Ki and Ka Movie Review

Ki and Ka Movie Review

Ki & Ka is a romantic comedy-drama film which is being directed by R. Balki. The film features Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor in lead roles. This will be the first time that Kareena and Arjun pairing up for the film.

Ki and Ka movie review

The movie is all about a Kia (Kareena) and a Kabir (Arjun), together become "Ki and Ka". It is a love story between two people with different ideologies taking the audiences through their interesting journey. Arjun plays a laid-back house husband and his wife Kareena is a talented and successful working lady in the film. Kareena's husband becomes the talk of the town for being the man of the house with a brand new take.

There is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the script. Thankfully the movie wasn’t much of a knock off contrary to what you’ll expect from usual romantic comedies. Though you can find inklings of the formulaic ideas typical to the genre, the story is unusual. But execution is not perfect as the film turns into more of a typical Bollywood romantic film rather than focusing on gender issues.

While the leading pair’s decadent chemistry is a breather, the story’s magic dissipates in part. The narrative is scattered. The problem with the narrative is there is no new rendering of the story. It is a mere enactment of the sequence of events. The script doesn’t add anything new in its folds except the caliber of its cast, which has been perfectly handpicked to their credit.

The love story between Arjun and Kareena is thankfully kept simple, which is exactly what makes it beautiful. Though the hold loosens, the plot gets dull but their relatable and easy chemistry offers something to look out for all through the film. The film’s editing could have been tighter and the pacing did consistently. It drops in parts and rushes through in others.

Arjun Kapoor breaks his own typecast and performs strongly in a film quite unlike him. Though in some sequences he is weak due to his mumbling.

Kareena Kapoor is a stunner and that quite works in her favor.  She is looking so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off. Her chemistry with Arjun is full of vigor and the gusto.

What's Good:

♦ Fresh Thought
♦ Honest Performances
♦ Humour


What's Bad:

♦ Slow Pace
♦ Scattered Plot
♦ An overdrawn climax
♦ Un-necessary drama



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