Karan Johar responds to Ajay Devgn's allegations

Karan Johar has finally responded to Ajay Devgn's allegations. He was present at Express Adda today and addressed a housefull audience.

When he was asked about the ongoing controversy, Karan Johar gave a simple and straight answer.

"My self respect, reputation, company reputation and my upbringing doesn’t allow me to dignify this question with a response.”


It seems that Karan Johar has decided to stay away from the controversy around Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shivaay. Yesterday Ajay Devgn demanded an investigation into KRK’s claims of having received 25 lakhs to positively promote the film.

18 comments on “Karan Johar responds to Ajay Devgn's allegations”

  1. Very clever from Karan, keep your dignity because your adversary doesn't even know what it means !

  2. the moment when you realise that the question has more dignity than that of GayJo. A concrete allegation from Ajay Devgn and Mr. GayJo is so cared about the dignity of question. & yes, a dignity-less question should not be asked to a man with dignity and similarly a question with dignity should not be asked to a dignity-less person. because both the times, the question remains unanswered.

  3. we all know his upbringing...how his father gave racist comment on ajay for phol aur kaante...telling that he cant become actor..c his colour and all... what about his own son who is gay and neech... and has affairs with srk and krk.....he is culprit thats y hez keeping quiet...

    1. Lol we all know srk is leading a married life unlike some criminal virgins. Even if Karan is a gay what is your problem. Such a narrow minded fool you are.

  4. u guys should learn some respect before use bad language.first of all learn self respect ,yahan bet kar guzay marne se kisi ko nuqsan nahi pahunchte balke ,tum jahil.unpadh aur unclamied peoplel apne tazlil karte hu,computer ke pechay choti se bache bhi galiyan de saktae hai,but brave people never barking like you begherat people,sham eon you and your families

  5. @sweety:frustated sweety...tu pehle tameez se baath karna seek...tum jahI'll ho....thanks vivek...

  6. Sweety: sorry I thought u r boy and scolded...u should also not write such comments and provoke us...ladki ho tho maaf karna

  7. Sweety: u r boy i came2 know....and u r idiot...who is acting good in 1 site and showing ur dirty colour and scolding badly in other site

  8. Ydhm is second part of kavi albida na kahna . I am sure it will become big flop like BV

  9. @ajay-salman fan,your mum will never find me thata i`m boy or girl ok,second your style of writing showing taht you are belongs to a lowlife family.

  10. @ajay-salman fan,u can barking like unclaimed person,please ccontinue..........................

    1. Urs is high life...r u relative of krk r gayjo...u illiterate therez no high life r lowlife...itz unpad like u who made it

    1. When somebody takes our family in some matter tho selfrespect gayi bhaad mai bro...bro for us family is everything.......

  11. @zikria: sorry ur comment was for karan I thought u replied for my previous comment2 sweety

  12. @bollyarena: remove that sweetys which is targeting family...coz sweety is illiterate

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