Kaabil Monday Box Office Collection Update

Kaabil Monday Box Office Collection Update: The early trends suggest that Kaabil has a good hold on Monday. Though ideally, it needs excellent hold which has not happened yet. We hope it will show the required growth in the evening. Below is Kaabil 6th day collection report.

Kaabil Monday Box Office Collection Update

Morning Shows Report:

Kaabil has faced normal drops in the morning shows as compared to Friday. The best hold has come in Mumbai, Mysore and Delhi. The overall India occupancy was 20-25%. Both multiplexes and single screens were solid. Now it has to start picking up in the noon shows. There is a lot of scope for the growth as the word of mouth is positive.

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Ideally speaking, Kaabil needs at least excellent hold on Monday as it was facing strong competition from Raees in the first weekend and it also had less screens so there was a potential of a better hold. Though as compared to Raees, Kaabil has a better start on Monday. It will pick up in the noon and evening shows as the advance booking is good.

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End of Updates

Kaabil 6th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Kaabil 6th day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check it out in the link below here => Kaabil 6th Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil has collected over 67 crore in its first weekend. We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Kaabil Monday box office collection (6th day) update in the comments section.

48 comments on “Kaabil Monday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Friday with 25 % occupancy kaabil reached 9.75 crore.. So today with 20-25% occupancy kaabil will score only 5 crore ??

      1. Both movies are one time watch. But as a movie #kaabil (3.15*) is better than #raees (2.5 *).
        But kaabil is also not a that type of movie that will i recommend to all my friends ki jao dekho dekho.
        But #Hr ki performance bahut achhi hai.

        And #raees is avrage movie with good song and very nice background music.

        And one more thing #kaabil not catch #raees collection in life time run but reduce some different in upcoming days.Because kaabil bi sirf one time watch hai but its Ok-Ok to Good movie and raees is Average to Below avrage movie.
        #True Feelings for raees and kaabil.. Thank you Guys. #Last and final comment on kaabil and raees.

    1. Tickets price are very low compared to weekend it will effect to collect 9 crore .

    2. good news for all srkian.....all authentic/big sites stopped updating Kaabil collections...even declared comprehensively Raees won this calsh...

      Bolly please request to you please stop you too...

      Dr. Jhangir khan ka Raees Alam ko Salam.

      kilo kilo burnol to haters....hahahaha abhi tu party shoru hui hai....Raees ka din...Apun ka time shoru

      1. Jalta hai Kaabil Ki Kaabiliyat par. 60 percent screen share ke bavjood 100 crore nahi kama payi Raees. SRK Mein mardangi baaki hoti toh original date Sultan ke saath clash Karta aur Kaabil se takkar lee hai toh screen share badhakar. 700 screens jyada lekar bada superstar bana phir raha hai.

        1. Comment: abe o kabliyat ki baat krne wale nakabil kutton .Raees kaabil k saath aayi to ft gyi kua jo sultan ka naam leta h .raees crossed 150 crs in jst 5 days bt 385 crs is whole cllctn of dangal.abhi to srkian ka time shuru hua hai.srk hai apne favour mein
          tv h hm tever mein.srkian se panga nhi leneka samjha kya ??.........trolol .....trolol. .....

          1. The fact is Cutpiece community across the world will watch any movie which has a name Khan attached to it. So called superstar Khans grab more screen space and arm twist anyone around. Kaabil is smaller budget movie which got mush lesser screen space and a total negative publicity from liberal media. Even after all this it has given a tough fight to so called Khan. Both the movie could have done better if they were released separately. I am sure a lesson is learned by both sides.

    3. Today tickets will be lesser than Monday. Also evening show will not pick up like Friday as tomorow also a working day...

  2. With lot of screens raees 20% decent start. With less screen 20% kaabil good start. ? All the best to both.
    Raees - 140-170

  3. 90cr maximum...but with rakesh roshan calculator....it can do wonder even 200cr possible now...

  4. Raees is the first clean and officail hit ....and Kaabil is unofficial super hit...
    likes for Raees dislikes for kaabil

    1. Such a looser...kaabil is much much better to avg raees. And a cheap fan like u can speak stupid... your srgay manipulated, and made it a unfair battle..btw...dont shout much when u srgay just cant dare a safe clash...criminal..

      1. It is your taklu Rakesh Roshan who is the master manipulator who has miraculously increased the box office collections. There is a lot of bias against SRK and that is why the collections are not what they should be. Every film does not need to earn 300 crores to be called a hit.

    2. Bhai...ap khud SRK to nehi??
      Sharukh khan itna dar gaya Hritik se??
      Kabhi screen sharing jyada churata hai..cinema me bacche ke school bag me sharab smuggle karta hai.. kabhi kaabil online piracy karta hai..phirbi itna dar?
      Blog dek raha hu apka lagatar...pura time yehi karte hai kya?? Thik hai..chalo..Ap ki baat manta hu..kabiil is super flop..fir apko kyu itna blog likhna par raha hai ji??

    3. Bhai...ap khud SRK to nehi??
      Sharukh khan itna dar gaya Hritik se??
      Kabhi screen sharing jyada churata hai..cinema me bacche ke school bag me sharab smuggle karta hai.. kabhi kaabil online piracy karta hai..phirbi itna dar?
      Blog dek raha hu apka lagatar...pura time yehi karte hai kya?? Thik hai..chalo..Ap ki baat manta hu..kabiil is super flop..fir apko kyu itna blog likhna par raha hai ji??

  5. Kaabil wom is highly overrated despite less screen occupancy still lower than Raees where BM beat Dilwale on 4th day, manipulation can't save FLOP

  6. Kaabil has no problem to collect 100 crore if it collect 90 crore will be hit , 120 superhit . Jolly llb 2 will be first hit .

  7. I watched Kaabil on Friday with my mom and brother . Kaabil is a brilliant film and the 2nd best film of HR in this decade after ZNMD . The first half is good but the 2nd half is just wonderful . The action sequences are very well executed . The editing is spot on . There is no dull moment in the film . The romance between Rohan and Su is very well picturised . The revenge sequences are the highlight . Music is also quite good with Kaabil Hoon being the best song in the album . After a long time good music by Rajesh Roshan since Kites . Writing is brilliant . Great work by Sanjay Masoom and Vijay Kumar Mishra . The dialogues pack a punch . Sanjay Gupta has done a stellar job . Kaabil could have gone horribly wrong but everything was nicely done . Before the release everyone was saying Sanjay Gupta is the weakest link of Kaabil but he showed his class . Now people will start taking him seriously . Despite being made on a reasonable budget the production values are very good and the action sequences do not look artificial . Yami Gautam has done a fab job in Kaabil . This has been her best performance till date . She underplayed the character of Su and despite less screen space she passes with flying colours . Ronit Roy is once again top notch as Madhavrao Shellar . Udaan, Boss and now Kaabil he is just evil as a villain . His Marathi accent is perfect . Rohit Roy is also brilliant . It was great to see him after a long time and he did not disappoint . Amit Shellar is a disgusting person and you hate him but this is the biggest victory of Rohit . Narendra Jha is also really efficient as Chaubey playing a corrupt cop . But the real show stealer is one and only - Hrithik Roshan . This one of the best performances at par with KMG and Guzaarish . When you watch Kaabil you watch Rohan not Hrithik . Dialogue delivery, expressions and making you believe that he is blind . Kaabil proves Hrithik is one of the best actors currently . After Agneepath something was missing .
    Krrish 3 - A good movie but not as brilliant as KMG and neither as entertaining as Krrish . The screenplay could have been better .
    Bang Bang - Bang Bang had some insane action sequences but the first half was pretty ordinary . The focus diverted from content to action . It was not a bad film but an entertaining commercial entertainer .
    Mohenjo Daro - MD was not bad film but people had huge expectations from Hrithik and AG combo . The first half was ok and the chemistry between Hrithik and Pooja was not convincing . The 2nd half was better . The arena sequence and the climax was good .
    Kaabil manages everything really well . Apart from box office collections I am happy to see positive response from critics and audience . Hats off to Sanjay Gupta and Rakesh Roshan for not showing blind people as caricatures and just normal human beings like all of us . Salute to Hrithik for having the courage to play a blind person despite knowing that it could have gone severely wrong . I think Kaabil will sustain really well in the weekdays . Kaabil should do 100 CR+ . Pretty long comment but I hope it does not get edited . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LoL ? Thess r Producer (Fake) Fgrs 5 - 6 ? for Kaabil
    Real will be 4 - 5 cr. for Kaabil
    & for Raees 7 - 8 Real
    Dangal Dangal

  9. Ammijaan kahti hai ki raees se bekar movie hogi nahi hai aur kaabil se badiya movie ban nahi sakti
    Aaj se kaabil hi best aur yeh mera kalma

  10. real ^ stories & events ^ seems to be raining in bollywood !!
    talvaar ( noida murder case )
    bajirao mastani
    neerja ( '86 hijack )

    aligarh ( prof. shrinivas )
    traffic ( chennai incident )

    mohanjo daro ( indus )
    m s dhoni
    mirzya ( folk tale )

    dangal ( phogat family )
    raees ( abdul latif )
    ( 17 ) titles in one.&. a.half.year time !!

  11. Dekhte ja kaabil budget 55 Cr official.Raees budget 90 Cr 40 Cr.srk fee=130 Cr.as fee should be added bcz it's not only srk production.so in real another flop for srk..kaabil is only Hrithik production.Today collection kaabil 8-9 Cr.Raees 5-6 Cr.Raees occupancy will remain low in noon and evening.but kaabil will remain solid throughout the weak.

  12. Kaabil should easily get to 90cr lifetime (HIT).
    67.5 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3.5 = 86 by Thursday
    2.25 + 2.75 + 3.5 = 8.5 2nd weekend (it can do more than this)
    86 + 8.5 = 94.5 by 2nd weekend
    It should cross 100cr before 3rd weekend with lifetime at 110-115cr.

    Even using trade figures, it should do 85-90.
    I think in the end it will be a clean HIT no matter what you use, trade (85-90) or producer figures(110-115).

    Raees is a bigger HIT, bigger film, bigger release (and bigger budget), but that does not mean that Kaabil has done badly. It had blind characters, small budget, 40% screening and going against Raees.

    Kaabil has reversed the damage done by Mohanjo Daro. Hrithik's stock has gone up again. Am happy for him.

  13. I have not seen Raees yet, so cant comment about it. But i heard some really good reviews about it.

    I saw Kaabil, day before yesterday. And i must say, this is probably the acted movie by Hrithik after Lakhshya. The movie has been very well written and executed. (I wud rate 4 out of 5)

  14. Agar kaabil akele release hui Hoti na kasam se aati aur chali jati Kisi ko ghanta pata nai chalta...Raees k Saath aai h to uski this boht earning hogai h.

    1. Gadhe k bachhe ... Teri aami jaan kehti hain us raat tere papa ko rok liya hota ..toh tu paida nehi hota...

  15. Raees occupancy has gone very less around 10%.Raees highestly yahi weak tak chalegi.kaabil will run till 4 weaks.With 130 Cr budget including srk fee bcz its not only srk production.Raees is another flop for srk.consecutive 4 flops.ab to srk fans same karo.

    1. tujhe kounsa brand pasand hai.....burnol, itch guard,nivea, ponds cream....teri wajah se SRK news me hai...good going...aise hi hate karte rahe wo hit pe hit deta rahega....sirf tujhe kabhi burnol,itch guard,nivea stc ka sahara lena padega...

      mai teri halat samaj sakta hu...FAN...hahahaha

  16. Gaurav
    pagal jis chiz ki knowledge na hi wo poxt nahi karte
    raees budget 65 cr and marketing and prod 20cr so overall raees budget 85 cr
    raees ke kiye srk ne fees nahi li uska profit share hoga
    aur happny new year aur dera zindagi dono hit thi ti gaurav tu kaise bol sakta hai ki srk ki 4th flop film hai raees 100 cr me hit hogi according to trade
    agar koi doubt hai ti jakar net par check kar agar phir bhi bakchodi karni hai ti shauk se karta rahi...!!!

  17. Kabil second disaster of the year after ok jaanu and raees is first clean hit of the year raees budget 85 cr(includingP+A) and collections 94cr + in India itself already In profit zone while kaabil =
    65 cr(
    Including P+A) is on 52.35 Cr in India according to Box office India so kaabil will not be able to recover it's cost and hence is a mega flop

  18. In this clash advantage is with raees because it is screen in 60% and kaabil 40%,so monday collection of raees is more than 9 crore and kaabil more than 6 crore,however evening show will be more than 40% of both movies

  19. Kaabil and Raees both are good movie.... But kaabiL is Better movie than raees..... Raees = 160cr to 170cr -- Superhit and also KaabiL lifetime run is 110cr to 120cr its mean = Superhit.... Both movie are first superhit of 2017

  20. Raaes disaster h..bcz of budget 130 Cr including srk fee.ab bolo Ki srk Ki fee add nhi h to waise to fan v hit h.mohanjodaro v average h kyu Ki Hrithik ne 60 Cr fee liya tha.Raees first deasterof year and 4th flop for srk.

  21. Ab kaabil ke bare me mat kahna kyuki ye uska home production h to o fee chor sakta h..but raees me Kai production h.Kaabil definitely 130 Cr karega..or even 150 Cr.with (35 15)Cr budget.Raees ka budget kaabil ke double se v jyda h.

  22. Raees with the same occupancy of Kaabil in the first day has : 7cr ”OK FOR NOW EVERYTHING IS LOGICAL ?”
    But Kaabil 1st day collection is (same occupancy- less screen) : 10.3 cr …:3 ????
    I think now i’m in farah khan’s movie…NO LOGIC….?
    *mr.rakesh uses a calculator who doesn’t works correctly* That is everything…

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