Kesari enters into 100 Crore Club

Akshay Kumar's Kesari remains steady on Wednesday as it has faced a limited drop from Tuesday. As per the official figures, it has collected 6.52 crores on the 6th day of its release.

The film faced drops on Monday and Tuesday and the trend was also not great. However, it has managed to hold well on Wednesday and only faced some drops in masses. Kesari has now crossed the 100 crore mark in 6 days. It is the fastest film of 2019 to enter into the 100 crore club.

The hold on 2nd Friday will be very crucial and will decide the fate of the film.

Day 121.06
Day 216.70
Day 318.75
Day 421.51
Day 58.25
Day 67.17
Day 76.52
Day 85.85
Day 94.45
Day 106.45
Total116.76 cr

2 comments on “Kesari enters into 100 Crore Club”

  1. salman released a film in january 2014 named jai ho . that was not a edx release which akshay kumar fans barks about. that film had a 58 crore weekend . we are now in 2019 march, 5 years has passed but not a single akshay kumar film has crossed that 58 crore weekend till date. and here i am talking about net collection . in these 5 years ticket prices has reached a way higher level than what was it in 2014 and then from 2017 akki the gangu teli has got advantage of gst . but still he can't cross a number created by salman in 2014. do you know why? because he don't have any aukat.
    i don't know why salman fans brings his 300 crore net grossers and 100 crore weekends to of salman fight with akshay fans . even tubelight and jai ho is enough to pull this aukatless star down.

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