Logan Box Office Prediction

Logan Box Office Prediction: The much anticipated Hugh Jackman's Logan is releasing this weekend. This will be Hugh's last portrayal of Wolverine so the expectations are huge.

Logan has received excellent reviews from critics. As of now, it has 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 121 reviews. Many have lauded the film as Dark Knight of Xmen franchise. Unlike other biggies, Logan is R-rated which can affect the business. However last year another R-rated film Deadpool surpassed all trade expectations.

Logan will be the widest release ever for R-rated films. The film has been made on a controlled budget of $97 million which is less than most of other superhero films.

As per the trade experts Logan is expected to earn $65 million in its opening weekend at the domestic box office. In overseas it can collect $105 million which will take the worldwide total to $170 million. It will be the second biggest opening weekend of X-men franchise. The release period is not favorable as Disney's Beaty and The Beast will arrive just after two weeks which is expected to be the biggest opener of this year.

Logan Box Office Prediction in India:

Fox Star Studio is distributing Logan in India. It will be releasing in approximately 600 screens. There is not any major competition at the Indian box office which can help it in big cities. We can expect around 3-4 crore on the opening day.

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  1. Logaaaaaaaaannnnnn
    Dieing to watch
    I think due to this bolly have to suffer two weeks
    It can beat jungle book record in india

  2. Logan Review from Popular Tamil Movie Critics in Twitter

    Surendhar [email protected]

    LOVED #Logan. Jaw-dropping action sequences. Had a mind-blasting experience. What a prodigy Dafne Keen has turned out to be. Terrific

    Ramesh [email protected]

    #Logan[4.25/5]: An Action Movie of Epic Proportions.. Best in Franchise.. Even outside the franchise, as a stand-alone movie - works well An Instant Classic in the Action genre.. Irrespective of franchise.. Will do serious damage @ da Box office.. All-time BB Category .Dir #JameshMangold deserves lot of credit for writing and directing this Epic.. U get more than your money's worth..

    Kaushik [email protected]

    #Logan #Loganmovie- Kickass action movie! Raw, bloody & max impact! The film belongs to wonder girl#DafneKeen. Action buffs don't miss it

    Haricharan [email protected]aricharan

    "While delivering breathtakingly hardcore Wolverine action for its fans, #Logan works beautifully as a thoughtful, tear-jerking drama. Loved"

    [email protected]

    #Logan- raw, gritty and apt finale to the one and only Hugh Jackman. Dafne Keen is the real show stealer, brilliant find

  3. Highly Positive Reviews Everywhere...?

    Get ready for the one and only Hugh Jackman's? final performance as the iconic Superhero Wolverine/Logan...?

  4. Logan Prediction

    Opening Wknd (North America )- $80m(65-95)
    Lifetime - 175(160-250)

    Overseas - Life time - 350( 300-500)
    Total Worldwide - 525 million Dollar( 470-650)

    In India

    Opening Day - 4cr(3-6)
    Lifetime - 30cr( 23-45)

    Lot of Clashes like Kong Skull Island, Beauty and The Beast , etc. ( BKD and Kong in India)

    1. Kids under 17 should have parents or any adult with them otherwise, they are not allowed in theaters. Recent R-rated movies are Deadpool and Suicide Squad

  5. @Bolly Arena What abt the Indian censoring ?...Reportedly its have lot of violence. So are they made any cut??

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