Manikarnika 6th Day Box Office Collection

Manikarnika - The Queen Of Jhansi is holding very well on weekdays. The film has collected 4.50 crores on Wednesday which is again only 5% drop from yesterday.

Kangana Ranaut starrer has shown solid trending over the weekdays. Though the weekend was on the average side considering it was released on holiday. Still, the trending has given the film a chance at the box office. Now it has come down to the hold on second Friday which will be crucial. The lack of competition will help it to sustain.

Day 18.75
Day 218.10
Day 315.0
Day 45.10
Day 54.75
Day 64.50
Day 74.25
Day 83.50
Day 95.25
Day 106.75
Day 112.25
Day 122.05
Day 131.85
Day 141.75
Day 151.25
Day 162.65
Day 173.25
Day 180.85
Day 190.80
Day 200.75
Day 210.65
Total94.75 cr

3 comments on “Manikarnika 6th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. This is called hypocrisy of critics and fans.Salman Khan Race 3 did business of 175 cr net and 310 cr gross compared to it's budget of 150 cr but still it was called average by these hypocrites despite the fact that it was semi hit but according to Salman Khan standards it was a failure.Manikarnika first week collections are around 60 cr compared to it's budget of 125 cr but still they are calling it hit despite the fact that it's flop.

  2. The writers of these articles have been discrediting productions that involve SRK and Salman Khan and projecting them to be flops even before they are shown to the Public. I have made it a point to see ALL their films and have found them to be interesting and entertaining. SAD that many people missed them for inferior and less entertaining productions in India, for their overseas returns, are continuously better than many of the cheaper productions that are nothing but BANG, Bang movies. Both these actors try to upgrade Bollywood Movies, but the writers of these articles and some of the critics need lessons in assessing movies. No wonder Bollywood has yet to have any impact on the OSCARS, for their best are never been put forward for consideration, although many do very well in the USA/Canadian Markets. This needs to be thoroughly investigated.

  3. Film needs to do 150cr to be a hit and I don’t think manikarnika will do more than 110cr.

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