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Q. Your favourite movie PK, BB or BM?


Ans. You guys tell us which was your favourite film.

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Q. Is there any significance of IIfa or Filmfare left?


Ans. Very little. Now these functions have more become a TRP show done for publicity.


Q. You guys really slow with answering question?


Ans. Well, it’s not an easy job to manage and answer live. We have to answer each question in real time ?


Q. Any update about SRK-Imtiaz next?


Ans. The film’s music will be composed by Pritam.


Q. There were rumours that Akshay Kumar is going to do a film with Priyadarsan, is it happening?


Ans. Last year there were reports that Akshay Kumar will star in a film produced by Priyadarshan. Rohit Shetty was expected to direct this project. But after that there has been no news at all. Now Rohit has moved on to his next film Golmaal 4.


Q. Who is bigger star Akshay or Ajay Devgan?


Ans. Currently it is Akshay Kumar. But Ajay Devgn has more interesting projects (Shivaay, Sons of Sardar) so he can turn the tables.


Q. How do you look upon upcoming movies of SRK as since FAN each and every movie is looking different from Dilwale, HNY types?


Ans. We cannot comment on Raees but films with Anand and Imtiaz Ali look very promising as these directors have a good sense of script and spend a lot of time in writing their films. It was the romance that helped SRK to become the King of Bollywood and both Anand and Imtiaz are masters of telling love stories on big screen.


Q. Any chance of Veerapan’s success?


Ans. Many don’t know that this film is releasing. There was one item song featuring Zareen Khan but it has been disliked. So the chances are pretty low.


Q. If BM was the reason behind the comeback of Eros then what was Bajrangi Bhaijaan?


Ans. Bajrangi Bhaijaan was produced by Salman and distributed by Eros. BM was jointly produced by Bhansali and Eros.


Q. What will be the role of SRK in Gauri Shinde’s next, supporting or lead?


Ans. Alia Bhatt is the lead actor. But we don’t know much about SRK’s role but definitely, it is not a short role. The film can release in Nov 2016, otherwise wait for next year.


Q. You said that PK will be a bigger grosser with adjusted inflation but it will be decided on the basis of footfalls*ATP,so BB will be a bigger hit. Let’s see can you admit your mistake.


Ans. You are right. There has been a mistake and we will correct it soon.


Q. Will the effect of Kabali on Sultan be same as Bahubali on Sultan?


And. Not the same as Baahubali was released in Hindi language and did 120 crores. Kabali is unlikely to do the same. Yes, there will be effect in South India as the craze for Kabali is unbelievable here.


Q. Is it true that few trade analysts exaggerate the BO numbers to favour their favourites? Sarabjit can be considered a latest example?


Ans. Yes, they do but not for their favourites but it is the production house and big stars (mostly Khans) that matters. Their reviews and box office reports are mostly paid. For example, they will always give 4 or 4.5 star ratings to every Eid, Diwali or Christmas release. Then they will exaggerate box office reports saying that the film is showing big growth today. Most of them are paid.


Q. What are footfalls of Airlift?


Ans. 1.18 Crore. The business mainly came from multiplexes so it was a little less.


Q. Do you think people underrate Deepika Padukone?


Ans. LOL  ? . She is the top actress in Bollywood. What do you more expect?

Though she was very good in Cocktail and is one of her best performance. But it went unnoticed.


Q. Eros, UTV or RUG, which is the leading distributor in India and overseas?


Ans. UTV Motion Pictures. Just recently they have tasted big success with The Jungle Book, Baaghi and Captain America Civil War.


Q. Akshy kumar wrapped shooting of Rustum and will began shoot for Namasty England in August so what he will do in June and July?


Ans. Hope he will enjoy swimming at his home  ?

On a serious note, he will sign a couple of projects soon. He has also been offered a remake of South film.


Q. With Bahubali and BM emerging as big hits and Mohenjo Daro and SLB’s next too hot in trade. Are we going to see more and more historical period dramas as Bollywood has a tendency of doing more and more of what is hot and trending like overdoing Masala movies after the success of wanted/dabang.


Ans. You are spot on. Bollywood always fears to experiment with genres and try to adopt the easy track of success (masala/action). It was just recently that the audience is preferring content at the box office. Coming to your question, there will be more historical/war films but certainly not many as it is not an easy task. We also fear that how will they do justice to these films as everyone is not Rajamouli or Ashutosh. For example, imagine Prabhudeva doing a period drama film.


Q. What is the fate of Raees? Does it have any chance to be a big hit even after being delayed?


Ans. Currently, the buzz of Raees is dying out because of the delay. Many have the perception that it was better for Raees to be a flop on Eid rather than blockbuster next year. Actually, the whole matter was mishandled by Excell Entertainment and Ritesh Sidhwani. In last 5 months, there were continuous reports that Raees was delayed but Riteish continues to deny all these reports. And one day randomly he announced the postponement.

There is still a lot of time left before the release so right now it is unnecessary to talk about box office.


Q. Please let us know about Salman Khan Upcoming movies.


Ans. Check out here.


Q. Which are top 10 Bollywood websites?


Ans. We only follow Box Office India so no idea about that. Probably readers can help you in this regard.


Q. This Diwali will be of Shivaay or ADHM?


Ans. Hopes that both films will do well.


Q. When will Sultan trailer out?


Ans. 24th May 7:30 PM.


Q. After seeing the posters of Shivaay, what are your expectations and will ADHM back out?


Ans. The expectations were already high but the poster has raised it further as it was very creative and fresh.

As far now Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is not backing out and the clash is on.


Q. Can Sarabjit score 6+ on Sunday?


Ans. Tough to say as there is only normal growth so far on Sunday.


Q. What is meant by circuit and how many circuits are in India?


Ans. A circuit is a territory which has been created by Indian distributors for releasing their films. Like Mumbai circuit includes Mumbai, Gujarat and Goa. There are about 11 circuits in India. The main Bollywood circuits are Mumbai, Delhi, East Punjab and Central India


Q. What is the verdict of Azhar?


Ans. It will be a close call as if Azhar collects 40 crores it will be average. Otherwise it will be flop.


Q. Please rate these directors in terms of success ratio, Rajkumar Hirani, Kabir Khan, Raja Krishna, Aditya Chopra. Is there any director with 100% success ratio? (Box office)


Ans. We cannot compare Raja Krishna here. The remaining directors are in the order Raju>Kabir>Aditya. Rohit Shetty had a good success ratio (not 100% but still better than others)


Q. HAHK, DDLJ and Gadar, arrange according to bigger hits?




Q. What is the ideal casting according to you for Bhansali’s next period flick?


Ans. Well, its director’s choice only and he can take any superstar. But it would be good if he opts for a fresh pair this time.


Q. Why makers of Mohenjo Daro hasn’t start promotion yet? It’s only 2.5 months & there is a clash with Rustom.


Ans. It is one question that has been asked many times before. As we told earlier, there is a lot of work needs to be done in post-production. Currently, they are only focusing on that. We also hear that the promotion will start in full swing from June onwards.


Q. We hear that after Befikre, Adi starts his biggest project with SRK, can we say it is Dhoom 4?


Ans. No, it is a modern day love story as revealed by Shahrukh Khan in a recent interview. SRK also said that he liked the idea and Adi will start working on script after completing Befikre.


Q. Who is the superstar of comedy in Bollywood?


Ans. Recently Akshay Kumar.


Q. What is the verdict of Ghayal Once Again and Loveshudda?


Ans. Ghayal Once Again lifetime collection 38.48 Cr. Verdict Flop

Love Shudda total collection 3.07 Cr. Verdict Disaster


Q. What is your expectations from Mohenjo Daro if it clashes with Rustom in terms of business?


Ans. The clash factor is almost irrelevant for Mohenjodaro as it is unlikely that Rustom will clash. Still if it clashed it would only affect about 5-10%.

Frankly speaking, Mohenjodaro is one of the most awaited films in trade and no one will dare to clash with this historical film. We are expecting the film to cross 200 crore.


Q. Any inside report on Housefull 3?


Ans. The inside reports and distributors expectations will be updated next week in Early Reports section.


Q. Is Dharma Productions on the verge of bankruptcy?


Ans. Hearing it for the first time. Despite having flops after flops, both Dharma and Fox Star Studios have recovered well. It was Eros International who was on the verge of bankruptcy last year. Many did not know that stakes for huge for Eros during Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale clash. If Bajirao Mastani flopped, Eros may have to sell their shares. But thankfully Bajirao Mastani helped them to survive this crisis.


Q. The fate of Katrina Kaif with Fatoor being a huge flop? She does not have any big movies in her kitty (won't call Jagga Jasoos a big movie).


Ans. Age is not on the side of Katrina Kaif and that is the biggest problem. Still it is an unbelievable achievement for an actress to role Bollywood for seven years having limited acting abilities. Now the time has changed drastically as the audience is preferring content oriented films. It would have been wise for Kat to keep on doing mainstream commercial films. But she opted for doing films with younger actors (probably to sustain for a longer period). Unfortunately, it did not work for her.

Anyway, Katrina may have the support of Salman Khan as there are reports that the actor wants her in one of his upcoming films. So she can stay here for a couple of more years.


Q. Is Varun doing Zoya Akhtar’s next alongside Ranveer?


Ans. These are just rumours and we don’t like to talk about that so please avoid such questions.


Q. What would be business of Bang Bang if it didn’t clash with Haider?


Ans. Haider has little effect on Bang Bang lifetime collection. Though Bang Bang may have touched 30 crore on its opening day without clash.


Q. What is the budget of Housefull 3?


Ans. 90-100 Crore


Q. What are the music reports of Sultan?


Ans. As per the reports it will be a full commercial album having party songs, love songs and some inspirational tunes. No one has heard the music yet so no comment on that.


Q. Can Kangana survive doing mostly off beat movies, and not being a part of the big lead hero movies?


Ans. Until she can do films like Tanu Weds Manu Returns, she can definitely survive without being part of films having megastars.


Q. Sarbjit Review?


Ans. Randeep Hooda and Richa Chadda shines in this over dramatic film. Rating 2/5


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