Kaabil team says that Raees makers have played dirty game with them

Producer Rakesh Roshan is mighty upset with the exhibitors. His film Kaabil has released in the theatres today and is clashing with Shah Rukh Khan's Raees. Initially, the exhibitors had promised a 50-50 screen count for both the films. But the producer was in for a shock when today morning he saw that the ratio changed to 60-40, with Raees getting the higher share.

The exhibitors may have done this as they were promised Bahubaali 2 if they gave more screens to Raees. It was a two-film deal.

Producer Rakesh Roshan says, “I wont comment upon any other film as that's not my territory. I will only talk about my film Kaabil. We are shocked, disappointed and terribly hurt! I had not expected this. I spoke to all my concerned exhibitors last week, showed them one hour of the film and requested them that we should go 50-50 screens and they agreed. All over the world from Dubai, UK, Australia and New Zealand they have given us 50-50 screens except in our industry. That's very hurtful to me and I feel betrayed because after talking to them they did this. With these clashes we have to avoid unfair play. Every producer feels my film is the best where he is concerned and where two films are coming if we avoid this and make both films 50-50 screens then it's better for the film industry."

He adds, "This way I am straightaway losing 150 crore! Everybody from the producer, distributor, exhibitor and audience lose as they don't have so much money to spend on two films. It's not lose-lose situation for all. Going by today's 60-40 screen distribution, my collections will be lower tomorrow but God is with me. In my films I have always made the weak stronger. I make a weak person strong because I don't see anybody as weak. I have made different films like Karan Arjun, Koi Mil Gaya and Krissh where I show that the common man can rise above anything. I thought even our film industry will rise with the corporates coming in but now I am very shocked to know we have actually taken a backward step by succumbing to such pressures. The exhibitors are very powerful people and they had to set box office right. I am keeping my fingers crossed though I don't know what the results are going to be but as a producer who has given this film industry 50 years of my work, this practice is not correct.”

The disheartened Kaabil director Sanjay Gupta adds, “It's extremely unfair and I am highly disappointed. If anybody wants to compete do it with good content, not through unfair means. This is not the spirit we would like to live in. I woke up to sheer joy and happiness today when I read the Kaabil reviews in the media but when I turned the page it was a nightmare! I was shocked at the number of shows we were assured (50-50 screens) but that's not the case!"

21 comments on “Kaabil team says that Raees makers have played dirty game with them”

  1. Very negative gameplay by kaabil team. If movie is good u will get your screen back in 2/3 days. All the best Raees and kaabil.

  2. We know srk will do anything for his movie, he is rascal. Anyway Raees will be an Epic flop

    1. yeh log wohi hein jo jiss thali me khate heing ussi mein hagte hein. pehle inn ko nikalo phir swatch bharat possible hoga

  3. ab ro ke kya fyada......SRK give you respect but you didnt acknowledge.....rest everything fair in love and war.

    even few start saying SRK begging and this STuff...ab kidhar hai wo log...

    SRK is Clash king....once the king always king...Adat dal do sahab....

  4. Bollywood arena pr 2 weeks pehle he article aya tha ke Raees ko zaida screens milegi Rustom ke sath jb Mohanjo daro ka clash hua us waqt bhi rustom ki screens zaida thi Yeh Natural baat hai jb clash hota hai baddi production ko zaida screens milti hai Rakesh Sir SRK ne ek dafa bhi ap logo ko bura bhala nahi kaha ap roz nayi baat kr ke tamasha mat khara Karo Ap asal mein lalchi ho Gaye ho taa ke Apki movie acha business kare or Ap SRK ko neecha dikhaye

  5. my dear Senior Roshan if you talk ethics than your film has 40c budget whereas Raees 90cr...double than Kaabil and how can u expect 50 50 percent screen....its seems you are egotic when srk ask you to help may be with solo release it would have touches 300cr but you play that time and now with this statement your are greedy too...

  6. don't worry mr roshan
    from monday onwards kaabil will lead
    srk from chak de india swadesh to dilwale fan raees
    kya downfall hai
    crap filmo ka baap srk

    1. Flop ka bap akki hai check.. right side akki name and just click. hahaha

  7. Only silly comments from kaabil makers that raees has done this raees has done that but honestly raees makers has done nothing bad.....
    According to budget raees is highly budgeted but kabil is just half of it so according to logic it should be given half screen that of raees but it 60-40 ratio which is good....so be happy instead of complaining.....

  8. 40% m ek bhi show sold out nhi any city.. and he cry 50-50.. 50 le kar kya karega taklu 40% me 25% mrng show hai.. don't cry movie contain ascha hoga to profit ho jayega.

  9. SRK is a dishonest and corrupt man.that's y he never gets any respect.shame on him.i hoe raees crashes soon.

  10. No need to worry takluji u will collect more than raees that is sure
    As god and gud people r our side
    Those r supporting rakeas plz like

  11. Stop crying for God's sake ! This guy has been trying to bring down SRK by begging sympathy from many weeks. This is business man, and if you clash such a huge star you can't expect to have an easy fight...

  12. rakesh roshan said.... his movie loses 150 crore....LOL...really .... pehle 150 crore toh kamma... bol toh aise rha h jaise 300 crore kamma leta 50:50 ratio screen milti toh

  13. Papa Roshan - Please stop copying first. All your movies are "inspired", music in your moves are "inspired" and now you are along with master copycat Sanjay Gupta. Whatever movie is good will work - Also please explain your math on losing 150 crores.

  14. Rakesh Roshan -- is very wrong....

    Now is saying his movie is down because he got less cinemas ?

    1st - he should see his films attendance it's 20 to 25% only so what will make diffence if he even get 10% more cinemas -- hard 30-40 lakhs will add to his total. so why making drama.

    2nd imp point -- Kaabil was never going to open huge for sure -- it was always 75 -85 cr business movie (sanjay gupta's movie will never cross this figures)

    now movie is expecting - 90-110 cr just because it's classing with raees which got hyped due to srk competition..

    so he should thanks srk....practically...he will realise when his movie kaabil will be released on television and response will be horrible like bajirao.

    similarly -- Bajirao mastani -- was an above avg --boring movie but due to clash and some people want to teach srk lesson so they opted for bajirao or else bajirao even it would have appreciated in single release won't have crossed 120 cr. ranveer-deepika thought they r superior to srk and showed all drama but end of the year got to see mirror.

    so roshan uncle don't try to full us...also one more point... when rakish ji knows 26th Jan is big holiday so how can he block and stick to that date when movie like kaabil has less demand... common u can't block such dates for this type if movies --- learn from akki or srk-- srk released fan on normal days...as he was aware of films potential...not like roshans and devgans...Drama family.

  15. Hr ek kaabil raees ho skta h lekin hr ek raees kaabil nhi ho skta smjhe mere all lol boys who's dirty comment of my best movie. And rakesh roshan is the best script writer in the whole bollywood.

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