Kaalakaandi Trailer - Saif Ali Khan

Every action has a reaction... that's when Kaalakaandi happens! Presenting the official trailer of Kaalakaandi! Kaalakaandi is a thrilling dark comedy written and directed by Akshat Verma and produced by Cinestaan Film Company and Flying Unicorn Entertainment.

Kaalakaandi is releasing on 12th January, 2018.

47 comments on “Kaalakaandi Trailer - Saif Ali Khan”

  1. Saif has lost it long way back so even if it's good, hardly has any scope to score good at BO......
    Still it can surprise to some extent....

  2. So in the name of "Creativity" they are using "Abusive Words", "Vulgar Sentence", "Showing Kissing and Intimate Scenes".......Great

    So yes, finally Bollywood is learning something from Hollywood......Not the good things but atleast we learn how to use Abusive words and do Kissing & Intimate scenes.....Well Done Bollywood.....

    So I am not be surprise if I see comments like, "Saif is doing something Different"...."Saif is very creative, he is doing Cinema Changing Movie".......Blah Blah Blah.....Superb

    1. kissing scene started in 1996 Raja Hindustani......so called perfaketionist
      double face saaf suthra image bana ke ghumta hai....

  3. Team A - ranbir Emraan John Sushant Siddharth
    Team B - Ranveer Shahid tiger Arjun Varun

    Like for team A dislike for team B ..voting starts now

  4. Did you know ? Saif bhi ek Baar 2009 me uska movie 2nd highest grosser tha 3 idiots ke Baad. But hamare lord Akshay toilet flop Kumar aaj tak top 3 me bhi nahi aae ..such a shame

    1. @Tiger beta hansi aati hai mujhe tujh jaiso pe . Pata nahi kis source se information laaya hai tu .Ek baar phir se check kr . Akshay has his movies in top 3 many a times
      1. 2016 mein he had Airlift on 3rd position .
      2. 2012 mein he had Rowdy Rathode on 3rd position .
      3. 2008 mein he had Singh is King on 3rd position .
      4. 2007 mein he had Welcome on 2nd position .
      5. 2004 mein he had Mujhse shaadi karogi on 3rd position .
      6. 1994 mein he had Mohra on 2nd position .
      (Yrr Tiger mujhe pata hai ki tujhe Akshay se takleef hai par Bewakoof kam se kam soch samajh k to bakwaas kr . ) Pata kuch nahi aur aaya bada Akki ko troll krne wala.

      1. @Rustom n @Abhijeet this mental @tiger is doing too much now Troll this sick person to such an extent that he leaves Bollyarena in Shame...
        Make his life HELL here....

        1. Coz Akkian bros if I take mental @tiger on my hands then it will become unbearable for all the users here....
          Everyone knows me what I am capable of...

    2. @tiger 2012 mein RR , 2008 mein Singh is king ,
      2007 mein Welcome aur 1994 mein Mohra tere baap ne di thi . Kya sab top 3 mein nahi hai .
      Mr tiger please improve your knowledge . I think u need some lessons about Box office . Please improve your knowledge and then comment . Otherwise leave this site .

  5. 2 blockbuster in a single year
    Salman done
    Srk done
    Ajay done
    Hritik done
    Even Emraan done
    But hamare lord Akshay ke career me 2 hi blockbuster hai hahaha .and Akshay fans saal me 3 hits de ke khush ho rhe

    1. 3 100cr grossers in single year .
      4 hits in single year .
      Only Akki has given .
      No other actor has aukat to do so .

      1. @tiger for your kind information . Ajay has only 2 blockbusters whereas Akki has 3 blockbusters .
        And if we talk about hits and Super Hits . Then Akki is sabka baap.
        Akki has 25 hits
        SRK has 25 hits
        Salman has 24 hits
        Tunhare Ajay Devgan ka to door-door tak naam nahi hai . Aur do saal mein Akki will cross 30 hits .Can other so called stars do this .

        1. Ulta bol rha ye lol ..Ajay ka 3 blockbuster hai or Akshay ka 2 sirf ..Golmaal blockbuster ho gaya

        2. Ok @Daredevil..

          Point 1... Justify Akki sir 3 BB and which source... BOI That you always use to reduce numbers or Indicine, adds koimoi, talk movie, hungama or retrak??

          Point 2... Akki has 25 hits
          SRK has 25 hits
          Salman has 24 hits
          Tunhare Ajay Devgan ka to door-door

          The most stingy trade site... Acknowledge Ajay as 4th to have highest number of Hits... 19, wit GA its 20.
          How door door is 20 from 25 considering his apt to go into parallel cinema? 20 hits... 4th regarding Hits,
          3rd regarding successful movies... How door door is that??

          Point 3... Boi which Akki movie(BB) Your Boi omitted making it 2 BB only?
          Tell me why the 3rd is BB and source please again. Just like ok @indicine had Rajneeti Golmaal.... 2 in a year, same with hungama. But Boi does not have Rajneeti???

          Point 4...
          1 .Pak... 2nd Hgoty 1991(debutant director)
          2. Pyar ton 2nd Hgoty) l(debutant director)) 1998
          3. Hddcs... 3rd Hgoty 1999
          4. Rajneeti...3rd Hgoty 2010
          5. Golmaal...2nd Hgoty 2010
          6. GA most likely 2nd Hgoty 2017.

          5. Get more knowledge on Akki too cos he had not 4 but record 5 Hits in 1 year...

          Yeh Dlgi
          Record.. 5 hits in 1 year not 4...
          And personally even I believe Akki has 3 BB.. I was just being very neutral to show you I can disregard your claims... But am an Ajay fan we give credit where due not hiding hatred but pretending All is well(my mistake!!).

      2. Humare Tiger bhaiya bio kanoon ki tarah andhe hai . Inhe much dikhayi bay deta . Akki k records inhe dikhte hi nahi . Pitty on u poor person @tiger.
        Akki k records :-
        1. 3 100cr movies in single year
        2. 4 hits in single year
        3. Most number of hits
        4. Only to have total collections of 3000cr plus .
        5. Actor with 2nd highest number of 100cr grossers .
        6. Most successful actor in comedy movies . (He has 4 movies in top 10 comedy movies .
        Only actor to give 100cr grossers with new heroines and new directors.
        (Wrna Ajay Devgan jaise kuch log sirf Rohit Shetty pe depend krte hai.)

    2. Mr Tiger can u tell when has Ajay gave 2 blockbusters in single year . Pata tujhe kuch nahi hai aur bakwaas kri jaa raha hai tu.
      Akki had given 3 100cr grossers in single year .
      No other has can do so .
      Akki has also given 4 hits in single year .
      Your so called Star Sallu also tried doing multiple movies a year but gave all flops and disasters .
      Isliye knowledge na ho to mat bhaunko.
      Tera naam tiger nahi billi hona chahiye .
      Would bhi ek mind less billi.

      1. @Beast 1st of all when I saw all the comments on strictly Ajay I was like "this man will always be targeted by certain group of Fans" ignore the excuses like calling @Tiger "tumhare Ajay" is he Ajay fan? Others acknowledging he is Salman fan which he is but again Ajay!! "

        Nobody even asked him since they strictly believe on Boi that.... "how many Blockbusters Eemran Hashmi has? Or given in a year? Nobody... Knowing if following Boi Eemran has none!! But I knew it... Its gonna be Ajay sir.

        You gave the best response in an inquisitive manner so my Salute?

        1. The issue is... Which trade site to believe? A trade site where many of them use to lower Ajay movies and verdict... Boi? But that's the same trade sites that left out Welcome Rajneeti... No 1991 figures if not Phool air Kaante grossing double of Lamhe and finishing 2nd Hgoty. Blockbuster any day!

          Then some known ones come and post Analysis of Ajay and Akki movies according to @ indicine.... Same @Indicine like Boi only gave Akki 2 bb movies ignored Mohra and PAK BB status and turned them too Super hit! Only Rajneeti was well documented as BB.

          1. Honestly am not here to bring down someone using a source that also states only 2 BB movies of Akki is accountable! Where did the 3rd come out from? Which source? If using that source then how many BB was credited to Ajay? Simple logic...

            I would've ignored their BB movies and asked @Tiger to justify Eemran BB movies and the sources... Forget even asking him when did Eemran deliver) 2) bb in a year!! That's where I will immediately go to not verdicts of Bigger superstars cos they deserve it and justified already by their longetivity in d industry along with their versatilty!! Really sad... Some things can't just change!
            Enjoy your nyt bro... Very professional reply with no intention on pouncing on Ajay sir.

            Mr Tiger can u tell when has Ajay gave 2 blockbusters in single year.

            1. Bhai. Indicine talking movies or bhi koi bhi sites me dekho dirty picture and murder 2 both are blockbuster. Or dono 2011 me thi. Tiger sahi keh rha ..but Ajay ne ek year me 2 blockbuster nahi .but Haan career me 3 blockbuster Dia hai

        2. @temperature jab kisi ne Ajay ko troll kiya to tumhe mirchi lagi . Par @tiger ne kitna bura kaha Akshay k baare mein . Uske baare mein tumne kuch nahi kaha.
          I think that u just pretend to be a Neutral person but u are a ADian.

          1. @Disaster...

            I already mentioned to @tiger that apart from the "last paragraph where he trolled Akki"( I don't buy that at all) I agree with his claims except for eemran!!
            They are lots of article I have always defended Akki and like above I even mentioned those his fans saying he has record 4 single hits... Always, its time to claim he has 5 single hits (additional of 1 extra)... Is that mirchi? Wouldn't I just ignore that? But I said it publicly so those who uses their brains would know that statements shows more solidarity for Akshay from my side!!
            I felt bad because as soon as tiger made that claims all other Akkians just pounced on Ajay ignoring Eemran!! Simple...

            1. Also.. You don't tell me who to bash who not too... I speak my mind be it anyone... Despite your fans saying they gonna ignore Salman n Aamir fans... I personally wanted to address, @tiger but when I saw floods of Ajay names in all the comments that followed just changed the whole scenario! Tho was never surprised. In my conclusive paragraph I even stated personally I believe Akki has 3 cos have never been a fan of Boi... Nor am I those that leaves Boi verdicts and collections and use other sources as back up if it does not favor my actor if not since I would have like 4-5 major TRADE SITES wit my actors numbers of centuries... Koimoi hungama adds indicine box office capsules Hindustan times.. But never did I cause all along just for this site users who always wanted Boi figures for some actors I just danced to their tunes just for here but now if you guys deviate from Boi and choose the least followed site as sources... What's that? Is it fair??
              Am done with this topic. .

    3. @Tiger apart from your last paragraph the names you called very true!! Excluding Eemran probably 1 BB... As for Ajay sir if these pol can just think they want to take a ride on him. (Unbelievabley not evening spotting out Eemran hashmi) then you are right...
      1st clash... Phool air Kaante... blockbuster!!... 2nd HGOTY source? Available if any wants...!!

      Clash... Golmaal. 3 2nd Hgoty.. Blockbuster!! Source too??

      Clash... GA... 2nd Hgoty... blockbuster!!

      Similarities in those clashes?? All were against the A list celebs whose name ironically all began with letter A!
      Anyone who can't take it...bring it forward with your claims give me your source and convince me, I do the same...
      Really sad.. Esp I repeat ignoring Eemran and immediately pouncing on Ajay sir.

    4. Comment:@tiger Emraan Hashmi aajtak blockbuster diya hi nahi hai apna carrear me gawar rickshaw wala fans aur kya comment karega????

      1. Exactly Utsav... That's what I was expecting though excluding you and @, Beast I meant the other ones.... All 1st sentence Ajay Ajay!!!
        Arena verdict will be the last verdict for me to accept out of all sites!! Someone already stated 2days back about their preferential treatments of some stars regarding box office numbers.
        Bollyarena called Kaabil a 101 cr movie?? And shd follow this?? It earned less than Shivaay and Sos @Boi(all other major sites 100+) so this shd be the last site to even follow their numbers... I just come here for news not collections and verdict!!

        1. @Hungama koimoi adda with MINIMUM 5 times the numbers of followerers Of this site(when was it created) are way much more neutral and reputable sites to follow figures... Arena? Everyone knows already using it will be an unbelievable excuse ignoring way way bigger sites figures!!

          That's it...

      2. Boi me murder 2 or dirty Ko superhit verdict Dia
        Lekin baki jitna sites hai indicine bollarena or bhi SB murder 2 or dirty picture Ko blockbuster verdict Dia hai ..

  6. @tiger kaunse year me ajay 3 blockbusters Diya or 2012 me rr 3rd welcome 2nd hgoty sik 3rd hgoty tere bap ne diye the Kya chutiye pata ni Kya Kya Se a jate Hain muh uthake Rakhi sawant se to ni hare kam se kam newcomer ranbeer kapoor ne bhi kabhi haraya ni jaise kuchla tha 22 clashes ni hare kabhi kabhi koi esi decade ni rahi jaha pe top 10 hi se overall bahar ho jaye lol gangu teli sallu ke achievement bhut lambe Hain ki granth likha ja sakta hai aise loser par to

  7. Or 2.0 ke bad to tumhare pasine chut jaenge hindi belts me dekhke pehle non holiday pe rr ka record todke batao phir bhoko pagal jaise loser bhaitard

  8. Saif looks like the best part of the movie but the movie looks like a mess. Not interested

  9. @2.0 all akkians here will be united no doubt if anyone tries to troll akki and bro you can also join when such people are there we akkians wont troll 1stly but for these sick bhaitards all will arrive and bash them I also would like to say that we haven't stopped you you are a part of akkians bro give them reply in style when proper need is there and now I feel it's high time to show these idiot bhaitards what akkians can do so go for it bro

  10. @temperature just normally telling you that according to our most loved site also ie bollyarena akki has 3 blockbusters so it can be termed as a source mate I think so

  11. Kya bhaiyyo...... q apna fav actor ka mazak banare ho... 3rd position lekar hahaha.... sirf 1st ka value hai 2nd or 3rd ka nhi....
    3 idiots woh baat yaad nhi booman irani ne jo kaha tha.....

  12. definitely like the trailer.............saif needs to do character roles...........rest of the cast looks brilliant!

  13. Comment:6 Baar to akki dho diya Sallu ko clash me chilli bhar Pani me doob Maro aa thuu

  14. Comment:Salman vs Saif 2000 to 2009 whole decade analysis boi
    total films
    Saif ~5
    Salman ~4
    solo hits ~1
    solo superhit
    superhit in overseas
    highest grosser domestic
    love aaj kal~67cr
    salman~61cr wanted
    highest ww grosser
    love aaj kal ~120 cr
    wanted ~100.4 cr
    Saif se to compare karne ka [email protected] nahi lallu ka aur Akshay Ko troll karta hai Saif >>Sallu whole last decade????

  15. @utsav Kickass reply to haters.....
    I really like ur trolling other sick fans....
    Keep it up bro...???

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