Kaabil Day 4 Noon Shows Update

Kaabil Day 4 Box Office Collection: Kaabil which started slow at the box office, has gained momentum in last few days. But still there is a lot of ground to recover which is tough due to the less number of screens. The film has a good start on Saturday too. Take a look at Kaabil 4th day collection report.

Kaabil Day 4 Box Office Collection Update

Morning Shows Report:

The film had around 40-45% occupancy in the morning shows which is about 10% higher than yesterday. The growth was mainly in multiplexes which are performing better than yesterday. The multiplexes of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi have shown good growth and performing very well. Single screens remained below the mark on Saturday and it is likely to struggle there. The advance booking is good for evening shows which means Kaabil collection will have good growth today.

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It will pick up with the passage of day as the content is multiplex-friendly. Today is a very crucial day for Kaabil as it needs a huge turnaround to survive in the much-hyped clash. It has potential to show big growth in the evening when the family audience will come in good numbers. But the jump should be extraordinary which does not look an easy task.

Noon Shows Report:

Kaabil has shown very good growth in the noon shows as the occupancy is in the range of 55-60%. There is a potential of a big jump in the evening which is a must for Kaabil. It will be interesting to see the trend.






Kaabil 4th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Kaabil 4th day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check it out in the below link here => Kaabil 4th Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil has collected around 38 crore in the first three days which is a decent number in a clash. Also, tell us what are your views about Kaabil day 4 box office collection update in the comments section.

68 comments on “Kaabil Day 4 Noon Shows Update”

    1. Kaabil collecting in Multiplex's with higher occupancy that means it will collect near to raees..why dont u all site atleast explain this..but no we can not our fathers are khans..but when it comes to non khan it will be explained its only collecting in single screen...wha very biased...

  1. raees 5% higher usko 10% batarahe aur kaabil 20% higher isko 10% batarahe ....... ha ha ha ha bollyarana srk fans ha ha ha

  2. yesterday collection for kaabil is 7.5 cr...

    bollyarena -- pls clarify is 7.5 cr ios trade figure as all sites have mentioned...

    1. yes acc. to box office india, 13-13.5 for raees and 7-7.5 for kaabil.....nd they stated that occupancy for kabil was even lower than the first day

    2. Box-officeindia me tera chacha kaam karta hai jo menpulatio ni karta...bro koi dudh ka dhula nahi hai or #Srk ka bi sbko pta hai. Bda aaya boi follow karne wale #happynewyear ke time sab soye hue the kya tab najar ni aaya... Ab jab boi bikau ho gya hai to boi najar aa raha hai...

    3. hmmm ab a vi pu6le hny first day ka boi 35cr ko prdsr 45cr karne ka.. ha ha ha srk fans , fans nahi joke hai

    4. Taran adarsh tweeted that wed:10.43cr;thus:18.76cr;fri:9.77cr total around 38.87 and total business from overseas for three days is 7.9cr; total collection worldwide is 46.77cr, n kaabil ko hit hone k liye 80cr-100cr ka business chahiye from india; superhit k liye 100cr to 130cr and for altb k liye 130cr above chahiye trade ka update hai, wahi raees ko 100cr to 130 chahiye hit hone k liye; superhit j liye 130 to 180 cr and altb k liye 180 cr above updated by trade.....

  3. Only box office India is providing correct figures of Kaabil i.e 8cr day 1 , 15.5cr day 2 and 7.5cr day 3 . All other sites are providing wrong figures . So it is a request please visit box office India once .
    The truth will be in front of ur eyes .
    Reality is that Kaabil is flop.

    1. A movie if recovers money is never a flop. Kaabil has a budget overall of 60 cr. If we consider the box office India fig which does not count the Tamil Telugu figures (2.25 cr more in first 3 days), Kaabil has already achieved 31 cr. Saturday being mostly a holiday and Sunday being a full fledged one will witness much better collections ranging in the double digit figure. This way 50 cr + will be achieved by the weekend itself. The audience word of mouth being positive,10 cr achievement will be a cake walk in coming days. Now it is to be seen whether the film is able to reach a figure so that it is a hit or it remains in the average category. Time will tell everything......

    2. Comment: Kabil ko sab channels aur news papers 4 star diye hai.sb log tarif kiye kyuki kabil is wonderfull film.
      Dhoke se SRK jyada screens le liye fir bhi 2 or 3 days me kabil

      1. Continuously 4 days mein occupancy raees ka hi jyada hai kàabil even with more screens so why are you saying that kaabip 3rd day ya 4th day mein a age aayega......
        4th day tak to hua nhi aur 5th day bhi nhi hoga guaranteed.....pgir Monday ko khudh hi dekh Lena.....


    Thats all i want to say- पब्लिक है सब जानती है।
    After all my prediction for kaabil4thday is 13+ cr.

      1. kise bol raha hai be...and well shootout at wadala was a biopic too..so raees is still a copy..

  5. kaabil wom is highly overrated after holiday % kaabil drop more than Raees when opening itself low manipulation can't save crap like shivaay

  6. Agar box office india boi ke figures chahiye toh srgay fans us site par jaakar maro is site par kyun comments karre jungleee

  7. Raees Film - Projections - 3 conditions seeing to current situation.

    Best Scenario - Chance 20 %
    Curr. 1st 3 days - 60cr
    Saturd - 17 cr
    Sunday - 23 cr
    Monday to Thursd - 33 cr
    2nd week - 45 cr
    3RD AND BAL weeks - 20 cr
    (195 to 200 cr ) - SUPER HIT

    Average Scenario - Chance 65 %
    Curr. 1st 3 days - 60cr
    Saturd - 15.5 cr
    Sunday - 19 cr
    Monday to Thursd - 27 cr
    2nd week - 34 cr
    3RD AND BAL weeks - 11 cr
    (165 to 170 cr ) - megha HIT

    Worst Scenario - Chance 15 %
    Curr. 1st 3 days - 60cr
    Saturd - 15 cr
    Sunday - 17 cr
    Monday to Thursd - 22 cr
    2nd week - 21 cr
    3RD AND BAL weeks - 7 cr
    (140 to 145 cr ) - HIT or Semi Hit

    Best Scenario - Chance 10 %
    Curr. 1st 3 days - 31cr
    Saturd - 11 cr
    Sunday - 13.5 cr
    Monday to Thursd - 22 cr
    2nd week -30 cr
    3RD AND BAL weeks - 14 cr
    (120 to 125 cr ) - SUPER HIT

    Average Scenario - Chance 45 %
    Curr. 1st 3 days - 31cr
    Saturd - 10 cr
    Sunday - 11 cr
    Monday to Thursd - 15 cr
    2nd week -30 cr
    3RD AND BAL weeks - 8 cr
    (105 cr ) - SUPER HIT HIT

    Worst Scenario - Chance 45 %
    Curr. 1st 3 days - 31cr
    Saturd - 8.5 cr
    Sunday - 10 cr
    Monday to Thursd - 12 cr
    2nd week -15 cr
    3RD AND BAL weeks - 3 cr
    (80 cr ) - Average.

  8. There is something fishy about boi figures krk boxoffice reports the lowest boxoffice figures even for dangal he has 370 boi has 371 yet even he has put figure of kaabil second day as 17.75cr so there is something wrong with boi figures 7.5 is too low film should have been really at least 8-8.5cr for sure.

  9. kaabil will loose the box office battle with the gap of 12-15 crore.... but i hope it wins and shut the mouth of srkians

  10. Kaabil k 4th day collection 20 cr se kam nahi honge... Likh k rakh lo meri baat... Or total collection raees se better honge .......

  11. Raees srk ka film hai kaabil hr ka jiska mentor srk hai aur teacher ko v khushi milegi agar uska student accha kamaraha hai...srk will b happiest if kaabil earn more than raees but ye mushkil hi nehi namumkin lagraha hai

  12. I have watched both movies Kaabil and raees.

    In Kaabil villain was always dominated, even when hero was taking revenge hero was thrashed by villain and he was finding for a opportunity to beat them. Copied from daredevil series but the revenge action was not good. Considering the revenge topic not worth to watch with the whole family.

    After so many years SRK come up with a good scripted movie. Direction was superb. Bit emotional at the end. Overall good entertainment.

    1. Bhai puri dunia bol rhi h kaabil ka revenge action bhot accha h. Ek tu hi akela h jise itni badiya planning bekaar lagi

  13. Aur aaj kaabil kam Se kam14-15 Cr jayegi hi screenshot lele jisko doubt lagta hai vo

  14. There is always a big difference b/w trade figs and official figs for Rakesh roshan film but its not the case with other movies.Mean there is difference but not this big. So definitely there is manipulation.

  15. Bollyarena agar correct hai toh kaabil is fyting back in a superb way...thats good for kaabil👌👌👌

  16. Raees 55% aur kaabil 55-60%
    Kya bollyarena faltu mein hi kaabil ki 5% bada rahe ho. Kaabil ko promote mat karo please ab bhi sharam kr lo

  17. Kaabil gets more than 80% occupancy in evenings and night show.
    And That's why Kaabil will definitely cross 15cr. Mark on fourth day box office collection.

  18. Hahahaha 31crores in 3days.already 7crores.ab film manipulation tabhi log karte hai jab film collection thik se nahi kar pati.abhi even if 10-11crores kia today then it would take to 42crores.Raees will do 15-16.which takes is to 75-76crores.dhande ka dhingana.:-D.but kaabil will recover

  19. Noon occupancy of kaabil is 5% lower than srk raees with lower occupancy means less collection also today....
    And advance booking for raees is terrific for evening and night as report is given by Bollywood arena....

  20. Actuals vs Roshan Calculator figures ->

    1stDay -> 7.75cr vs 10.43cr
    2ndDay -> 15.50cr vs 19cr
    3rdDay -> 7cr vs 9.77cr

    This is the reason why Taran Adarsh stop updating Kabbil's collection report

  21. @ bollyarena

    I was following @bollymoviereviewz site since last 4-5 years because they always shows trade Figure although they separately shows producer Figure too but all their records based on Trade figures

    For example

    Top grossing movie PK 330 cr
    Top grossing movie worldwide 730 cr PK

    All films collection based on Trade figures only.

    The other good move from their site they are not biased they compare based on the hindi version only for example
    Dangal's collection when surpassed in hindi version. From sultan or bajrangi or PK then only they declared it ATHG.

    If you see krish and happy new year life time business on their site it is 185 and 176 cr respectively

    I am following your site since last 6 months because of your quick updates but for other figures I always trust @bollymoviereviewz

    They are really honest with the figures

  22. al india.. clash total box.office !!
    rustom + mohenjo daro -
    55 + 125 = 180 cr. TOTAL

    shivaay + ae dil hai -
    85 + 105 = 190 cr. TOTAL

    bang bang + haider -
    140 + 45 = 185 cr. TOTAL

    son of sardar + jab tak hai -
    90 + 105 = 195 cr. TOTAL
    kaabil + raees -
    70 + 120 = 190 cr. ( approx )

  23. Indian cinema's Greek god Hrithik Roshan proved that is he indeed 'Kaabil' of clicking with the masses and classes alike with his latest film. The Sanjay Gupta directorial 'Kaabil' opened with rave reviews and decent business at the box office.
    Business doesn't matters to Hrithikans , class is all matters to us. Kudos Hrithik

  24. Great war between upcoming film Jonny llb 2,raess and kaabil....is waiting.srk,akki,hritik stardom......

  25. Stardom will fire Jonny llb2,raess and hritik.big fight between akki and srk stardom as srk is more popular...

  26. Kaabil is the best .inspite of getting less screens it has the potential to fight
    With raaes .Along with it is a unique film I have ever seen and specialy hats of to ritik who played the role so nicely.he showed he is the Greek god of Bollywood

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