Karni Sena calls for nationwide bandh on December 1 against Padmavati

The Shri Rajput Karni Sena has called for a nationwide bandh on December 1 against the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmavati.

The founder of the organisation Lokendra Singh Kalvi said, “We are calling for a country-wide bandh on December 1 if the film is released. We have the support of all castes and communities. We will hold public meetings and rallies in Gurgaon, Patna and Bhopal before that,” Kalvi told reporters. Kalvi said that the statement by actress Deepika Padukone, who plays the legendary queen in the movie, that nothing can stop the release of the film was “provocative”.

Meanwhile BJP MLA Ram Kadam, who heads Film Studio Setting and Allied Majdoor Union, said on Wednesday that their union would not support anyone, who distorts history for publicity.

Speaking to ANI, Kadam said, “We will take decision this afternoon. Our union will not support a person who distorts history for the publicity of his film and will demand a ban if needed. If director (Sanjay Leela) Bhansali does not agree (to cut some scenes), our union will not let him shoot any film in the future.”

In a related news, a Karni Sena member has threatened to chop off Deepika Padukone’s nose for violating Indian culture. The protests have turned even more violent in last few days. The film is releasing on December 1, 2017 however it is still unsure that it will make it.

31 comments on “Karni Sena calls for nationwide bandh on December 1 against Padmavati”

  1. Mujh film cctc me ek sceen boht pasnd ha jb wo chines bnda toilet kumar per pisab krta ha
    Q k usy phly hi pta lg gya tha k is ka nam toilet kumar hone wala hai
    To much fun.................

    1. Bollyarena update star rankings and put akshay kumar in top 3. And also give update of golmal india and worldwide..

    1. @Karma

      I am a movie maker &...........
      you are a dignified men with 2 children with your happilly satisfied wife...
      after a long time a make a movie on you...
      and show that you are a guy & having physical relationship with some other men....
      its my freedom of expression so what i want & i want to tell & Show them....
      SO Now same protest is going agianst me by your child .....

      So now what you say....
      if there is nothing wrong in my movie about you so i first show the movie to your childrenn..

      So now you understand well that what is right or what is wrong.............................

      the thing is that SLB & DEEPIKA Wants promotion of their movie or they are successfulll with their plan...
      i am definately saying that there is nothing wrong in the movie...
      but it is idea of filmmaker to gain some popularity....

  2. What are our governments and police doing when these scums like Karni Sena become above law and openly threaten to stall the release of a movie?

  3. Thousands time i said..this bhansali always make fun and enjoys extra marital affair movies.....
    see the result..master piece piece...kehne wale BM now tumhari bari.....bhogto...movie should be on fictions not real...Amir (PK) and Bhansali both playing emotions of ppl...to make money...

    i like his work Devdas and HDCS pure fictions.....

    1. Why are you so obssessed with this extra marital thing? Bhansali has said that there is no such scene bw ranveer & deepika. Then why crying continuously about extra marital affairs.

      I don’t like extra marital stuff personally. But these are movies. And as long as there is no religious sentiment being hurt (a genuine issue only if it is there as nowadays everyone starts getting hurt and offended for no reason at all) these are movies and should be viewed as movies.

      You are a SRKian from what I know and you should remember that srk keeps chasing women in every other movie regardless if they are married or not or even if a teacher in Main Hoon Na.

      1. Affair with married woman and full on adultery scene with rani in KANK

      2. Chasing Juhi who gets married later. Still SRK keeps chasing and singing Tu Hai Meri Kiran and even attempts murdering her husband

      3. Extra marital affair in Maya Mem Sahab. Famous for the scene which shall not be discussed

      4. In Anjam I remember he keeps wooing Madhuri, a married lady and murders her husband.

      5. In Paheli he plays a ghost who disguises as husband of rani and lives with her. Not just extra marital but Super natural extra-marital. Taking extra marital to another level

      If we can ignore the ethical issues and enjoy all the above movies considering them entertainment, then why now getting so much sentimental about extra marital stuff (which I would repeat do not stand for in personal life but as i said these are movies and should be viewed as such).

      1. @Karma my dear Movies as i said ...fiction i dont have problem....HDCS and DEVDAS....is good work of him....i watched 1000 times but the moment he call history and reality...than they show Rani is dancing with 1000 dancers no matter for her husband or in BM (Mastani dancing)...this is history??????? and the person you are glorifying in bad light not even present...shame on you...ppl like you encourage all this disturb peace and encourage bhansali kind ppl to make movies out of this...now after this he may be glorifying Mumtaz than muslim will be unhappy thans rani laxmi..than hindus protest...so why you shose subject which is controversial
        lets example make same Padmavati with name of fiction name cinderalla,x,y,z, See got your answer....
        if your movie is that classic it will earn you money see bahubali....but he used her name to put up big total ....isnt it?????

        think before you bark about SRK.....all the above movies of SRK ture work of fiction...not history...is there any girl called Kiran? any Rani /princess????

        1. All I can say is that you have a pretty narrow minded view. If you can get disturbed by just the thing that Rani is being shown dancing (that too in a graceful manner) then what do I say about it. Your choice not to like it. I don’t find it anything to be degrading.

          You keep mixing up your points sometimes talking about having an issue about extra marital stuff and sometimes about distortion of history. Now you are saying that extra marital stuff is fine with you as long as it is fictional. Try being clearer with your comments.

          And just because Rani is shown dancing you consider it distortion of history on such small thing? Dancing = distortion of history. Again a pretty narrow minded view. Plus on what basis do you say that Ranveer and Deepika share an extra marital relationship when Bhansali has clarified there is no scene bw them not even a dream sequence?

          Whole point of the people supporting Padamavati is that first watch the movie. And “AFTER WATCHING” the movie if you find that history is distorted or something degrading then “IN A NON VIOLENT” manner you are all free to denounce the movie on social media. No one gives you the right to go and stop the screenings of a movie forcefully just because in your opinion history is being distorted.

          We have also seen Dilwale screenings being forcefully stopped just because something SRK said was not liked by some people. Instead of asking me and others to stop supporting Padmavati (which is being done in complete peace) try DENOUNCING people who are acting violently. We are using our right to watch a movie and there are some people who are FORCEFULLY taking away that right from us. THINK whose side you should be with. In none of your comments I have seen bashing these people who are acting violently and supposedly are protecting history without even watching the movie.

          If you are a real doctor I am more concerned about your patients rather than you if you have such a narrow and violent way of thinking. God help your patients.

          BTW I am a SRKian. This year I have only watched 4 bollywood movies of which 2 were Raees & JHMS. But thankfully I am not a blind and narrow minded fan.

          No further comments from me on this topic. Consider this my final comment on this thread.

          1. Extra marital aur history distortion to bahana hai. This @dr jhangir is just jealous of bhansali as his BM beat SRK’s Dilwale. His sentences tell that:

            “ppl loved BM (master piece LOL) over Dilwale…now bhogto”

            “see the result..master piece piece…kehne wale BM now tumhari bari…..bhogto”

            BM ko beat nahin karpayi Dilwale. Ab us ki bharaas is tarah nikaal raha hai. SRK and bhansali are friends now and even news keep coming of them doing a movie together. Kuch fans lekin saari zindagi wahi purana rona rotay rahenge. Itni jealousy aur gussa hai is dr jhangir ko kai Bhansali kai naam sai bhi problem hai ?

            physical illness can be cured but how to cure spiritual issues such as jealousy. Dr jhangir u can contact the famous spiritual doctor @sambha for cure of this jealousy issue. Very important. Don’t take it lightly.

  4. let loose any one emotion feeling hum ko kya...let this masterpiece release....on 1st Dec...and Rani is Dancing in front of thousand dancers...LOL

    ppl loved BM (master piece LOL) over Dilwale...now bhogto....if BM would have flopped or Banned he had no courage to make movie again on any false history or extra marital affair....

  5. That is truely disgusting...
    That's called extremists...how can people even follow or adhear to these groups?
    Who do they take themselves for???
    Let people watch and judge the film by themselves..

  6. what BM and Padmavati will show...how this Ranis are beautiful so all Raja all over the India gushing their beauty???? this is hostory????

    BM i have learned how to tackle extra marital affair even if you are emperor leave everything and love a beautiful woman....LOL...make seprate home for her if you are family not accepting.....hahahahha

    now next will be his target....MUMTAZ JAHAN...Than RANI LAXMI...this is Bhansali target...Lets this Masterpiece relase this December....HAHHAAH

  7. Sanjay doesn't have respect from his family...he never attached his father name to his second Name...he attached second name as his Mother Name....SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI.....and making Family movies....LOL

  8. huge success of Judwaa 2 and Golmaal again confirmed that indian audiences are only interested in masala films.They reject good emotional film FAN .Swdesh was a box office flop at the time of release.Dangal and Chak de India worked due to Women empowerment subject.Audience can spend money to watch nonsensical masala fims Judwaa 2 and Golmaal series but can't watch story of a superstar and his Fan.

    1. Thats y even bolywd king megastar salman is doing dabangg 3 instead of tubelite 2

      indian audience might reject an intelligent thriller even from salman or aamir

  9. top 10 movies 2018
    robot 2 550cr ww 2000cr
    krrish 4 600cr ww 1000cr
    race 3 340cr
    thug of Hindustan 300cr
    dabbag 3 if release 270cr
    srk next anand l rai 220cr
    crack if release 205 cr
    sui dagga 190cr
    gold 170cr
    student of year 125cr
    bhaghi 2 90-100cr
    dragon 100cr
    padman 70cr
    raid 80cr

  10. Modi kya raha hai?

    Sanjay Bhansali plz release d film there will be full of police protection
    as smruti Irani said recently.

    See d movie first then take a action without seeing d movie
    u cant stop release of movie.

    Smruti Irani mam say something...
    next time I will not give vote for BJP

  11. All films should have equal opportunity to release regardless of what people think the fate of the film will be last I checked india was a democratic country and people should have freedom of speech and expression in all mediums

  12. @prashant abhishek if people love masala films so much then why they skipped srk's masala film like happy new year which failed to cross ett despite of releasing after 2 years. why srk's masala film dilwale was beaten by boring historical film bajirao mastani in a clash.
    ye srk se kya dushmani hain audience ki. srk jab content film karte hain tabbhi theatre mein nahi atein aur masala karte hein tabbhi nehi atein.

    1. Dilwale ka protest hua tha ..bhut shows cancel his tha or negativity bhut hua tha social media me smjhaaa

      Ek THA tiger 185cr bhut hai , jao ho 110cr .ye SB bhi masala movie tha ab bol ?

      1. @abhi
        Dilwale christmas pe release huyi thi nd jai ho january mein only 1 holiday thi btw dono ki bakwas movie thi..btw teri info k liye ETT ki collection 198 thi

  13. This is disgusting really... These karni senas & so-called pseudo desh-bhakt parties do not have any thing to do than creating nuisance.. Arreh bhai, kitne log bhuka mar raha hai, bimar se kitne baccha mar raha hai.. Unko liye kuch karo.. Kya farak padta hai ek film ke liye.. On average 5-6% of whole Indian population actually watch movies in theatre... So think about rest 95% people if u are really claiming to be "social worker"

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