Logan 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Logan has a decent second week of 6.90 crore. Just like Badrinath Ki Dulhania, it was also benefited by Holi festival on weekdays. It will now finish its lifetime run at 35 crore.

  • Day 1: 4.75
  • Day 2: 5.75
  • Day 3: 6.60
  • Day 4: 2.48
  • Day 5: 2.26
  • Day 6: 2.14
  • Day 7: 2.05
  • 2nd Weekend: 4.20
  • Day 11-14: 2.70
  • Total: 32.93 Crore

The film has also collected $163 million in domestic and around $300 million in overseas with the worldwide total of $463 million. Currently it is highest grossing Hollywood film in North America, overseas and worldwide. Though Beauty and The Beast will be eyeing to take that spot.

With Logan, Hugh Jackman has said good bye to the very popular Wolverine with a high.

11 comments on “Logan 2nd Week Box Office Collection”

  1. Except Logan all Hollywood movies r flopped in India including beauty and beats becoz it is only a copy of an animated movie

    1. Fast & furios,jurassic world,man of steel,avtar,in Hollywood movie ne 100cr se bhi jyada kamaya hai india mai....logan ne toh sirf 19cr earn kiye hai...kuch malum bhi hai tujhko....kun fu panda pahili Hollywood ki aisi animated movie hai jisne india mai 50cr earn kiye hai dost....aur bhi kuch batau....

  2. Whoa !!! Very good performance.....after first week I thought it will not collect much bcz of Kong & BKD release but its performing well...great...

    My Prediction Before & After release was 30cr.

  3. If Marketed well then there are few big hollywood films which can make it big in India ...like

    Power Rangers
    Fast 8
    Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
    Pirates of the Caribbean 5
    The Wonder Women
    The Mummy
    Transformers 5
    Spiderman Homecoming
    War For The planet of The Apes
    The Dunkirk
    Thor 3
    Justice League
    Star Wars 8

    1. Power Rangers: 10cr Max
      Fast 8: 100cr+ with Positive WOM
      Guardians Of The Galaxy 2: 25cr Max
      Pirates of the Caribbean 5: 15cr Max.
      The Wonder Women: 30cr Max.
      The Mummy: 10cr Max.
      Transformers 5: 15cr Max.
      Spiderman Homecoming: 50cr+ with Positive WOM
      War For The planet of The Apes: 20cr Max.
      The Dunkirk: 15cr Max.
      Thor 3: 40cr Max.
      Justice League: 70cr+ with +ve WOM
      Star Wars 8: 15cr Max.
      Jumanji: 5cr Max.

  4. Hollywood films can perform well in India if it got good response good marketing and release date..but most of the time it fails.( like Kong Skull Island).

    So its my expectation for Upcoming Hollywood films if it got decent promotion in India ..but in Bracket I included my prediction on the base of buzz , expected response and possible rls date etc.

    Power Rangers 10-20cr( 13cr)
    Fast 8 80-120( 100cr)
    Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 15 - 35(20cr)
    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 - 40cr- 90cr( 55cr)
    The Wonder Women - 10-15cr ( 15cr)
    The Mummy - 35cr - 85cr(45cr)
    Transformers 5 - 40cr-90cr (57cr)
    Spiderman Homecoming - 45 - 100(60cr)
    War For The planet of The Apes - 15 - 35(22cr)
    The Dunkirk - 15 - 35 ( 22cr)
    Thor 3 - 20-45cr (30)
    Justice League - 40cr - 90cr (44cr)
    Star Wars 8 - 10 - 25( 17cr)
    Jumanji - 10-20cr ( 10cr)

  5. @Tahsir bro I am noticing that ur prediction for every new releases ...really good work bro....keep it continue...

  6. @Tahsir bro your prediction for Pirates 5 , Transformers 5 and The Mummy is very low....I think u under estimating it very much....

    Pirates 4 in 2011 made almost 35cr
    Transformers 4 in 2014 made almost 60-65cr
    The Mummy franchise and Tom Cruise is very popular in India

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