Kaabil Monday Box Office Collection

Kaabil has also faced drops on Monday as it has grossed 5.5 crore. The drop is normal however it needed much better hold due to the clash. However the producer figure has turned out to be 6.04 crore.

The gap between Raees and Kaabil has been shortened further. But it is highly unlikely that Kaabil will go over Raees in its lifetime run. In fact, even 100 crore looks a tough task unless there is extraordinary hold in next days.

Day 18.75
Day 216.50
Day 38.50
Day 411.50
Day 515.0
Day 65.50
Day 74.75
Day 84.50
Day 93.50
Day 102.75
Day 114.25
Day 125.50
Day 131.50
Day 141.40
Day 151.30
Day 161.25
Day 170.65
Day 181.05
Day 191.25
Day 20-231.25
4th Week0.48
5th Week0.12
6th Week0.05
Total101.30 Cr

25 comments on “Kaabil Monday Box Office Collection”

    1. It is clear that there is a bias person at BOI adoring Shah rukh and has no credibility whatsoeevr, when everyone knows Hrithik has given a magistral slap over all those associated with Raees! If it was for Salman or Aamir or any other actor in Raees the Headline would be Raees crashes on Monday. Just compare the percentage drop from Sunday to Monday, you will be shocked!!! This is so called Blockbuster of King Khan. Despite all the manipulation on PR machineries of Raees people, Kaabil wins over evryone and no doubt all the best actor awards will be swept by Hrithik unless purchased by self proclaimed king khan.

      1. Don't talk rubbish. Who did manipulation on collections huh? Both Raees and Kaabil have given out their respective collections. Some twitteratis claim that Kaabil collections are manipulated. Apart from Hrithik fans nobody did say that Raees collections are manipulated. They said so because know most of the neutral people and trade analysts think that Kaabil collections are being manipulated. So they started on saying that Raees has manipulated their collections,not Kaabil. Very poor! Nobody is gonna believe HR fan's pathetic allegations.Ultimately I believe that only the respective producer can give out the most approximate collection. So can't say Kaabil collections are inflated and I would like to stick to the collections given out by filmkraft productions. But see even on Monday or on any past days Kaabil didn't beat Raees in its BO collections and Raees is way ahead of kaabil in total collections now. Monday collections saw a big drop for Raees but still Kaabil didn't beat Raees on Monday. Clearly Raees has an upper hand over Kaabil and its a clear winner in BO as of now.

  1. Ha ha ha…what to say about the manipulation.

    Here are the right numbers.


    Kaabil (Hindi) had a poor Monday as it grossed 4 crore nett and took its six day total to 58 crore nett. The drop from Friday is 45% and better than the normal 50% but that is because collections on Friday itself were poor. Its the same story across the country with Punjab in the North doing just 35 lakhs nett, West Bengal in east doing just 25 lakhs nett and Gujarat in the West collecting only 40 lakhs nett. South India is even worse. The film had a chance on Monday as the collections of Raees also had a drop so this basically the acid test for the film but to be at around 4 crore nett on Monday does not give it a chance to have good final final or cut into the lead of Raees. The six day business of Kaabil (Hindi) is as follows.

    Wednesday – 8,00,00,000
    Thursday – 15,50,00,000
    Friday – 7,50,00,000
    Saturday – 10,75,00,000
    Sunday – 12,25,00,000
    Monday – 4,00,00,000 apprx

    TOTAL – 58,00,00,000

    The extended first week of nine days looks to be heading for around the 67-69 crore nett mark and even though there is no release in the second week its not really going to benefit much as the second week business will not be good. The film flattered on the big national holiday and on Saturday a little but eventually the reports and limited public appreciation was likely to tell on collections and that is what has happened on Monday....

    Hats of to Roshans for this type of manipulation and hats off to Bollyarena aswell for following them...

  2. Kaabil Monday figures are good compared to less screen count but Raees figures clearly shows that it's an utter flop

    1. People know who inflated which movie's collection. You got nothing to counteract with the allegations(which I dont believe) made on Kaabil's collections so some people like you have started to say that Raees collections are inflated! Poor startegy dude!Atleast are not fools idiot!

  3. Multiplexes in Jaipur has increased the shows of kaabil due to better hold
    Advance booking for Tuesday is terrific for Kaabil
    Check book my show
    Kaabil don't need any certificates from crap Khan office india
    Which is showing kaabil budget 89cr
    Anyways Raees to giyo

  4. Now srk fans will cry...
    Yesterday all sites were saying/estimating that it would collect around 6 crores even Tom(sumit) dick(rohit ) nd harry (parihar)...
    But now they will follow that site nd will accuse rakesh roshan sir....waah re duniya......

  5. @bollyarena now what will you say your estimated was 6.5 and its 5.5 there no such thing like manipulation pathetic fans of srk made it bcoz they cant see other actors grow and they are the most unsecure fans of the world

  6. Taran adarsh not tweeted yet and boi said raees collected 6cr and kaabil collected 4cr and bollyarena showing 6cr for raees and 5.5cr for kaabil
    This site is totally crap they are on side of kaabil from day one

    1. Taran Adarsh not tweeted yet because he knows very well Raees who has been promoting since day 1 has been beaten by Kaabil. Shah rukh thanks him personally for promoting Raees since day 1 and now he dont have a place to put his face!!

    2. Taran ki bolti bhi band ho gayi
      Vo kya kre bechara jab raees ka collection
      Has hi 6cr...

  7. Kaabil is a masterpiece...already have watched 3 times....no one care about box office collection...Kaabil will be remember as a classic like znmd,agneepath, lakshya, mission kashmir, koi mil gaya, dhoom 2,jodha akbar nd guzaarish..nd raaes is third class movie nd will be remember like happy new year, dilwale, billu barbar, maya memsahab, ashoka, paheli, raone ...but it is sad that Kaabil is not earning so much...if had it released as solo then definitely it would have collected 150 plus crores.

    1. Guzarish is a bad film lakshya is a sleepfest agnipath is good film. But no classic but that's down to director not hrithik but I agree the rest including KHNPH and krrish series are classics.

  8. Bollyarena u Says u follow BOI then from where u get Kabil collection 70 cr of six days .

    Matlab jis din BOI Raees k kam show kre us din BOI follow krte ho aur Kabil k time apne baap k collection update krte ho

  9. @srk fans, ..acc to boi kaabil has collected 60 to 61 crores..
    In hind 58 crores plus
    In dubbed versions 2 to 3 crores..

  10. "In fact, even 100 crore looks a tough task unless there is extraordinary hold in next days" are you saying 100cr lifetime tough? going by the trend first week will be 85cr then it still has open second week where it can do 25-30cr. It still has chance to go over 115cr+ lifetime. Raees looks 150cr+ if trend good. Both will be hit at box office but could have been super hit if released solo. Raees lost more in this clash as it is an easy 200cr+ if it had released solo in holiday time. Kaabil is a small film 120 -150cr business could have been great for them if it had released solo. Hope this kind of clash will be avoided in future.

  11. Papa ki koshish rahee toh may be Kaabil Dangal ka bi record break kar de? I think Kaabil is losing becoz of less screen but prod. Inflated figures make the matter more worse. Good moving is trending for wrong reasons.

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