Kabir Khan on Tubelight failure: I’m disappointed

Kabir Khan recently helmed Salman Khan starrer Tubelight which released on Eid. The duo has earlier given two blockbusters, Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan so the expectations were huge. However Tubelight has failed to impress the critics and the audience. The film was a big failure at the box office.

Talking about it Kabir Khan says, "I am disappointed. You make a film with a lot of love and conviction and if it doesn’t do well the way it was expected to do, it’s disheartening.”

The filmmaker, however, says Tubelight will always remain special irrespective of what response it received at the box office. “We can’t expect every film to do the business like Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Every film of mine is put against Bajrangi Bhaijaan and it is unfair. I am extremely proud of Tubelight.

“It’s too early to analyse what went wrong with the film. Maybe people were not able to identify with the character of Salman. But I was happy with what Salman did and even he was playing this part”. Recently, it was reported that Salman would refund distributors to compensate for the losses incurred by Tubelight.

Recently, it was reported that Salman would refund distributors to compensate for the losses incurred by Tubelight. When asked about it, Kabir says, “I am not a producer, I am a line producer of the film. I can’t talk about it as it’s about business. I think it is a great thing. It’s a good gesture by Salman. (But) For the film itself the cost is successful.”'


21 comments on “Kabir Khan on Tubelight failure: I’m disappointed”

  1. movie which is compared to bb always make less. Anupam kher: prdp give message 5 time better than BB. Kabir:salmaan performance is 10 times than BB in TL. LOL!!!!!!!!!

    1. I want to salute to kabir overatted khan that he made a big disaster which broke the record of 10 hits of sallu

  2. Haha 4400 screens biggest holiday release or 121cr ..socho agar ye non holiday me aata or ipl season me aata or 3500 screens bikuk fan ki tarah to ye bhi 80cr bhi nahi jaata or lallu fans srk ko troll krte hai .

    Raees 139cr clag with kaabil with only 2700 screens ..
    Tubelight biggest flop of 2017

  3. Salman Kabir jori is zabardast. Forget tubelight. Do another movie and release next eid

  4. SRK has been offered with garlands and repect in Jodhpur

    Bhai was offered with prison, 3rd degree beating in Jodhpur

  5. BOI tak payment pahuch gaya hai na Kabir Bhai.
    Bass relax
    That is all Salman can do. Pay trade sites like BOI and courts.And tell them to increase his collections/footfalls and verdicts and decrease collections of his arch rival SRK(DDLJ courtesy)

  6. Aamir Khan-Raju Hirani is the best actor director jodi of bollywood.
    plz come with 3idiots return or PK return..

    these movies will be d biggest hit in India,Overseas and China

  7. Sharuk is nowdays nothing infront of Salman.
    Sharuk was king
    Now Salman and Amir is king.
    Is..........Salman amir.
    Bhakhi kitna dislike karna karo
    Kitna manipulation karna hai karo
    Konsa calculation karna hai karo
    Sach to ye hai iss decade me Salman amir is real king.
    No personal comment plz.

  8. @HR DIL SE
    There cant be 2 kings
    So I guess Aamir is king and Salman is queen. No wonder why Salman cant marry

  9. well.. what is the use if u put a lot of hard with zero content in the film and then later cry for its debacle??..
    i just feel kabir got carried away due to salman power and made a boring and dragging film without even a bloody message.. that disappointed all of us..

  10. Just a flop so not a big deal SRK took long 13 years to break the collection of HAHK,baat karta hain haters and jealous public.

  11. first...Tube light is not for Salmaan role....playing able character suits a few actor ... Hrithik is one who can give justice to this role..... the arrogant of salmaan has given him a big lesson..... he has even insulted Pritham for Sultaan.... in fact salmaan is very weak in acting.... Hrithik should be very careful before signing any movie with Kabir Khan....

  12. TZH band bajaega hakle,toilet kumar ki.
    New name toilet Kumar.
    I respect both sharuk akshay and also amir but their fan forcing me to abuse all these star.
    Toilet kumar
    Hakla sharuk.
    Its ok u abuse Salman but plz don't personal comment.

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