Kaabil 8th Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil 8th Day Box Office Collection: The latest thriller release starring Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam had a decent opening weekend at the domestic box office as the film crossed the 50 crore mark. Now the film is maintaining a decent hold on weekdays. Here is Kaabil collection report for Wednesday.

Kaabil 8th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

As per the early trade estimates, Kaabil 8th day collection will be around 4.50 crores. The film has shown an excellent hold on Wednesday after a fall on Monday. It can be attributed to the clash factor which affected Kaabil collection in the weekend.

Kaabil box office collection in the first extended week should be close to 90 crores. The film was made at a cost of 50 cr which was already recovered by selling satellite, music and digital rights. Thus it is in the safe zone and has emerged a success thanks to the smart economics. But for the distributors, it needs to go higher 85 crore for recovering the distributing price. The theatrical rights of the film were sold to independent distributors in 42 crore.

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Kaabil collection is now sustaining on weekdays but the real test will be the hold on second Friday. The film needs to drop minimum from Thursday levels. The second weekend will be crucial for Kaabil as there will be competition from Raees. However Kaabil is expected to have better hold in next week as the gap between both films has been shortened again.

Kaabil 2nd Wednesday Collection

4.50 Crore


Our Estimate


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
4.5 (trade)
84.10 Cr


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16 comments on “Kaabil 8th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. BOLLYARENA, I know it's hard to deal with difference in trade and producer figures but please do not put them in the same table. Does not make sense. Please have a separate trade table and an incomplete producer table that gets filled the next day (or 2 columns - trade and producer - in one table with empty data in producer column). Thanks.

  2. Actual figures can vary but it should keep the momentum going to crush chain smoker raees

  3. See indice sight . Kaabil have not given right collections from very first day .. but raees difference is trade and actual is only of 1 to 2 crores which is acceptable.
    Bollywood arena is also making raees down.
    by this excuse .

  4. September mein kaabil ki shooting khatam ho gayi thi……4 month tak kya kiya? …chahte toh ab tak ek aur movie ki low budget ki shooting khatam kar sakte the promotion ke saath 2…why u r doing like this? ..don’t want to do movies? ..why you are wasting your precious time? ..akshay se serkho kuch..even shahrukh has completed rahnuma shooting nd salman too (tubelight ) nd gearing for tiger zinda hai…..anyways acc to boi collection would be around 3.75 crore nd producers will give 6.50 crore.

  5. I have been following your posts on both Kaabil and Raees and I must say that you guys are doing a great job. Thanks for keeping us fans interested. Job well done.
    Coming to the uncertainty in the figures, my personal opinion is now it's better to let both films just take their course. Manipulation or not, the clash is over and both have turned out to be a success which is a good thing for the future to release two big movies. I personally feel the festive season is getting into a bit of one sided affair baring a few good movies from Aamir Khan and one odd Bajirao Mastani, not to take it away from Salman Khan and his mega stardom, the movies mentiones above moved Cinema ahead and that's what is important for longer run.
    Congratulations to both Raees and Kaabil makers, in form of an electrifying performance from SRK. Good to see him taking up some real WORK. And, a good act by Hritik in Kaabil, He is way better actor than his filmography. I hope a good director brings that to celluloid in near future.
    Thanks again Bollyarena.

  6. Kar kya rahe ho? ...amir bhi shooting ki taiyaari mein hai..but inn janab ka toh kuch ata pata hi nahi hai....bang bang -semi hit..mohenjodaro -flop, kaabil most probably -avg......1 se 2 saal ke gap mein aisi movies? ..just tell us one thing why you are wasting your time why? ...even you are not doing content driven movie like amir do? ..youngsters will beat you agar changes nhi kiye toh aapne...

    1. Hrithik is going through a rough time bro, in family, social area which is affecting his career

    2. ABey Gadhe, Shooting k baad post-production work rehta hai like Dubbing, Background music recording everything. aur Kaabil release date to ek saal pehle se decided thi. Actually SRK ki fati hui thi is liye Sultaan ya Dangal k sath release nhi ki

  7. kaabil ^ boxoffice ^ ( 8 days ) -

    BOI - 64/ 65 cr.

    trade fig. ^ 84 cr.
    budget of kaabil -

    BOI - 89 cr.

    trade & bollyarena - 50 cr.


    seems like ^ talks of entirely 2 diff. films are going around, not 1 !

  8. Bollyareena team - why giving wrong figures and wrong idea. reasons can be behind this propaganda.

    1) may be got something from kaabil team
    2) may be fan of rithick
    3) unable to take good decision.

    u r loosing trust...

  9. raees collection manipulated hai par wo to aap dikhate hi Nahi ho pichle 3 din ka manipulation 6cr hai

    1. agreed raees maker also started manipulation game but problem here which I have mentioned that kaabil is declared as flop or below avg by box office India.
      and raees is declared as successful.

      still this site shows reverse - so how it is possible when they follow box office India and still giving non stop opposite views ...non stop since last 10 days ...so this is some reason which I mentioned above...

      regarding figures yes I also have mentioned yesterday Raess has manipulated 6 to 7 cr in last 3 days (started) and kaabil now 16 to 17 cr since 1st day..

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