Kaabil vs Raees clash was unhealthy: Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil clashed with Shahrukh Khan's Raees at the box office. Both films have now managed to emerge success. The actor Hrithik has now opened up about the clash saying that it was unhealthy.

He said, "It's not between me and Shah Rukh on a personal level. We are just actors and our equation remains fine. Having said that, if there are two good films made, they shouldn't clash — it's unfair."

"The only people who suffer as a result of it are the audience. It's not feasible for them to watch both movies — it's an expensive affair. At the end of the day, the industry too loses on about `100 crore worth of money. Every film should to be allowed to do their best — such a clash is not healthy."

41 comments on “Kaabil vs Raees clash was unhealthy: Hrithik Roshan”

  1. kaun bol rha hai ye dekhon
    hrithik has lost respect from audience and movie buffs
    ye banda chahta toh apne baap ko rok sakta tha fake manupulated collection dene se

    1. SRK Chahta to clash ko Rok sakta tha.
      It's all due to silly decision of Excel & Red chillies

      1. raees budget 90cr but kabil budget 35cr .. taklu ka ego problem say hua..3 feb ko bhi release hota to both movie ko fayda hota..but taklu ke ego ke problem se srk ne date change nhi kiya.

  2. Look as Far As the Collections R concerned yes its Unhealthy bcoz both movies deserves alot better .. Raees would've become SRK Highest Grosser & Kaabil 155-165 but thn We should appreciate audience bcoz they gave hit tag to both films bcz they deserved it tht shows they know the value of gud films .. both movies combined collections are approximately 250 crores thats huge !! In January wid 1 holiday.. if u remember before Raees highest grosser was Around 130 .. RAEES surpassed it wid clash kaabil did well so u can't change anything appreciate audience they spent alot of money in January which is a dull period for Bollywood


      1. Na miyabhai ki Daring aur na baniye ka dimaag.. hai to sirf apni akkad aur chhichorapan. Coward King No.1 Hkkllu

      2. Oh nalayak surjit pehle to dollar ka sign hata. Aur phir Akshay kumar ki value samajh. Vo hamari industry ka best actor hai . Different gernes ki movies ek saath krna koi asaan kaam nahi hai .
        Agar Akshay Christmas ko film release kare to dekho kaise Khans k record smash hote hai

  3. Kamse kam 3 bar sal ma 100 cr kamaya to tera srk to to me bhi nahi Kama pays 84 cr flop fan pehle apna star ka aukat dekho phir bolna

  4. Ab isme isne naya kya bola...thearter ke bahar paan wale Shop wala bhi same statement deta hai....so i can say paan wala is has better business sense than Rakesh takla...now ppl say than why SRK clash with BM...it was festive period and best period in entire year...there movies can grow...dilwale 148cr +187 BM =335..its already reach to its potential.

    jab SRK bol raha tha Senior Rakesh saab ko request kiya magar nahi manne...SRK was in problem he already shifted his date from EId 2016...ab koi slot nahi tha...tu aap baap bete ko uski help karni thi..but nahi..we are superstitious blah blah...ab kyu ro rahe hu...tab samaj me nahi aaya you all from same industry same business.......SRK is moive se aaram se 200cr kar sakta tha ya festival me release karta tu 300cr bhi possible the....but aap baap bete ki mehrbaani ki wajah se nahi hua....anyways Raees already official clean hit...
    but KAABIL every one doubt even all trade and every sites give them Hit tag every one in doubt

    .....bcz once a king alwasy a king and once a lire always lire.

    1. Clash is more unauthentic for Srk when these fake sites bollywood arena are there , from 2nd day itself was wiriting now Kaabil will overtake Raees , after ten days raees was away head , but no article on records which were made bu SRK raees crossed almost 145 crores in india as all sites are showing , but this site is showing 127 {then still it is clear hit }
      now there ashamed people have increased bughet fro, 85 crores to 135 crores ,
      enough is enough
      Raees almost collected 95 crores till sunday huge achement , still not mentoioned by bollywood arena , really a very shame less people.

    2. Doctor saab aaj bhi aapne medicines nhi li is liye aap ko Dimaag ka daura pad rha hai.. get well soon. Cowward is always Coward So called king khan

    3. @ Compounder Jehangir khan, regarding Baadshao, The makers earlier announced their worldwide release as 26 January 2017. But later upon the request from producers Ritesh Sidhwani and Rakesh Roshan of the films Raees and Kaabil respectively, Bhushan Kumar moved the worldwide release date to May 12, 2017.
      [14] Later in early December 2016, Ajay Devgn announced the new release date as 1 September 2017. [15]. so it's not only Roshan but Ritesh sidhwani also involved. and Rakesh Roshan is not unethical as Ur master.

  5. Jolly llb dekhne kaun haaa raha haiiiiiii
    No talk about raees and kaabil from today

  6. Ehsaanfaramosh kise kehte hai pata hai?

    Rakesh ROshan signed SRK for King Uncle even before Deewana. Roshan also gave him Karan Arjun and KOylaa. aur ab hakkl ko dekho. Kaabil release daet 1 saal pehle se decided tha . Raees kab ka ready tha. Lekin So called king ki phatt gayi. Woh agar Sultaan ya Dangal k sath release karta to bechare ko Suicide karna padta. fir kya ? aa gaya ROshan se panga lene aur usne bhi 26 th Jan ko nhi 25th ko hi release kiya.

  7. Surprised to see such comments from Hrithik. I am a big fan of Hrithik, but feel sad seeing such comments. Any one can understand there will not be a bigger success if 2 good movies with big actors clash. He should have thought about it after failure of his earlier movie Mohenje daro. I don't deny that Shahrukh did not do right either by clashing with Kaabil movie even though Kaabil release date was announced first. But Hrithik should have thought about success of his movie without false ego. Anyway feel good that Kaabil is a success even after clash, though it could have been a bigger success for Hrithik. He should select release date wisely in future as he will not be lucky always.

    1. Hrithik is correct. This clash could have been avoided. As you have mentioned Kaabil release date was decided 1 year back so why did SRK chose same date and avoided Raees release while actually it was ready. He could have released it along with Sultaan but... you know the reason. This coward didnt do it. Now his coward supporters are telling about manipulation because of ego.

      1. @Rshi moni ji....mai dawai barabar de rah hu...or tum ko bhi dose dena chahata hu free me..

        SRK does clash with Kaabil unethical for you...means takla is correct..doodh ka dhula hua..good logic...

        now dose time for you.....same date announced by ajay devgan before kaabil....but Takla decided to clash even he know Ajay coming with Badshahu...so please show your logic...and ethics...ab samajhe yadasht ki dawa ki zaroorat aapko hai...mai doctor hu or aap sab patient ko thik karna mari duty hai...

        got it...

  8. Kaabil lost 100cr due to clash? The way taklu ji's calculator is calculating it should be makers of raees crying. The way kabil has picked up momentum I think even jolly llb2 will have to give up screens for kaabil lol. Kaabi defo 400cr club start karegi

  9. the jolly is coming ! the jolly is coming ! the jolly is coming !......................D:
    lol calm down :/
    believe me your jolly will be the example of how the FLOP should be LMAO...
    100-75 cr max....he can't breaks even Kaabil....and impossible for him to breaks raees...:3
    if he has a opening day more than 21 cr ''raees's opening day collection" i'll delete my account !
    And now i will be with you in your dream ...let's GO ""the jolly is coming ! the jolly is coming ! the jolly is coming !''
    LOL xDD

  10. Jolly llb 2 will be first superhit/blockbuster of 2017 Haters keep barking , haters are barking since Airlift

    1. airlift's record in danger bcoz of Raees
      And your Akki can't arrives even to HR so Keep dreaming that Akshay is Aamir or something like that lol :)

  11. Hi bollywoood arena ask roshan if papa roshan calculator and manipulation kaabil mybe roshan will beat dangal and jolly 2 to cross 50000 cr to be king roshan calculator and manipulation

  12. Bollyarena why are u deleting my comments reply now u always do this with me i want teply now

  13. well.. neither of the films very outstanding.. both were nice one time watch.. so wouldn't hav created much of an impact anyways.

  14. Movies come and they go fact of the matter is who is making money and who is losing is the least public should be bothered about but if we introspect into this messy affair all this started a 1-2 yrs back with redchillies announced to screen on idd and whn they came to know Sultan is also releasing they backed out reasons : unknown and next holiday which was supposed to be Diwali already 2 films lined up aaedil hai mushkil and Shivaay everyone knows proximity of redchillies to KJO result film postponed and Xmas time its already Dangal they skipped,mean while Kaabil on other hand year back they were firm on 26 jan 2017 they never changed the release date.so redchiiles next target was 26th jan so they also announced which is fine by all means,SRK and Farhan went to Rakesh and requested to postpone which he politely refused and Rakesh even went to the extent of telling SRK to fight wid equals not wid a junior to which he nods his head and accepts and they too decide to release the dame day which is fine to any extent,next kaabil team prepones to 25th so does Raaes Thts also fine,but the real stink came when Raaes took 60 % of screens to 40 % just cos the production team were lured to bahubali distribution Thts a cheap trick money isn't all in this world its about respect and fairplay practices which is unwritten law in every industry,by playing this cheap trick might be SRK won this battle but remember what goes around comes around SRK might be a mega star but HR is bound to be future star industry will definitely hit back oneday cos due to the insecurity, he made wrong decision everything in this world isn't money and more so they are good friends i wonder if they can be same as before....

    1. Perfect analysis Mr Sanjay. hope Compounder Jehangir and other SRK fans will have some senses to understand the facts (which is 0.000000001% possibility).

    2. Very correct Mr Sanjay.. I hope Compounder Saab Jehangir and other SRK fans will understand this (it is 0.000000000001 % possibility)

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