Karan Johar defends Pakistani artists, asks if banning them will stop terror

Bollywood film director Karan Johar has defended the Pakistani artists working in India.

While speaking to NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt he said that he was deeply hurt over the lost lives in Uri. He, however, said that banning Pakistani artists was not going to stop the incidents of terror in India.

He said, “Firstly I understand the anger and the anguish that surrounds us. I empathise and my heart bleeds for the lost lives. There’s nothing that can ever explain or justify the terrible feeling of terror… My father was a part of the freedom struggle. I’ve grown up on the stories of patriotism and valour.

“This is my country and I love it.. Then you are faced with this (demand to ban Pakistani artists). If this was truly the solution, then one would take it. But this is not the solution… I feel vulnerable even while saying this.”

Karan Johar

Amid tension in the wake of Uri terror attack, the MNS on had asked Pakistani artistes to leave immediately. Actors like Mahira Khan star Fawad Khan are hijacking the opportunities of Indian artistes, Shalini Thackeray, wife of MNS chief Raj Thackeray, said in a press conference.

Fawad Khan will have a guest appearance in upcoming release Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Mahira Khan will feature in SRK's Raees.


20 comments on “Karan Johar defends Pakistani artists, asks if banning them will stop terror”

  1. Fully agree with Karan johar here.

    Thousands of people's are involved in a film. But due to one or two Pakistanis you are going to takeaway from those thousands of Indians ROJI-ROTI.
    #Waah Re Tumhari Deshbhakti!!!

    1. btw, film koi vikari nahi banata... Ak film flop hogi, to ei industry wale ko kuch nahi jayega.. sala sob hum logoka khun chuske is makam par aya hai.. India iz poor country. 20 crore people go hungry every day in our country. and wohi desh ki ak superstar, world me, 2nd richest man... look at the scenario, we can, kuch toh galat ho raha hai na boss.. Film Industry and cricket are ruining our country.. anyway, let's come to the point... this is not good idea to ban those films which have already been made.. Let them release... Fir vagao in pakis ko.. they do not deserve to be here.

  2. SRK in bola tu sab bole desh Drohi...Pakistani.

    AB ukhado Karan Johar ka..kya ukhad sakte hu...bolo usko Pakisatini...Desh Drohi bhaga do pakistan me usko...kyu dum nahi hai kya???LOL

    ye Indian log ki mentality hai Muslim bole tu crime Hindu bole tu mistake and nobody care.

    salo tumhare wajah se Hamari Dilwale 300cr nahi kar payi....aaj sallu ke fan khamosh baithte...Fan bhi flop hone ka karan sirf tum jaise log social media me negativity failaye...warna FAN ko non holiday 150/175 hone se koi nahi ruk sakta tha...

    ab dekhte hai tum me kitna dum hai ADHM ko ruke ke dikhaw..or next DANGAL ko bhi...sab sale hu agar nahi ruk paye DANGAL or ADHM ko...

    1. SRK fans khud toh FAN dekh ke nahi aaye theatre mein aur gaaliya dete hain dusro ko. SRK ne movie banayi apne fans ke liye aur uske fans hi movie dekhne nahi gaye. kahaan marr gaye the SRK 3.2 million fans?? tum logo se thik toh main hi nikla. main salman fan oke SRK ki FAN movie theatre mein dekh aaya. sirf itne hi loyal fans hai SRK ke jo sirf 80 crore tak hi pahucha skate hai bas.

      1. ah thik itne hi hote hai.....Marie Gold me tu utne bhi nahi the....dub maro..

        bhai tera bracelet barabar pehna kariyu JAI HU ka hai...biggest block buster of the era.

        tera mai kal se wait kar rah tha...Jai hu ne Rajesh khanna ka record todne se bcaha liya.

        jai Hu...hahahah

      2. YEH LAMHE JUDAAI KE = 45 lacs.
        yeh woh movie jise SRK ke fans pluto aur jupiter se special aaye the dekhne... is movie ne sab tod ke rakh diya tha... record, tera rickshaw, SRK ka stardom sab kuch tod diya...

      1. mukka nahi MOCCA bolo....Bhai ab jail me chakki pissing and pissing...hahahaha.
        wo tu khud Sallu ne call kiya or bola...

        SAllU: MAY I SPEAK TO Mr. SRK sir.
        SRK MANGER : whos is this?
        Sallu : mai sallu bhai
        mang: bohat dekhe tere jaise bhai chanda mangne aate hai
        Sallu : ha mangna hi hai but kuch or..mai real sallu ...salman...jiski nahi GF kal ka chokra le ke bhahage wo ....
        MANG: Sir KOi sallu bhai line pe hai..
        SRK : line transfer
        Sallu: sir mera image tu appko maloom hi hai EID ke sahare Ji rah hu...please mera ghar mat todana,, arbaz or Suhail ko bhi kam nahi mil rah hai...Baap retire hu chuka hai..mai kaha jawoga...
        ek bar 2013 me train pakdne late kya hua...appne express aise doda di ke Tiger pehle hi din kuchal diya gaya...Sir aap meri bat samajh rahe hai na...as being human...aisa tu koi janwar ke sath nahi karta or sir aap tu Dilwale hu....hum sab aapke deewane hai .etc etc..

        SRk : chal fone rakh tera baap ke sath mera acha rishata hai ....samaj lena..
        so news came Raees postponed to another date 26 Jan.

        aisa hua tha...Bracelet wale bhai .hahahahah..

        ab appka bracelet barabar se pehnu...kahi gir na jaye...anmol hai JAI HU ki tarah..hhahahah

        or ek bat....SRK BAD PHASE FAN non holiday, niche without song dance 85cr and sallu in best phase, his fav genere,good songs, typical tapori songs jai hu 103cr.
        non holiday is the common factor between FAN and JAI HU ....so see the difference before you bark..

  3. These pakistani artists are silent on Uri attack clearly indicating that they r indirectly supporting terrorism. Boycott each nd everything that is associated with Pakistan.. these artists can b pakistani agent too.. who knows.. Y should we risk our lives? iz art more important than our lives? Again and again Pakistan proved that they are not our neighbor, they are enemy. When the country's national security is at risk because of pak's state sponsored terrorism, we hv to boycott each and everything related to pakistan. And boycott them too who r supporting these pak artists. we showed enough humanity and humbleness, now it's tym to save our nation. Boycott pak or not? YES, INDEED. PERIOD!

    1. woh isliye silent h qki woh indians nhi h
      aur tum jaiso ki mentality boht kharab hoti hai. har pakistani terrorist nhi hai waha par bhi aam janta rehti hai jo khud pareshan hai is terrorism se

      1. abe *** jo bhi tu, sun, main janta hu ki har pakistani iz not terrorist.. there hv good people too. hamare desh me talent ki kami nahi. if they are dying to do Indian movies, told them to take citizenship of INDIA. May b they are good people lyk you think.. but May they can b pakistani terror agent too.. who knows. if our govt. take a decision, we all should support it. there hv many places to show us humanity.. our humbleness, and adapting mentality always bring chaos situation for our nation.

  4. Gayjo we indian alwayz want good relations with pak thats y u people r giving them opportunities and showing pak good in film but what they r doing...backstabbing...killing our soldiers...y cant u take indian artists...y r u dependent on Pakistanis...I know u dont care about ur country and u only want bucks...first we have2 boycott people like u and your films...Boycott adhm and raees....for us our country is first not a chameleon like u

  5. Dear Karan Johar.

    Even if we concede your point as valid. Would u like to answer few questions. Fawad khan , Mahira and Ali had condemned Paris attacks on Twitter . If you want I can provide u the tweets. The country which has given them so much love and money , shouldn't they have written a single tweet praying for the souls of young Indian sons who were burned alive by the terrorists . Shouldn't they have condemned the terrorists. No one is asking them to abuse Pakistan. But these very stars who came out in support of victims of terror attacks in Paris and Orlando, shouldn't they have said atleast few words for their Indian fans too. Is it asking too much ?? And please Burkha Dutt is a shame. No point putting forward the reference of her program Bolly arena.

    1. You are talking about paki artists karan johar himself did not condemn yet about Uri incident. His movie is going to release that's why he has to say so as Fawah is having a prominent role in the movie.

  6. karan johar is right but in my opinion i can't see those pakistani actor film whose country trained terrorist killed my country army
    its my choice i will not watch adhm main kisi k upper thop nhi rha

  7. If somebody says that pakistani actors didnt respond to terrorist attacks... because there is a valid reason... they are living in a country which sorrounds by day to day terrorist activities, bomb blasts, firing, etc...daily hundreds of people dieing in pak bcoz of terrorist attacks... they have there whole family in pakistan... and they themselves have to visit pakistan one day... we have to understand there situation...rather then boycott pakistan... we have to find a solution to end this problem of terrorism... so tht both the countries live in peace

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