi bolte hai like parshya abhi prashant nd all get well soon guys

  6. @ abhi, stop this nonsense.Dilwale 1st day was 20.37 crore not 22 . There is no comparison between Dilwale and Tiger zinda hai .Even with solo release Dilwale would not have collected 250 crore .it would have collected 180- 190 crore same as Happy new year because word of mouth was in negative side .Dilwale vs TZH comparison is completely meaningless .in worst case TZH will beat Dilwale .

    1. Seriously parshant kis duniya mein jee raha hai bhai dilwale ki collection 1st week mein hi toot jayegi nd yeh tujhe bhi pata hai nd agar aisa huaa toh aap hi ki bolti band hogi sabse pehle so better hai release hone toh tb tak muh band rakho simple @prashant

    2. Usko dekho srkian ka Naam Rakh ke comment kr rha ..ye Salman fans bhi na

      Or sun clash me 148cr Kia to solo me 180cr krta ? Ye kaisa calculation hai ? ..and dilwale 1st day 21.4cr according to boi and 22cr producer fig

      Solo aata to 30cr open krta ..weekend me hi 35cr zyada kamaya mtlb 185cr to aise hi ho Gaya

      And mixed to negative wom thi ..entertaining thi kam se kam ..250cr aaram se karta dilwale solo me ..billi Zinda hai dekhte hai 250cr krta hai ki nahi

    3. Agar dilwale solo rehta to 3100 screens ki jagah 4300 screens rehta
      1st day 30cr
      2nd day 33cr
      3rd day 35cr
      1st weekend 100cr ..kyuki weekend stardom se chalti hai reviews ke saath saath ..or clash me weekend me 67cr Kia tha mtlb 33cr loss to weekend me hi hua clash ki vajah se ..148+33 = 181cr to aise hi ho Gaya

      Lifetime aaram se 235-250cr jaata smjha

    4. Agar dilwale solo rehta to 3100 screens ki jagah 4300 screens rehta
      1st day 30cr
      2nd day 33cr
      3rd day 35cr
      1st weekend 100cr ..kyuki weekend stardom se chalti hai reviews ke saath saath ..or clash me weekend me 67cr Kia tha mtlb 33cr loss to weekend me hi hua clash ki vajah se ..148+33 = 181cr to aise hi ho Gaya

      Lifetime aaram se 235-250cr jaata smjha....

  7. this has just blown out of proportion..
    MMS just requested..
    Anyways.. nothing can stop Tiger now which is in 6th gear...
    Roarrrrr the Tiger!!!

  8. Abhisek akki sale,,,teri mukki ka highest grosser RR comedy movie kiya....dimag nehi he sale!

  9. Just saw the interview of a Cinema Manager. Multiplex owners will go ahead with screening of Tiger Zinda Hai despite the MNS threat urging them to promote Marathi movie Deva instead.
    The manager of a suburban theatre said, "It is impossible to pull down a Salman Khan film which has come like a ray of sunshine at the end of the year. He has the largest fan following among any star in India so the first three days are always house full. Moreover we have had bleak collections in the last two months with not a single picture doing good business. Padmavati was due to release December 1 but it has been deferred as well. At this rate we will have to close down."
    As for the threat of violence, he said it was for the police and state to take a collective decision. "Else let the Salman Khan fans who arrive at the theatres deal with the miscreants".
    Raj Thackeray Aur MNS ki dhamkiyo ki hawa pehle toh police nikal hi degi. Aur agar Phir bhi agar kuch MNS ke log theatre tak aaye to Bhai ke fans unhe sabak sikha denge.

    1. Abey tere bhai ke fans se jyada Raj Thakare ke fans hai maharashtra me Sallu ka toh band bajega hi saath me uske lallu fans ka bhi

      Marathi film Deva ko screen milni chahiye verna bandar ko billy bana dega Raj Thakare

      Aur police bhi kuch nahi kar sakti kyunki CM ko bhi regional film ko hi sath dena padega isliye kehta hoon theatre bachane hai toh Deva ki screening karo nahi toh samj gaye na

      1. Raj Thackeray ki fan following dikh jaati hai har election mein... Har election mein zero diya hai MNS ne...
        Chahe Lol Sasha election ho, state election ho ya MCD election, har jagah public thenga deti hai Raj Thackerey ko...

  10. As expected TZH is all in course to be a 40cr opener. If it failed to do so than it will be slight disappointment.
    Considering Tiger brand, big action movie,salman-yrf,salman-kat, GST and high ticket rates. The buzz is bit lower than dhoom3 but above factor enough to beat that record with a 10-15%margin. D3 collected close to 35cr all india in first day 4 years back so 40cr should be a target for tzh. Advance for Sun and Monday is huge so all time day 1 record will be there on sunday above Bahubali day 3 or Dangal day 3. Even tzh can set all time single day record of bollywood on day one surpassing Dangal 42cr.
    My predition - First day 40cr
    Weekend - 125cr (3days)
    Lifetime - 315cr. with positive wom.

  11. Arjun, read the comment properly.I am also telling the same thing .in worst case TZH will beat Dilwale collection .I was making understand to abhi that there is no comparison between Dilwale and TZH.

  12. @sagar if dilwale would have done 230-235 crore with solo release then bajirao kmastani would have become an all time grosser doing 350 crore with solo release. stop giving these excuses. srk has got 6 festival releases this decade , out of them 4 were solo. out of this 4 solo releases he has only 1 blockbuster ce. in the other hand ajay dev gun had only 4 festival releases this decade and all of them were clashes. still he has managed to give 2 blockbusters compared to 1 of srk. this proves ajay is ahead of srk this decade.

    why you srk fans cannot accept the truth. and the truth is on similar conditions, similar release date and in the same clash with lower screens ranveer singh has beaten srk by a margin of 45 crore. it was bajirao mastani which was unlucky not dilwale. ranveer singh and deepika missed a huge grosser because of back stabber srk .

  13. Not true .if Ajay is ahead then why Masala Baadshaho collected only 66 crore .let him give blockbusters without any franchise .let him give 20 crore opening without franchise .

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