Kabali Movie Review - Rajinikanth

Kabali Movie Review: Finally the most anticipated release of the year Kabali is here. Kabali has been direction by Pa Ranjith and produced by Kalaipuli S Thaanu under his V Creation. The film stars Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte and Kishore. Check out Kabali review below.

Kabali Movie Review - Rajinikanth


Only sky is the limit when it comes to the expectations attached with this Rajini starrer. Such craze has never been witnessed for any film in India. We are expecting a good entertainer with a solid punch from Rajinikanth.


The film is based on yesteryear's don Kabaleeshwaran, knows as Kabali (Rajinikanth). He lives in Malaysia where Tamils are ill-treated. It is the emotional journey of a Kabali who is a don and raises his voice against Racism. However, he has to face 25 years of imprisonment. The later story is all about how he regains everything that he lost.

Kabali Movie Review: Analysis

As like other South Indian commercial drama, Kabali also has heavy dialogues, heightened background score, and forced songs. The story is larger than life but somehow it does hit the right nerve and you want Kabali to kick the asses of its opponents.

This film isn’t without flaws but isn’t replete with them as crucial ones have been avoided. A bunch of major logic lapses are present in the film but you can prefer to ignore those. Radhika Apte's character was not built up well. The action sequences are well executed but they lacked originality. The chemistry between the characters is kept smooth however the intellectuals may not get attached to the film emotionally. Basically, the story boils down to only one thing and that is the fact that it is highly larger than life and finding its connect to reality would be a crime.

Kabali Review: Direction, Editing, Music

Ranjith is a talented director and this vehicle has enough to convey that. It was a pompous affair where the story was needless but the magnitude of the film scores. Though the director didn’t insist on improving the script at hand, he did his best in making an opulent film. By design, this film is full of glamour, masala and action. Ranjith captured the thrills well but the art of storytelling is something the director still needs to get a hang of.

The film’s music is spectacular. The Neruppa Da song is going to give you goosebumps as it has been used to introduce Rajini's character. The film’s cinematography was commendably delivered. But the best part was the action that was sumptuously executed. The magnificence of the action scenes was breathtaking. But leave everything as the film mainly works due to the charm of Rajinikanth. And also brace yourself for a big surprise in the film.

Kabali Movie Review: Star Performances

♦ Rajinikanth is having a blast in the film. He rules the character from the first frame itself. Rajini's voice truly enthralls the audience when he speaks as Kabali.

♦ The Taiwanese actor Winston Chao was par excellence. He has nailed the character brilliantly. Radhika Apte, in a short but significant role, is perfectly suited for her part.

What's Good:

♦ Rajini's Charm
♦ Crispy Dialogues
♦ Well executed action
♦ Songs work well especially Neruppa Da


What's Not:

♦ Weak Plot
♦ Predictable Story & Climax
♦ Makeup department

Kabali Review: Last Word

If you like to watch a good vs evil story with full on action and Dhamakedaar dialogues, this is your film. For Rajini's fans, this one is a treat as the weekend watch. I am going with a 3/5.

Rating: 3/5

Kabali will have Earth shattering opening in down South. The film will set new benchmarks at the box office as far the opening is concerned. However, it is unlikely that film will work in North India.

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    1. I'm a big fan of bollywood as well as this site. for last few day i left this page just becoz of u Ranbir Warriors. i'll stop coming. but plz don't drag me to stop watching bollywood movies too. Admin you got to do something bro. block this guy or i'll never visit you site again.

    2. aah my shameless friend is back! :D
      guess he was cooling his heels after sultan outburst.. bichaara

    1. He is superstar for us, Raj please hold your thoughts, i am from Karnataka , in bangalore all shows are full, so it will be south my dear friend, cant wait for see the film .. just cant wait

      1. Dude no disrespect to Superstar... But tell me whether the film gets the same kind of response entire Karnataka as it gets in Tamilnadu??? Or u mean to say Bangalore represents all Karnataka??? So just chill and enjoy the movie...

        1. Yeah mr.Raj its south not only tamil nadu am from hyderabad and rajini sir has huge fan base in south india even here tkts are sold till next week

  1. Rajini 👍👍👍 Dinesh 👍 Ranjith 👎👎👎 Santhosh Narayanan 👎👎 Nasar 👎 Villan 👍

    Rajini as usual Classic Stylish....
    Dinesh has done a good work
    Villan good casting

    Ranjith Direction....AR Murugados might have made it perfect
    Santhosh Narayanan BGM.....only the first music talks other BGM are like for some tv serials....Anirudh might have bern a good choice
    Nasar....Secret guest role and a powerfull role....instead Bharathi Raja would have been a better choice

    The movie is little slow and draggy but when u see Rajini on screen all minus will get disappear...

    Ranjith and Santhosh Narayanan doesnt have the caliber for this big banner.....if u cant do it y ru experimenting on rajini and disappointing the international crowd

  2. Total BC in this film. If you going for this movie you r waste your time and waste your money......

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