Manikarnika 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Manikarnika - The Queen Of Jhansi has shown good growth on second Saturday by collecting 5.25 crores. The jump is 50% from yesterday which is good.

The total collection of the film now stands at 69.90 crores. It will go over 75 crores after the second weekend. The film has gained some momentum and has chances to go up to 90 crores in lifetime run which will make it an average fair. The poor performance of new releases have given the film some boost.

Day 18.75
Day 218.10
Day 315.0
Day 45.10
Day 54.75
Day 64.50
Day 74.25
Day 83.50
Day 95.25
Day 106.75
Day 112.25
Day 122.05
Day 131.85
Day 141.75
Day 151.25
Day 162.65
Day 173.25
Day 180.85
Day 190.80
Day 200.75
Day 210.65
Total94.75 cr

One comment on “Manikarnika 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection”

  1. 7 on Sunday followed by 3+2.75+2.5+2.25 = 10.5 on Mon-Thu will give it a 2nd week 26.3 and a total of 87.5 after 2 weeks.
    10 in 3rd week and 7.5 in rest of the weeks combined gives 87.5+10+7.5 = 105 total.

    Will be an average/above average fair. Kangana will be the biggest winner here as she has proven she can headline a film and push it in the vicinity of 100cr. Tanu2 will look less like an outlier.

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