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Q. If Mohenjo-Daro got appreciation like Baahubali then can it be Highest grosser of the year or Highest grosser of all time?


Ans. The film has been made on a grand scale and is also Hrithik’s first film in last 2 years. So if the content worked, it has every chance to shatter all-time records. But the only problem can be the director Ashutosh Gowarikar whose film tend to appeal towards the multiplex audience and also had a long run time.


Q. What will happen if non-khans movies released on Eid, Christmas, and Diwali?


Ans. Then there will be few 200 or 300 crore grossers (except Hrithik).


Q. Why Kangana lied about Hirani sir? Is she really sick?


Ans. And then someone said why don’t you answer questions related to actresses.


Q. Fan has already earned 150 crores at the box office and budget is 105 crores. How can it be a flop then?


Ans. Because from that 150 cr, only 52 crores will come to producers.


Q. Whom do you think is a better crowd puller in today’s scenario between Ranbir and Varun? And do you think Ranbir would again become a superstar from a current lot of young actors?


Ans. Currently, Varun Dhawan as he has 100% success ratio. And please stop asking this question about Ranbir’s come back every time.


Q. Is Robot 2 releasing on Diwali 2017


Ans. Yes and clashing with Ajay Devgn Sons of Sardar.


Q. The Raees team have made t-shirts of Eid 2016. So do you still think it won’t clash?


Ans. Maybe they meant Bakri Eid  ?


Q. Why does your site make me feel you are biased? Fan is a flop even if does 100 cr.


Ans. Fan Review 3 Stars (SRK Fans – Biased)

Fan Box Office 1st Day – Excellent (Anti SRK Fans – Biased)

Fan Weekdays Box Office – Heavy Drops (SRK Fans – Biased)

Fan Business Economics – YRF (Anti SRK Fans – Biased)

So let be it.


Q. Irfan Khan possesses immense talent, can he become the 4th Khan on box office?


Ans. Talent and star power are two different things. Salman Khan can’t don what Irrfan can. And similarly, Irrfan cannot do what Salman can on the silver screen.


Q. What are your top 5 predictions of 2016?


Ans. Sultan, Dangal, Raees, Mohenjodaro, Shivaay


Q. Why is Bollywood obsessed with men? Even you guys answer man related questions mostly.


Ans. We receive actors related questions mostly so they are answered more.


Q. After watching HF3 trailer, what is this ? I am a big fan of Akshay after three Khans, but I did not expect this from GABBAR. Even Singh is Bling is way better than this.


Ans. I know that feel bro.


Q. Wè miss Deepika so much. When will she announce her next project?


Ans. She may star in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next.


Q. How about SRK in Dhoom 4?


Ans. How about SRK in Dhoom 5?


Q. Your early thoughts and expectations regarding Sultan?


Ans. A bit confused rather this is a sports drama or a masala entertainer film.


Q. As SRK has failed to beat Rajesh Khanna 15 consecutive successful movies record, can Salman do so?


Ans. Lets hope so.


Q. How much does fan need to collect to declare average grosser?


Ans. 100 crores.


Q. Why is Abhishek Bachchan not signing any new movie?


Ans. Because All is not Well  ?


Q. Your site just answers nearly 40 questions every week. So doesn’t it have space to answer more questions?


Ans. We can answer as many questions as we want. But there is time limit also. The QnA session lasts for 2 hours and we try to answer maximum questions in this time period.


Q. Can Baaghi gross 100 cr?


Ans. It will need help from multiplexes to do so. But recently action films have failed to perform in metros. So it will be a tough task.


Q. Best directors in India?


Ans. Rajkumar Hirani, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Kabir Khan, Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Imtiaz Ali, Aanand L Rai.


Q. According to you which of the following movies should Salman do Race 3, Dhoom 4, Sooraj’s next, Kick 2, Dabangg 3 and R. Santoshi’s next?


Ans. The film with a better script. Though Kick 2 is already confirmed.


Q. What do u think who has a better lineup of upcoming movies SRK or SK?


Ans. Salman Khan (Sultan, Kabir Khan’s next, Kick 2).


What is the budget of Udta Punjab?


Ans. In the range of 50-60 crores.


Q. Last year there was lots of controversy on not including Baby and Drishyam into award list. Is there any chance of Airlift to beg award this year?


Ans. Don’t expect.


Q. Who have more chances of being the reigning queen of Bollywood in coming years Alia, Kriti, Shradha or Parineeti?


Ans. Alia Bhatt because of her upcoming projects and versatility. Shraddha and Prineeti have been stereotyped in most of their films. But Alia experimented with her second film Highway.


Q. Do you think SRK will make a strong comeback?


Ans. His upcoming film Raees looks exciting but it is struggling to find a suitable release date. Other release Gauri Shinde’s next looks like a niche film. So it looks tough that he will make a comeback in future.

But the projects with Aanand L Rai and Imtiaz Ali can be a game changer for Shahrukh Khan. Aanand L. Rai (TWM, TWMR, Raanjhana) is loved by masses while Imtiaz Ali’s films (Jab We Met, Rockstar) have gained a cult status among multiplex audiences.


Q. Why Manjhi The Mountain Man and Nawazuddin Siddiqui were ignored at award functions?


Ans. Nawazudding Siddiqui may not have enough money  ?


Q. What are your expectations from Jagga Jasoos? Where is RK standing now in the industry?


Ans. Jagga Jasoos has been delayed many times and there is too much negativity around the film. It would have been better to shelve this project but the budget has been too much high so the makers are trying to complete the film so that they can get some recovery from the theatrical business.

Ranbir Kapoor is out of top 10 actors but he is one of the most talented actors in India right now and can make a comeback at anytime. He also has a very good lineup of films like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Ayan Mukherji’s super hero project and most importantly Sanjay Datt Biopic.


Q. According to you, which three actresses will make to best actress nominations list till April?


Ans. Nimrat Kaur (Airlift), Mawra Huccane (Sanam Teri Kasam), Sonam Kapoor (Neerja).


Q. Has Balaji taken a right decision to make such a high budget film A Flying Jatt with a newcomer Tiger Shroff?


Ans. A Flying Jatt will be a sure shot hit unless the director does something terribly wrong in the making. The super hero genre has always been super hot in the trade. And Tiger Shroff enjoys a huge fan following in masses. The opening of the film will surprise many.


Q. As BBD is confirmed on 9.9.16, what will be the release date of Raees? Will it clash with Sultan?


Ans. It is almost confirmed that Raees will not clash with Sultan. Raees can release on 25 August or on 30th Sep.


Q. What are your thoughts on John Abraham and Shahid Kapoor as both gained popularity but are fixed somewhere between a star and a superstar?


Ans. John Abraham was never a bankable star even in the past. He has only done a few successful films that were mainly multi starers. Meanwhile, Shahid Kapoor got few pushes, Vivah, Jab We Met and R. Rajkumar. But his poor choice of scripts has let him down big time. Plus most of his recent films had limited appeal.


Q. In Bollywood, why actor in a comic role not considered as good as the actor in intense roles?24. April 2016


Ans. Akshay Kumar said, “It is a difficult genre to do but unfortunately comic hero doesn’t get his due in this industry because we look down on it. Unless you do romance and tragedy, you don’t get the best actor award. If you are making people laugh, it looks like buffoonery. It’s very sad that this happens.”


Q. Housefull 3 trailer review and box office prediction?


Ans. It will be updated pretty soon.


Q. Salman will star in Dhoom 4 or Race 3?


Ans. As per our knowledge Salman Khan has been approached by Race 3 makers. But the actor has not given his nod yet. We can’t confirm about Dhoom 4.


Q. As YRF has gained profit so can Fan be given a hit verdict?


Ans. Not at all. Fan will be an average grosser in the best case scenario but even that looks tough as the film still needs to recover a good amount from distributor share.


Q. What do you think about Housefull 3 trailer?


Ans. It looks average. The expectations were higher but there is nothing new in this trailer.

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  1. @bollyarena please change the time because there is other site who will do same thing at same time please postpone it and do it after 6 pm and from next week 3pm is suitable for all of us you know its Sunday and the big boring time comes in after noon

  2. @bollyarena I won't present at the time of QnA so I asked here you will answer it Rajesh khanna had also semi hits in his consecutive hits and Salman also has jai Ho then can we say Salman is on way to chase the record

    1. Dear currently we have 400 questions that have not been answered. It is impossible to answer each and everyone. But we hope that we will answer you next week.

  3. @Bolly Arena why trade are so much worring about Raees release day where Excell Entertainme already looked 7-7-2016, 9-9-2016, 11-11-2016

  4. Hi actually for a film to be flop the distributors face loses and in case of fan, YRF are distributors so they are in profit not too high but profit is profit so is still FAN a flop movie?

  5. @bollyarena

    My name is sameer and its been 5 yeras during a time of BodyGuard I am analyizing movies and gather lots of knowledge may be less than you guys and I appreciate your work and hope you will carry on your like this in future.

    Now coming to the point I think its a pressure situation for you guys to face the biased and unbiased comments from.the FANS of different superstar which will make your work even more difficult and sometime it affects your accuracy.

    Like in FAN
    We all know the Budget of Fan is 105 crores and it nees to collect a Distributor share of 105 crores for break even/ Average from domestic and overseas.

    Suppose If Fan lifetime collection ended at 90 crores its share will be around 42-43 crores which means another 60 crores needed from. Overseas and if it collect those 60'crores it will be a Average/Semi Hit and if it fall short of 10-15 crores even then its verdict will be Below Average instead of flop.

    If more than that then it will be a Flop...

    I mean.to say that its a close call but Fan will able to attain Below Average/ Average Verdict in life time. So SRK success run still not ended...

    Here I am.giving you why I am confident.

    Fan Domestic net collection - 95 crore expected
    Share - 45 crore expected

    Fan overseas business - 90 - 100 crore expected
    Share - 45 crore expected

    Total share - 90'crore from the Budget of 105 crore

    15 crore deficit means Below Average
    And if FAN collect more than that then it could be a Average affair.

    Please reply me
    Thank you

    1. The box office verdict is given separately for Domestic and Overseas collections.
      They are not combined.

  6. @Bollyarena... mai to tera Fan ho gaya, hahahah... the way u have answer is funny and enjoyable. till now I haven't read article like this on ur site... this article is best for me... your answers were fantastic. .. thanks to make me laugh....

  7. @just me

    Verdict is declared from.the combined distributor share from Domestic and Overseas...

    Take proper knowledge

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