Kapoor and Sons Saturday Box Office Collection Update

Kapoor and Sons Saturday Box Office Collection Update

Kapoor and Sons Saturday Box Office Collection

The early trends suggest that Kapoor and Sons has taken a very good start on Saturday. The film has witnessed phenomenal growth at some places.

Box Office Report:

Kapoor and Sons had around 35% occupancy in the morning shows. So it has witnessed 10% jump from yesterday which is good. The growth is higher in Mumbai and Banglore which were rocking yesterday also. The single screens have a slight upward trend though more samples are awaited yet.

The noon shows were rock solid as there was huge growth reported at multiplexes. The occupancy is in the range of 50-55% which is almost double than yesterday. It will be interesting to see how it performs in mass circuits which were below par yesterday.

The film has received excellent reviews and the word of mouth is also positive. The reports of Kapoor and Sons are good but there is a cricket match between India and Pakistan in the evening which will limit growth. It can damage Kapoor and Sons as multiplex oriented films tend to peak on Saturday evening.





UPDATE: Kapoor and Sons 2nd Day Box Office Collection has been updated on the homepage. You can see inthe following link.

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Kapoor and Sons has collected 6.85 crore on its opening day which is a decent number. We predicted 6.80 crore for its opening which makes it our another accurate prediction. Also write your views about Kapoor and Sons Saturday box office collection (2nd Day) update in the comments section.

3 comments on “Kapoor and Sons Saturday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Kapoor & Sons was hit by the cricket match on Saturday though managed to show growth of around 15% as it grossed 7.50 crore nett apprx taking its two day total to 14 crore nett. Its hard to judge how much the film lost to the cricket and it emains to be seen if it can up some business over the week.

    Sunday being a holiday should make up some of the losses but it will be about Monday for the film. A 25 crore nett weekend would have been a decent result for the film but it won't get there. If the match was not there it may have made it..

    The big negative is the business outside the 3-4 big metros. The collections remained poor in big contributing cities like Jaipur, Ludhiana and Ahmedabad and unless these places show big turnaround its hard to see the film go far in the long run.

  2. This is a beautiful film. And believe me you will fall in love with it. A emotional, lovely film after a long time in Bollywood, that pulls at the heart strings.
    Siddharth Malhotra is very a great looker and good in projecting the jealous but loving brother. Alia Bhatt is a beautiful bubble of liberating joy. Fawad Khan as the brooding but clever brother who has a dark secret, is awesome. My favourite Ratna Phatak Shah is such a joy to watch on screen. Why does she not do more movies. She is a colossus in acting. Rajat Kapur is good, and Rishi Kapoor is entertaining.
    Shakun Batra's direction is very good. The film grows on you like good wine. And you get tipsy when the credits role. Hats off to showman Karan Johar for another splendid movie.

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