Kabali has collected 350 cr on 1st day: Official Statement

We all know producers can manipulate box office figures for their films. However, the manipulation has reached its new heights with the release of Kabali. As per the producers, Superstar Rajinikanth's Kabali has collected a record Rs 350 crore on its first day.

That figure is complete nonsense as such unbelievable number cannot be made with 4000 screens. Even big budget Hollywood films struggle to achieve that figure. But the producers are even claiming that it was released in 10000 screens. No doubt Kabali is the biggest opener in the history of Indian cinema but 350 cr on 1st day is nonsense. An actual figure will be around 90 cr.

Here is the official announcement from producers.

"In India, the film has earned Rs 250 crore, which includes Rs 100 crore from Tamil Nadu and Rs 150 crore from places outside the state in India. Kabali was released in approximately 8000-10000 screens all over the world, which includes 480 screens in the US, 490 in Malaysia and above 500 in Gulf countries.

The film has also released in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, South Africa and Nigeria. It has earned approximately Rs 100 crore worldwide. It is the best collection an Indian actor has ever had. It shows that there is only one superstar and that is Rajinikanth."

16 comments on “Kabali has collected 350 cr on 1st day: Official Statement”

  1. Height of Manipulations................

    Where is South God Rajni & His Honesty.............

    Paise Sab Kuch Bhul Deti Hai..........

    1. Why would they manipulate numbers the more numbers yuu show the more tax you end up paying so its nonsense to talk about big numbers...its believable if someone is showing loss when they are in profit thats what you call manipulating numbers...get your facts right all u chamu sites....one thing producers will never ever show big huge numbers that what they have actual made it will be always less then what they make......

      1. South india mein entertainment tax is nothing when compared with the rates of north india. Check this in any website.

  2. Bollyarena I assume this is a professional website, therefore why are you yourself using inappropriate language such as 'bullshit'. If you use these language what do you expect the viewers to use when making comments

  3. @Bollyarena

    According to Producers Kabali Released in 480screens in USA But According to Box Office Mojo Kabali Released in 235 Screens in USA-Canada & Obviously Box Office Mojo is one Of The Trusted Website for Worldwide Box Office Figure & Collect 1.9M $ on Thursday& 0.7M $ on Friday & 2.65M $ total after 2 days.

    So,Who is Lying According to Your Researches ????

  4. Kabali makers ne coll ko ek majak bana k rakh diya hai aaj.mein toh bol ta hu kyu 350 cr? Direct 500 cr coll hi bol dete .

  5. Bollyarena team just answer that HNY opening day collection is also fake.. Trade fig 37 cr , boxofficeindia says 37 cr ..then how it is possible to 44.97 cr..i know there is a small difference bw trade and producer fig but this much difference is not digestive.

  6. Kabali makers jelous because poor reviews & big reason is now south biggest blockbuster is bahubali his earth shattering collections in all languages spacialy in hindi belt 100+cr.prdoucers of kabali take over & still no1 nonsense

  7. Why do you publish such statements/records when you know that they are trash..

    There is a chance few people might believe it

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