Kaabil Wednesday Box Office Collection Update

Kaabil Wednesday Box Office Collection (8th Day) Update:

The early trends suggest that Kaabil has a good start on Wednesday. The film has faced only limited drop from yesterday.

Morning Shows Report:

Hrithik Roshan starrer Kaabil has a good occupancy in the morning shows. The multiplexes and single screens both had a good hold. The overall occupancy was under 20% which is almost same as yesterday. Multiplexes in metro cities have a very good hold and are expected to witness a big jump in the evening shows.

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There is already a big drop in the film's collection in last two days however now it is expected to maintain the pace in coming days and there is a chance that it might start to collect better than Raees.





Kaabil 8th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

The early trends are suggesting that Kaabil 8th day collection will be in the range of 4 crore (trade estimate). It can go high if there is growth in the evening shows.

Kaabil has collected over 79 crore in the first seven days. The film will emerge a box office success due to the smart economics. We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Kaabil Wednesday box office collection (8th day) update in the comments section.

12 comments on “Kaabil Wednesday Box Office Collection Update”

      1. Kaabil hit .. because it is better movie with better story and performances
        Raees hit.. because of manipulations and politics by a traitor king. Hakklu so called king doesnt have ethics. Had he released Raees with Sultaan or Dangaal he would have commited suicide after box office results.

    1. Why didnt SRK release Raees with Sultaan or Dangal? Kaabil release date was alredy declared 1 year back. SRK is a useless creature who doesnt have any ethics. Now he will manipulate collection figures and prove that he is ahead of Hrithik. But everyone knows the fact. Hakkle ki phatteli..

  1. Bollyarena your statement clearly shows you are in favour with kaabil.both are doing business well after clash each other.you should honest both movie. Don't parciality with raees.
    And what it meant u dont update producer figure of raees.
    Kabil all day collection by producer.
    This is first time raees maker give producer collection.we should try to trust both movie collection.

  2. Whatever trend may say who cares??? Tomorrow afternoon everyone gonna see the collection as below:

    1.Raees : 9.5 cr to 10.5 cr

    2. Kabil : 8.5 cr to 9.5 cr

    Trade will say :

    1.Raees : 4.5 to 5 cr

    2. Kabil : 3 cr to 4 cr

    Fan will say :

    1.Raees : 15 cr

    2. Kabil : 12 cr

    Indicine will say :

    1. Raees : Is Raees figure manipulated ???

    2. Kabil : Is Kabil's figure manipulated ???

    Bollyarena will say :

    From now we will inform only trend not collection as it's confusing!!!

    Let's have a poll today: Do you think both producers are manipulating???

    0 Yes
    0 No


    View result.

    Koi moi :

    If producer say it's 05 then it's 05...if producer say it's 50 then of coarse it'50.


    hmmm Something fishy with the collection!!!!


    Everyone is thief only I am the no. 1 critics in the world Dosto !!!!!!!

      1. We can extend this debate :

        Haters :

        SRK haters (like Disaster Khan) : Raees is a disaster !!Worldwide collection only 30 lac!!!!

        HR Haters : Rakesh Roshan calculator !!! Kabil is a disaster !!! Theater had to shut down due to no cine goer. WW collection : 10 lac.

        Other Actor Fan:

        Amir Fan (Like Parshya) : ha ha ha I said it before .

        Amir >>>>>>> SRK + Salman + HR + Ajay + Akshay

        Salman Fan (Me too) :

        Tubelight will break all record. TZH 5000 crore WW.
        while everyone is talking Raees & Kabil we always think about our mighty Khan

        Akshay Fan : Fake Filmfare !!!!!

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