Machine, Trapped and Aa Gaya Hero Box Office Update

Machine, Trapped and Aa Gaya Hero Box Office Collection Update

This week saw the release of some small Bollywood films. But none of them has been able to even take an opening. Again it is a Hollywood film which has dominated as far the initial is concerned.

Machine Box Office Update:

Abbas-Mastan's Machine marked the debut of Mustafa. But the film has opened to a poor start. The overall occupancy in the morning shows is 5-10%. At many places, shows are canceled due to the no audience. It has also received very poor reviews and has been labeled as the worst film of 2017. It will be a miracle if the film survived at the box office.

Aa Gaya Hero Box Office Update:

Govinda's Aa Gaya Hero has also got very poor start with 5% occupancy. That has come with a very low number of screens (250-300) so the collections will be very low. Makers have targeted some multiplexes also which is hard to understand. It could have been given to single screens which are its target audience.

Trapped Box Office Update:

Trapped had practically no audience at all in the morning shows as the occupancy was 1-2%. It again raises the question that why producers are even releasing the film in theaters as they could have released it on the internet and made some bucks.

There was also a Hollywood film Beauty and The Beast which has better occupancy as compared to all films. It is also releasing in a good number of screens and can improve in the evening as the film is for kids and families.

Last week's release Badrinath Ki Dulhania has maintained a decent hold on 2nd Friday too. It will come out with higher collection today as compared to the combined collection of all new Bollywood releases.

29 comments on “Machine, Trapped and Aa Gaya Hero Box Office Update”

  1. BKD beat all four
    Gud to see that
    Govinda ka comebavk ho gaya
    And mustafa superstar ban gaya
    And trapped 400 kama legi

  2. @bollyarena As an expert in Film Industry, can you plz answer:

    How are such Star Kids launched as Heroes? Are people like Jeetendra, Aaamir (for bhanja), Abbas Mustan, etc. blind even after being veterans of Film Industry to even imagine that their Kids can actually do well...?
    Don't they fear they'll become laughing stock...?
    Don't they fear rejection in every field they enter after that...?
    Would it not have been better if they rather trained him Direction or something like that...?

    This is beyond me atleast...

  3. Trapped ...Rajkumar Rao one of his best performances ...i have no ambiguities he is one of the finest actors in todays cinema....Good to watch...
    Aa Gaya Hero... You cant ignore him as he has his fan following and single screen should make money as its a time pass....
    Machine.... Directors should have taken somebody else ...pathetic movie...
    B n B.... Good romcom....one time watch...

  4. Aa gaya Hero fantastic and mind blowing movie. please Ek baar movie ko jarur dekhiyega

  5. Yar govinda ji
    Updated movie banao.
    Kyu apna paisa Barbarad Kar rhe ho
    industry ka bhi naam kharaab ho rha h.
    Hollywood wale yha ki audience pe pakad
    bna chuke h
    M to Bollywood ki movie na dekhke south ki dekhta hu...Kya Karu majburi h..

  6. Khan to khan hain
    Koi govinda Aakar kuch nhi kr sakega
    Aa gaya hero accha film h lekin govinda avi baccha h Khan log k saamne

  7. Abe Saale Shahbaz ye q bhul rha h ke Salman Khan ne hi best btaya tha Govinda Ko.

    Govinda Is Genious.

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