Kangana: Hrithik went and cried to the entire industry, tried to sabotage my career

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut have been involved into one of the most ugly spats in the history of Bollywood. While Hrithik has maintained a dignified silence, Kangana has been vocal since day one, insisting that Hrithik was in a romantic relationship with her.

In an interview with Firstpost, Kangana made further revelations about Hrithik. She said, "there were instances when he (Hrithik) was going and crying to the entire industry, wanting them to sabotage my career, and people were calling me and saying - 'He met us, he has showed us proofs and (do you) want to meet us because we want to know your side of the story as well?'  But I was like, it is none of your business."

"The threats were quite open, weren't they? They said they would release some statements, they would reveal something, say something... 'We will expose her and everyone will be shocked'... something along those lines... It is not that I knew this sort of game plan that would be unleashed against me. So I thought there would be some reveal but there was none and obviously those were just threats."

When Kangana was asked if the case was indeed shut, she said, "Of course, there was no case only. It was all so absurd... actually I couldn't understand what the entire matter was. So there is someone who is in love with me but he wants to impersonate Hrithik.  But I in return want to stalk Hrithik, Hrithik in return wants an apology [laughs]. He is basically not after the person who is impersonating him, he is after me. Apparently, he wants an apology (from me) because someone is impersonating him and romancing me, whereas I am meeting him every day on the sets and he is my friend regardless. I frankly did not get this. And apparently, all this happened in my head. It was in my head, but the impersonator was a real person. But then, I also imagined things and through those imaginations, I also managed to harass this person who eventually did not decide to ever speak to me about this matter - the only thing he decided to do is have a court case against me!"

She added, "It was very absurd for me to digest any of this and I always knew that all this is just sensationalism... And then two to three more people dived in with their comments about 'bi**c, wh**e, mixing of blood'... all of this led to too much excitement. When that excitement subsided then people wanted to know - 'Hello, what is this story?' This story will not make sense in any time and age."

14 comments on “Kangana: Hrithik went and cried to the entire industry, tried to sabotage my career”

    1. Bollyarena why u guys are not doing anything against this guy.... He's a headaches now pls do something.....
      And u Mr disaster khan if u hav the guts to abuse someone then do it with your own name ur own identity #Coward

    1. Still she was able to cross 150 cr without manipulation, while Hrithik can't even cross 100 cr with real figures.

  1. This shows the real Hrithik : arrogant, cheap and pathetic. I used to be a big fan of him but the way he treated her during the whole controversy was disgusting.

    1. @parshya raees wld max do 130 cr.kangna is a huge aamir fan and calls him the best actor.my support for kangna as well.

  2. No doubt hrithik was in affair with kangna. But they both should solve by saying raat gai baat gai.....

  3. You should keep personal life separate and business separate. With the stupid ex comments hrithik should have stayed quiet. The media was unaware but he goes to court files a case then everyone knows about kangana hrithik fling. Kangana was right that was stupid.

  4. Nautikibaaz ...

    when 1st kangana raised issued - it looked like it's kangana's drama....but after recent rithiks and rakish roshans drama on raees film..made us to think roshan family doodh ki dhuli huee nahi hai...

    so God knows - who iis what ....also kangana is crack & roshans r chalu...so difficult to guess.

    rithik and rakish roshans -- statement par beleave bhi nahi kar sakte....

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