Kamal R Khan meets Shahrukh Khan

Today something unusual happened. Bollywood actor and critic Kamal R Khan met Shahrukh Khan at his home.

SRK was looking etremely soober as usual. KRK took to Twitter and posted.

With great @iamsrk at his home. via #Camera360#


Kamal R Khan has got into many controversies due to his tweets. But recently he has stood up in support of Shah Rukh Khan and his film, Dilwale. Few days back he tweeted,

"#MNS is unfair to oppose #Dilwale for the reason that SRK didn't pay to Maharashtra farmers. Political parties can't force ppl for charity. Why should Actors earn and pay to farmers when political parties are eating billions of rupees of tax payers and doing nothing for farmers. If #MNS is forcing SRK to pay to farmers then it's extortion not charity. So is it not intolerance? Can Maun Modi Ji say something about it?"

Tell us what are your views in the comments section.

4 comments on “Kamal R Khan meets Shahrukh Khan”

  1. I agree that charity is done voluntarily. If any political party forced any person for charity that is extortion. More than that many people are earning huge some of money and then why MNS is targeting only SRK. At least SRK didn't steal any public money like many politicians do.

  2. [email protected]
    #dilwale is a blockbuster in overseas but we call any film hit or flop according to Indian theatrical business only, so yes, it'sa big flop......
    lolllllllll ha ha ha

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