Kaabil 7th Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil 7th Day Box Office Collection: Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil has received a decent response at the box office so far, say trade experts. The film will recover the costs however crossing the 100 crore seems to be an uphill task. Take a look at Kaabil collection report for Tuesday.

Kaabil 7th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Kaabil has shown another drop on Tuesday. The very early trade estimates say that Kaabil 7th day collection will be in the range of 4.75 crore.

The drop from Monday (5.5 cr trade figure) is not that huge but probably the film needed better trending as there was already a big fall on Monday. Kaabil collection today has another drop indicating that word of mouth is not so good. It has found appreciation only among a limited audience and most of them have already watched it over the weekend.

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Kaabil box office collection in 7 days will be 77 crore. The film which was made on a controlled budget of 50 crore (without Hrithik Roshan's fee) is already in the safe zone. It is likely to be called a box office success. The gap between Raees and Kaabil has been shortened further on Tuesday but it is unlikely that Kaabil collection will take over Raees in the long run.

The manipulation talk is everywhere in the industry. As we are tracking the collection as per our own samples so it is better that we also post our estimates so you can get a better idea of the trend.

Kaabil Tuesday Collection

4.75 Crore


Our Estimate


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
77.16 Cr


Also, discuss Kaabil 7th day box office collection (Tuesday) in the comments section.

37 comments on “Kaabil 7th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Kaabil actual figures will be very good and be around 5+ cr figures. It has fully overpowered Hakla raees

      1. only 25 crores? you can say 50 crores. Thakela fans of hakkla have gone mad. Hrithik proved he can give hit even if there is a competition with so called king khan. tum log chullubhar paani me doob maro.

  2. gud work bolly arena let them manipulate the figures u do ur honest work......... welldone.

  3. bollyarena shame on you...you earlier said kabil wom is better than raees and now you say mixed..you only follow boi ...you dont have any official figure .... you only follow a boi...shame on you....you only making a negativity against kaabil..other sites says kaabil is better hold than raees only problem is sreen count....so shame on you....

  4. Means it is around 5 crore....but acc to boi it will be 3.5 and acc to producers 5.5....means both are doing manipulation....so 60(boi including dubbed versions) ar 72(producers figures ) ke beech ka collection accurate hona chahiye.....so kaabil has crossed 66 crores at the box office.

  5. polls before elections.. ..
    goa + uttrakhand + U.P = Modi^ Modi

    punjab = Gandhi's !
    yadav, mayawati, akali, AAp - LOSING all states !

  6. As, I said before, you guys are so desperate to make Kabil a successful film. "It is likely to become a box office success" and your are justifying manipulation as it happens everywhere. You can't make it right as the wrong thing happens more often. You seem to be very negative about Raees. I seriously have doubt that you were going to make Kabil more superior than Raees but it never reaches the level of box office collection or WOM. Though producers tried to do their best to let down Raees, but it became successful.

  7. sultan ^ first week ^ ( 8 days ).. 209 cr.
    DANGAL ^ first week ^ ( 7 days )..193 cr.
    raees + kaabil ^ first week ^ ( 9 days ).. 180 cr. apprx^
    wat a moral loss, epic shame !!
    shivaay & ae dil hai ^ TOTAL lifetime nett was ^ 190 cr.

    LESS THAN dangal first week !!
    So-Called big clashes .... hahahahahaha

    1. Oh nalayak sultan k first week mein bhi 9 days the aur raees + kaabil first week 200cr k around hoga

      1. 1). acc. to BOI - it will be 180 cr.

        2). main point of my post is - one single film is earning more than 2 big films together !

        whereas it should earn 50% extra !!

  8. @bollyarena
    good work...plz post ur estimates for all the movies if there is manipulation of 1-2cr for every day.

  9. kaabil yesterday collected 4 cr. so pls correct your figure and also raeees collected 6 cr only..

    why r showing high figures...

  10. frndz aj daikhna takla kahay ga kaabil decent hold and today 8 cr hahahaha
    takla is great bussnisman hahaha

  11. jo srk kay hatters hai unkay liye hai yeah lazmi parhna
    bhai jab ap world cup may jatay ho to final jeetnay kay liye jatay ho har match point bharhatay ho taa kay final tak pohnchay naa kay sirf aik match jeetnay kay liye so king khan 1992 say worldcup may khail raha hai word cup say bahir nai howa jab es 26 saal may kahi clash howay hai hain aur sabko pata hai kn jeeta hai sab
    aur en 26 saal may kahi chaaki ay aur kahi taklay ay gy so baadshah to wahan he hai esliye q apna dimag kharab kartay ho tum logo kay kahnay say kya ho sakta hai hahahhaa

  12. jis tarah ab srk kay hatters hai pahlay b thay wo b ap logo ki tarah negetive batain kartay tay lakin baadshah wahan he hai ap btao srk kay paass kis cheez ki kami hai aik cheez b bta 2 mujay
    2nd rechest actor
    records 1st day 1st weekend
    ipl team
    23.1 million fallowers
    production team
    long term running ddlj
    2nd succes hit ratio
    meray khayal may kise cheez ki kami nahi hai hahaha

  13. Lets Leave now Kaabil & Raees - game is over
    3 competitions - in last 6 months - results

    1) Rustam vs Mohanji daro ---- Rustam Won ..... Akki Thumsup -- won by big margin 65 cr approx

    2) Aeh Dil Hai Mushkil vs Shivay --- Aeh Dil won --- Ranbeer WON --- Won by small margin 12 cr...so no thumps up.

    3) Raees vs Kaabil ---- Raees Won -- SRK WON thumps up --- Won by Big margin -- by now 40 cr should end 45 cr extra lifetime ..(taken actual trade figures - boxoffice india figure)

  14. Too much manipulation.lol.kaabil has collected 4crores on monday.It dropped further.maybe 3.5crores.flop movie.how come raees trade figures are same in every sites but kaabil ke figures mein 13-15crores ka difference in 6days?Love hrithik.hate filmkraft.krishh 176,flimkraft 244 lol

  15. Be positive ! both movies will crosses 100 crores (Raees actually did it and Kabil will do it in the future) and both movie will do well in the second weekend in the B.O...you must say it with a beautiful smile and big hope...and inshallah everything will be good!

  16. Gajab ...i don't think ki koi web b itna partial ho sakta h...i m very frequently visit ur ,koimoi,addatoday.but u lost faith.. every body praises kaabil but only give vry negative cmt wom ki baat krte ho..i know wat is wom .if u praise raees we hv no prbm .but good cinema like kaabil k liye itna negative.. ohhh god.

  17. Nice tight slap given to hakla by hrithik. , He was thinking that he going to win easily 1 side

  18. Kaabil movie is much better than Raees in story. Again Hritick made it special by his beautiful acting...So SRK can be Raees but Hritick is much more kaabil.

  19. @Bollywood Arena
    How can you ? Rakesh Roshan and Kaabil official fig.It's not new that producer fig are generally higher then trade fig.eg hny.but producer fig is always shown in every film.Only Rakesh Roshan can tell acurate collection.and u r on prediction so stop this non sense.

  20. Admin please reply this one??
    Shows of kaabil increased at many places
    Advance for Tuesday was much better than raees
    Occupancy was better for Kaabil
    And most importantly Kaabil performing much much better in premium multiplexes
    So Kaabil,s tuesday collection should be more than raees

  21. Hakla thought that he will win one side lol hrithik has Slapped him a tight big slap
    Srk arranged success 😂😂
    Raees team must be crying in toilets

  22. All sites are saying that Tuesday saw rise from Monday...Tuesday will have more collection then Monday and this is trade exception.#Bollywood Arena,don't provide wrong information...as srk fans will get an excuse.

  23. my personal review is that kaabil is going stronger and stronger day by day, not a single person tell me that they watch raees, all people in my groups and freind circle not a single person I found who watch raees, opinion of all people is that raees is bekar movie, while review of kaabil is tremendous.

    So I only say that " dikhave pe mat jao apni akkal lagao.

    1. Very true. Hakklu bakklu bombay bo.. Hakkla days are over now. Always he manipulated figures whther it is JTHJ or HNY or Raees but always blames Rakesh Roshan because hakklu king is intolerant. He can not digest success of his juniors. It was Rakesh Roshan who gave him break in King Uncle (before Deewana he had signed but released later). Then Roshan gave him Karan Arjun and Koyla As well but this so called king doent have ethics. He got scared to release Raees alongwith Sultaan or Dangal and released it on same day which was already declared by Roshans one year back.

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