Karni Sena threatens to burn down UK theatre if it screens Padmavati

After it was reported that the British Board of  Film Classification has certified Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati and cleared it for release in the UK, the Karni Sena has again threatened to burn down any theatre that screens the film, even if it’s in the UK.

“Har wo theatre jalega, jahan Padmavati ka show chalega (Every theatre screening Padmavti will be burnt),” Republic TV quoted Sukhdev Singh, a leader of the fringe outfit, as saying.

Further adding on the issue, he said, “I myself wanted to go there to protest but the Indian government has confiscated my passport, so I will ask the Rajput community there to protest.”

The BBFC has earlier certified that film for release on 1 December. The film's producers, however, have clarified they will wait for a clearance from the CBFC in India before the film releases worldwide.

31 comments on “Karni Sena threatens to burn down UK theatre if it screens Padmavati”

      Karni sena ko aise dhoyenge UK police ke India me bhi kabi strike nahi karenge..

      1. Before reaching paddington street the local traffic cops wouldv pinged him down forget bout their metropolitant police

    2. Akshay Kumar 150cr kab dega 20cr opening kab dega ATBB kab dega HGOTY kab dega ..Akshay fans ka real face Mai bhut pehle dekh Chuka hoon or ab Ajay ko.troll kar rhe

    3. LMAO UK theatres!


      Hindu terrorist burn down theatres!

      But it can't be done, if the countries police is even suspicious about this, they will be prepared for it!

      Good luck!

      New terrorist groups

      Karni Sena

      1. It's not bout ur comment bro it was bout karni sena comment they will burn UK theatres it's not uttrakhand

  1. They'll be charged for terrorism in the UK and locked up for life, and this will make even more people want to go watch the film. That's how it works over here.

  2. Oh my God UK ko challenge..

    kaun hai ye karni sena My foot..
    now time has come,prepare for d WAR against kARNI SENA

    1. same like in master piece Dhoom 3 Amir challenge to UK police so they hire Mr. Bakshi services from Mumbai....LOL

      1. Bcz Mr. Bakshi had better Knowledge of City/Roads than UK police....in Dhoom 3

        1. Dr Saheb ..Dhoom 3 was shot in Chicago İllinois ...Usa...has nothn to do with UK ?

      2. This psycho wannabe doctor doesn't even know that dhoom 3 was shot in Chicago and it was US police not UK. LOL. Happens. When you are fan of srk then you are automatically an enimy of Brain and intelligence.

    2. Karni Sena ka itna aukaat kaha hua hai ..ye SB ma*ga log ka kya aukaat hai ..baat to itni badi Bari kar rha

  3. i condemn this act....

    i was against padmavati release but burning screen in UK bit too much...kerni sena...ghar ki bat ghar tak rakho....raita mat filaw pori duniya me....

    1. Pehli baar mein nai @drjhangir ko dhang ki baat ? karte dekha hai.

      Yaa to kal raat ko is nai deepika-ranveer ka extra marital relationship ka dream nahin dekha jo warna yeh normally roz raat mai dekhta hai

      Yaa shayad @sambha baba kai kal kai dose ka thora asar hua hai dr pai.

      Zyada chances yahi hai kai kal raat dream nahin dekha. Warna dose ka itni jaldi asar lenay wala lagta nahin dr.

  4. Never knew that india has this much idiot. When a cultural power house like india succumb to thugs then you know civilization has been thrown off the cliff. I am pretty sure that india has a constitution not individuals making laws in the name of patriotism. Sorry state

  5. actually, i do find reasons or logic on why these guys are protesting..
    Bansali has still not provided the disclaimer certificate to CBS which is amusing. So with the kind of agitation goung on.. either he is afraid of disclosing the content or he has for sure altered history to suite todays audiences.. Rajputs are ardent historians and cannot be blamed.
    Bansali should just say if its fictitious or based on true events. if he continues to keep quite, this film might release in 2030

  6. LOL England dosen’t tolerate terrorists and will deal with the threat efficiently then will take karni terrorists to a black site phir toh allah hi malik hai.

  7. If any kill Karni Sena member.. I’ll give fucking 5 cores... this educated buddho acting like uneducated... please stop this nonsense at end this movie will leaked.. I hope this movie release in USA.. can’t wait anymore

  8. How Indian Govt is entertaining all this ...not a single strong comment from our govt...

    ajeeb tamasha desh me lagaya hai...

    Afghan ke talibani gaye - par yaha ke jaag gayee..

  9. If Padmavati releases in the Mars, I will demolish each of those theaters....
    P.S. I myself wanted to go there to burn down the theaters (just in case) but I don't know which road will take me there, so I will ask the Rajput community there to protest, kasam paida karne wale ki ...

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