Kala Chashma Song Review

Kala Chashma Song Review: The latest party anthem Kala Chashma from Baar Baar Daikho is out. It features Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif. The song has been sung by Amar Arshi, Neha Kakkar and Badshah.

Kala Chashma Song Review:

For those who don't know, Kala Chashma is a recreated song. The original version is a Punjabi track of the same name released way back. It was a big hit at that time in Punjab. Zee Music has brought the rights and Badshah has recreated the song.

The song starts with the original version sung by Amar Arshi which is pleasant to listen and sets your mood to stand up and dance. There comes the rap by Badshah which is extremely poor and was completely unnecessary. We don't know why Badshah wants to rap in each song with pathetic lyrics. Neha Kakkar does a commendable job. But it was the original Amar Arshi who stole the show. As it is a recreated version and is not much different from the original (in fact lower in terms of quality), we can't rate the audio higher than 1.5.

The video is pretty good despite being inspired by a Tamil song. Katrina Kaif sizzles once again and has excellent screen presence. Sidharth Malhotra tries to be in his elements in the song. 3.5 to the video.

However, the song clearly indicates that Bollywood music is running out of fresh ideas. T-Series and Zee Music are recreating Punjabi songs almost in each album. Some examples are Chull, Saturday Saturday, Soch Na Sake and Tung Tung Baje.

Kala Chashma Song Review: Verdict

Kala Chashma (actually it is Kala Chachma) was a classic hit in Punjabi. The recreated version is a decent one but the original is far better.

Rating: 2.5/5


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7 comments on “Kala Chashma Song Review”

  1. Really honest review. You are bang on that the rap by Baadshah is unnecessary and actually kills the mood of the song. Visually, a treat for Siddharth and Katrina fans. But, no it's not the next party anthem as it is being publicised all over. Over rated and hyped. 2.5 is the perfect rating and it's an average song at best. Kar gayi chull is still the best party song of the year. Period.

  2. If this is case then I will download and listen to Original Punjabi song.
    I watched video it's too irritating.
    1/5 from me to the song and video.

  3. I agree with bollyarea i watched the video and i just loved that video Katrina looks amazing and gorgeous and the starting of this song is fantastic i immediately downloaded the song but when i listened full song in audio i did not enjoyed too much it is very good song but not awesome

  4. this is an amazing and fabulous song. katrina kaif is a fantastic dancer and her moves make me mad.And my rating is 5/5

  5. katrina kaif is an outstanding acter and dancer i love this song soooooo much and her moves make me mad of her.

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