Making of 2.0 - 3D Featurette | Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar

Lyca Productions presents you the Making of 2.0. | 2.0 is a Science Fiction film featuring "Superstar Rajinikanth" & Akshay Kumar, being directed by Shankar and music by A. R. Rahman.

39 comments on “Making of 2.0 - 3D Featurette | Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar”

  1. Wow just amazing . This movie will create new benchmarks in our Industry . Every record in danger. Effects and visuals are looking of another level . Happy to see that our India can give competetion to Hollywood in terms of effects. 2000cr ww guranteed.

    1. Which competition dude? That aint any competition ,been ages Hollywood has been into these super tech movies. Wake up maybe you mean competition with Chinese Indonesian and Ukrainian movies

      1. @hameed beta yeh Teri samajh k pare hai. Release hone de phir dekh yeh movie kya dhamaal machati hai. Phir pata chalega tujhe ki its giving competetion to Hollywood. Every record in danger.

        1. Bro can it gross $1.5 billion dollars like Marvels Avengers Star wars awakening etc?
          It has to do 10,000 crores to compete with a Marvel avenger forget jurassic park, Star wars etc.
          So we are waiting Mr Rustom

          1. For now it has to compete with our Local product Bahubaali 2. Forget Hollywood for now it has to gross 8 times more than Bahubaali 2 ww to compete with Hollywood successful 3d movies.

      2. All Time India Grosser declared before release 2000 cr min. Guarantee worldwide.
        Akki show all the way...
        ALL records will be shattered with each passing day..
        A gamechanger, Trendsetter a new era will dawn upon Indian cinema
        Akki will show his superstardom with this
        His Villain character will be Iconic...

      3. Why don't you just get out of India and settle in USA instead of making foolish comments here...

    1. Damn it!!! Who Cares????? Everyone is waiting with bated breath for 1 n only 2.0(Robot 2) Akki will show his true potential with this universal (full commercial) film
      Some haters will say its is Rajnikanth film while everyone knows Rajnikanth doesn’t have market in Bollywood also Robot didn’t collect much here…..
      Even Rajnikanth himself said Akki is a original hero of 2.0 not himself
      So all said n done it’s AKKI SHOW ALL THE WAY…
      So from Jan 26th 2018 every record will be broken n new one created with each passing day

      1. Boi clearly Stated whose movie it is. Anyway best of luck to Rajnikant 2.0 another franchise of his orignal Robot movie. Hope to see some mind blowing effect. I remembered not wishing Vivek oberoi, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Arjun Rampal for their previous universal movies.

        1. How much did Robot collect in Hindi version pathetic...
          All Rajni sir movies were pathetic in Bollywood
          2.0 will work only due to Akki in Hindi versions
          No doubt in South India It will rock big time due to Rajni sir
          Akki Iconic villain is similar to that of Dhoom franchise villains
          Akki will walk with all Accolades...

      2. Bhai ,,,,,akki ki movie abhi tak 150 crore b cross nhi kr paayi ,,, vo b raat din promotion krke b

        Or Robot 1 2010 ki movie h ,

        Rajni promotion k liye bol rha h ki ye akki ki movie h ,

        Vese b use to Mashin ka roll diya ja rha h????

        1. Abe lallu akki 2010 movie houseful collection 72 cr robot collection in hindi 20 cr no one watch rajni movies in North accept the truth if 2.0 become hit in India just because of akshay Kumar

    2. When India's GDP will surpass USA GDP... Obviously when India purchasing power is less than America's, the highest collection an Indian movie can make compared to an American movie will be much lesser... Is it so difficult to understand this simple concept???

  2. I hope this should not be another RA.ONE ..... having confidence in Shankar that he will deliver good

    1. Aa gaya phir tu pagle. Beta jaa apna mental checkup krwa. Beta jitna baadshao ne lifetime mein kamaya hai utna toh 2.0 robot 1st day hindi mein kama legi . Beta ek baar 2.0 ko Blockbuster hone de phir tu mental hospital k bed pr milega.

      1. 2.0 is the biggest/un-disputed loser fan at bollyarena. Posting ridiculous comments on articles covering death of celebrities

        Devgun comes at second

      2. I always say the truth because I'm more aware about Bollywood rankings than anyone else present here.
        Akki is/was nowhere near Ajay Sir's stardom because his highest grosser is less than SR.And Srk time is also over so it's time for Ajay sir to rule Box office along with other two khans

  3. All records in danger and those who are saying it a rajni film also know that collection in Hindi belt will be due to akshay so it is very much his movie also it will be his biggest blockbuster and all people will witness a tsunami at box office and @ Devgn yha bat flopstar vimal ki nhi hai tu galat article pe a gya hai ja apne article pe koi bat nhi bachcho se hota hai jao munna maf kiya bap ne tumhe

    1. Why Akki fans are after Ajay? Even before Devgun was commenting Akki fans were always using bad racist names and hatred towards Ajay? Dont know of Abhijeet but
      @Ustaav Rajput shocked me the most. Same Rajput always praised Ajay suddenly his comments are even worst than @2.0 robot 200 cr? Never expected those racist chants from Ustaav even @Devgun says anything bad it does not mean all Ajay fans i think are saying it.
      2016 Ajay posted a tweet on Akshay Rustom trailer and Had the highest numbers of likes by Akki fans on twitter higher than any celebrity. Akki reply highest no of Likes on Twitter by Ajay fans. Akki tweeted on Shivaay same. Last month Ajay organized a Twitter talk session with his fans. Out of several questions he chose to answer an Akki fan question saying Ajay should Say something about Akshay. He could have ignored those question but he answered it and praised Akshay. But look at how Akki fans keep on abusing him? Such a shame.

  4. Bahubali ko south ki movie batakar sab jal rhe the because usme koi bollywood star nahi tha. But not in this case. In 2.0 there is the presence of a bollywood star Akshay kumar. So entire bollywood will also be proud of this film. Akki la raha hai box office pe sunami.. Wait and watch.

  5. This may be great movie but it terms of ww collection it can't cross 1000 Cr forget about bahubali2(1600cr) n dangal (2100 Cr)

    1. Its of no use explaining its something i know wont change. Keep on abusing Calling Racist chants on Ajay Sir if it makes you Akki fans Happy. As a SRK fan despite crazy fan like @Devgun always bashing Srk we dont take him serious talkmore of bashing Ajay on every topic. For you Akki fans even on a Dead man article one of your fan instead of showing a respect comment to Kundan Shah he is busy comparing Akki vs Ajay bashing Ajay Sir? For what ? So much insecurity? So much hatred?

      1. @Hameed
        It's not only akki fans using racist word, 1-2 srk fans also responsible for using that word.
        Even I requested to akki fans not use racist word. After that, Utsav never used this word except 1 moron @2.0.
        And akki fans and ajay fans never bashed each other on bollyarena. Don't tell me, akki fans always troll ajay sir on indicine and twitter. But here on bollyarena, akki fans always praise ajay sir except 1-2 akkians.
        I remembered not wishing Vivek and Neil for their previous movies
        Then tell me, how many fees Vivek charged against hrithik sir.
        And did they release poster of Vivek with roshan sir? The truth is, ab jali na. When superstar rajni sir release his movie that day become holiday in south but his movie never took 5 crore opening in Hindi belt.
        So, we Bollywood fans excited for robot 2.0 only because of Bollywood superstar akshay sir. I have not watched robot 1 yet. If there were not be any Bollywood superstar in robot 2.0, I would prefer to watch it online like south fans did to Bollywood masterpiece dangal.
        And do you know the upcoming movies of Neil Vivek and Arjun? Or do you know the upcoming movies of akshay kumar?
        Reply with honestly

  6. @hameed before this Devgn came here there was bashing but he crossed all limits by using words like deshdrohi mental chakki so we had to step in and now instead of knowing truth you are blaming us I know akki ans trolled ajay but never used racist comments at least on bollyarena but it was a retaliation due to constant disgruntled remarks of that Devgn and we akkians do not do it less someone provokes us he was continuously blabbering shit so we stepped up and whenever such things are said to akki we will give a befitting reply and I know most akkians do not hate ajay here even I like him as an actor he is a star but if anyone dares to say anything to akki than they will get that back in abundance now u decide what's right and wrong

  7. Agaya Ak666ay Rajni Sir K Dum Pe Bhi Hindi Version Me 200Cr Ni Kar Paega Dekhlena ??? Wahiyat Canadian Actor ? BJP Ko Pappa Banakar Betha Hai Lol

  8. @Aamir Srk Fan Shivang Woh toh time hi batayga ki 200 Cr Kr Payga Yaa Nhi Filhaal Tum Srk Par Dhyan Do Shayd Ekk Clean Hit Mil Jaye ????

  9. Nothing record will be danger just hindi version do Max 150cr.
    Challenge 2.0 never beat bahubali record hindi.

  10. Jo sochre k 2.0 bahubali ka record ya 200cr karegi first robot one not big hit like bahubali one in hindi.
    Robot one me aishwarya hote hue b nahi chali north me.
    2.0 south me tamil telgu version dekhenge.
    Aur north me hindi version dekhne k liye koe utna excitement nahi hai kyun ki koe twist nahi hai jaise bahubali one ka tha katappa kyun mara.
    Aur akshay k liye audience dekhenge akshay ki capacity Max140+ hai agar maan lo k ye film extraordinary b hai to max 160cr karegi hindi me.
    Bahubali ka ek apna craze thai k kya hoga.
    Mano ya namano Hindi version koe b record nahi todega 2.0
    Han akshay k liye shayad 150cr ka record banega.
    Sirf 150cr Max in hindi version.
    Take screen shot of this comment help u lot.

  11. In hindi belt all collection Only for Akshay Sir. We are very happy to see Akshay sir in Villain role. Love u Akshay Sir.

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