Kaabil 4th Day Box Office Collection

Kaabil 4th Day Box Office Collection: Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer Kaabil opened to a below average response at the bo office. Though it has gained momentum now but probably the growth will not prove enough. Here is Kaabil collection report for the Saturday.

Kaabil 4th Day Box Office Collection Estimates

Kaabil has shown growth on Saturday. As per the early trade estimates, Kaabil 4th day collection will be in the range of 11.5-12 crores. The film has a good response in the evening and night shows.

Today, Kaabil had a pretty good start in the morning/noon shows. The overall occupancy was 45% in the morning and then jumped to 55% in the noon. This indicated an upward trend and then it also showed growth in the evening. Kaabil has gained momentum in Delhi/NCR region in the last couple of days however the less number of screens remains a problem.

It has also performed better in the metro cities. Kaabil collection has shown growth around 25% from yesterday however ideally it needed 50% jump today. As we reported earlier Kaabil needed a turnaround today which has not happened and it is likely to be tough going for it in the long run unless there is extraordinary growth on Sunday.

Kaabil box office collection in 4 days will be around 49 crore. The extended opening weekend is targeting for 60 crore+. The film needs to collect over 80 crore to be in the safe zone and over 85 crore to be called a box office hit.

There is also a lot of fuss about manipulation in Kaabil collection. As a result, the trade has been divided into two groups. Our stance on the issue is quite clear that if there will be more than 20% in trade and official figures over the weekend, we will opt for the former. It has been done for films like Mastizaade, Sanam Re etc. However, this does not apply to those films that we have not tracked. Though we are working to make the earlier data more accurate by collaborating with Box Office India. The more about this issue will be explained on Monday.

Kaabil 4th Day Collection (Saturday)

11.5-12 Crore



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
49.62 Cr


Note: Due to huge traffic on web, the updates on Sunday will be delayed for maintenance issues.

Also tell us what are your thoughts on Kaabil 4th day box office collection in the comments section.

77 comments on “Kaabil 4th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. This Growth is huge and superb, this trend clearly shows that it has taken over Raees

    1. There is also a lot of fuss about manipulation in Kaabil collection. As a result, the trade has been divided into two groups. Our stance on the issue is quite clear that if there will be more than 20% in trade and official figures over the weekend, we will opt for the former....

      KAABIL soon will be declared Blockbuster by roshans in Andheri office...baap beta celebration time...
      truth everyone knows....with fake figures and including dubbed figures they reach 40+cr....LOL

      ab samajh haters Kaabil ka trend kaise bada....Even KRK accepted KAABIL is ghatiya movie...and Raees is awesome....go check his twit....

      1. krk ha ha ha ab itane bure din aagye srk ke krk ko sahi bata rahe hai very good jao baccha krk tumhara bhala kare

  2. I have watched both films recently, so in my words Kaabil is stupendous and Raees is regular run of the mill story
    You can easily skip Raees and opt for Kaabil

  3. 11.5cr kaabil ka collection aur raees ka 17 cr ke aaspass...waah kya baat h aur abb to yeh log bhii bta rhe h collection manipulate ho rha h..

  4. Fake manipulated figures right from the day 1 there is a big gap between producer and trade figure

    1. Bang Bang was 181 Cr & haider was 56 Cr
      Mohenjo Daro Was 58Cr & Rustom was 127Cr
      Both Kaabil and Raees for sure will cross 100Cr

        1. Bang bang and 181 cr LOL.hadh ho gayi hai manipulation ki.yeh log sochte hai kuch bhi official fig. de do aur log blindly maan bhi lete hai.

        2. boi is against hrithik and bang bang was not a rakesh roshan production and it show that its a propaganda against hrithik

        3. Also according to BOI chennai Express is just 207Cr , Happy New Year 178Cr , Prem Ratan Dhan Payo 194Cr , Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 177Cr , Kick 211Cr , Dhoom 3 260Cr , Ek Tha Tiger 186Cr , Jab Tak Hai Jaan 101Cr , Ek Villan 97 , Race 2 93Cr . Should i continue ? . All these number is different from the ones that we know for different movies and different stars ,so according to BOI which you think is the most accurate site which is not , all bollywood actors cheated from shahrukh ,salman,aamir,ranbir so why only focusing on hrithik

        4. and how the producer is manipulating the numbers when alot of sites and trade experts mention the numbers before him and he mention the same numbers after them

        5. and if there is really a manipulation then why they didn't do it for Fan , Mohenjo Daro , and all the super stars movies to not be flops . the truth is that there is no manipulation but some sites don't get the collections right so instead of admitting their fault they keep taking about manipulations

        6. i don't understand why people don't think that if there is a manipulation then no super star movie will be flop or even average because if they can do it for one movie then they can do it for another . which is not happening

    2. Sarkian bolts thai ki raees sultan ko beat karegi chalo dono bhi milkar ek sultan ko beat ni kar sakti hai WO bhi 6000+ screen mai hahaha lol

  5. the fact that your calculations is wrong that doesn't mean there is a manipulation , As there is a difference between your own numbers . So stop lying and make an accurate calculations.

  6. I really appreciate at least this site mention abt manipulation. Thats a great gesture to support truth.

  7. Manipulation ki baat srrf hrithik ki movie mein hi ati h..kya h ye??
    I like talent, m the fan of every khan but that doesnot mein srk jaise log itnii cheap tactics krenge..pehle 26th date hijack ki, den screen count mein dhoka ab manipulation rumors.. SRK is gradually movie in his bad to worse phase of life.
    Paisa hi sabkuc nh hota sahab.

    1. Agar paisa hi sab kuch hota toh srk ko unesco award nahi milta, aur srk dilwale ka first day collection chennai flood victims ko donate nahi karta

    2. Krrish 3 lifetime collection was 240 cr. according to rakesh roshan (producer). But trade guys do not mention that figures because producer manipulated that figure by 20 to 25 %.
      Rakesh has a history that's why trade analysts are talking about manipulation after witnessed first 2 days collection difference.

  8. 22 to 25% growth frok friday figures is not a good growth for content oriented movie. Was expecting around 50% growth. Still havent given uo on this movie... lets see

  9. May b kaabil is better than raee but it is not a second watch definitely.....

    I m saying may b becos i hav seen kaabil only...

    Jo feel sultan dangal rustom dekh ke aaya tha wo kaabil ko dekh ke ni aaya....so big NO to second watch

      1. vai, ekbar dekhkar bore hogaya. jiske andar kahani namki koi chis hi nehi hay. iske acca to dileale thi, farak sirf raees srk better than dilwale srk.

  10. Bollyarena aap ka estimate bilkul sahi hai. Thanks for telling truth .
    Par vo pagal takla kal phir manipulated figure bataega .

  11. Bollyarena IF you follow boi then why you not answered about hpy new year opening 44.97 boi tell 36.45

  12. Bhai Rustom aur Dabga tak to thik hai..
    par "SULTAN" ko second watch sunkar jhatka laga

    U r right Raees & kaabil is not a second watch film

    koi bhi film second watch nahi hoti hai kuki
    film ko samjhane ke liye aur entertainment ke liye ek baar baar dekhna kaafi hota hai..

    Uske baad to entertainment ke liye chhote screen (Tablet,smartphones) hi kaafi hai

  13. To kya wo pagal Hakla..manipulated figure nahi batata hai
    mtlab agar bollyarena SRK ke film ko jada collection dikhaye to theek
    aur Roshan ke apne film ka original collection bataye to galat

  14. Bolly arena team :
    thanks for detailed info.. on figures manipulation will wait for Monday update as mentioned by your team.

    it's most imp factor ...as the way kaabil team is going then anybody can manipulate ,pay more tax and save him pride ...and declare HIT

    question arise :
    1) why producer - manipulate figures - what they benifit
    2) are they going pay more tax.
    3) u must before rakish roshan - sanam re and mastizade team did the same..also any others films did -if yes pls report
    4) is their any chance that rakish roshan is correct and trade figures r wrong as always rakesh roshan complains . (he did same in krish 2) also rithik .

    pls if possible answer this questions on Monday..

    this r imp question as -- box office India which is biggest site which u also follow as u mentioned have declared kaabil almost flop or they mentioned sinking required miracle where as your site since figures r adjusted by 2-3 cr daily showing film is getting better and better..

    so it's easy for any producers in future ....just they have to pay extra 6-7 cr tax...but they save their pride ...and get marketing as movie is HIT like some arrange for success party it's the same game-right ?

  15. As an honest review , I watched both Kaabil and Raees, both are good. Not great and not average. Raees is more massy, over the top and masala entertainment. While kaabil is more edge of the seat, emotional thriller ride. Feeling sad that both the movies have clashed and are loosing business. Everytime in a clash we have seen one outright rejected movie in past 15 years, but this time because both the movies are equally good it will send the future message for avoiding the clashes. Also the clash in January non festive month is not enough to accommodate 2 movies that too in a 2week frame. Only Christmas is the time where we can have 2 movies since it's vacation time, with Christmas to New year holiday period for city audience with no cricket matches happening parallely. Also one thing which is impacting the Bollywood is the number of releases. It's high time directors should focus on the quality of the movies.

  16. These guys are basically stupid..because if rakesh roshan has to manupulate the figure..he has to be trade analylist..and also has to pay tax on those..koi apne hi pyaro pe kulari nehi marta..jo paisa kamaya nehi uske liye vala koi buisness tax deta hain kya..?? these khan fans are basically biased..and idiot too..are thoda toh deemag use karo..yeh boxoffice India always give low rate to hrithik's movie & some low budged movie..bang bang toh rakesh roshan ka movie nehi tha,,toh usme differences kaise aye,,

  17. @bollyarena twitter trending Rakesh fake collection.. also bollywood hungama Interview with krk he exposed Rakesh roshan fake figure.. i m Following on Twitter also.. plz tell truth on Monday?????!

  18. i am the man of my voice and my voice say that kaabil is very kaabil and the movie is going to flop

  19. I have seen KAABIL. Hrithik has done great job.performance is all time Best performance.Must watch Movie.

  20. Yo bollyarena go with truth .
    Monday kaabil ka difference 20% se zyada nikle ga .
    It will prove dirty mind of Rakesh Roshan

  21. I have watched both the movies..nd of course kaabil is awesome..raaes is jst another gangster flick..really boring..go watch kaabil..i will watch it once again

  22. Sultan movie ka story thik hi but jodi/////to baap or beti ka dikta hi bhailog
    /$o don't compare to raaes and kaabil Is' the best movie

  23. 40 percent indian has no ability to buy fòods three times. these are the stupid

  24. Rakesh Roshan has been accused of manuplating the collection figures everytime.... The same happened during Krisshhh 3. In spite of clash and less screens how can he manage to earn this much ......

  25. Kaabil ko box office collection me pi he rakhne k liye raees ki team ne pahle se hi chal chl rakhi thi wese kaabil ne acha collection kiya h
    Raees 3500 or kaabil 2700 sckreen par realis hui he

    Kaabil ko agar raees k barabar sckreen milti to kaabil bhi raees ko pachchad deti

    Wese raees ka box office isliye jyada he kyuki khan me ekta hoti h or hinduo me ekta nahi he

  26. I have watched both the movies..nd of course raees is awesome..kaabil is jst another.really boring..go watch raees..i will watch it once again

  27. kaabil ki band baj gye....srk day4 collection increasing
    lesten to all of you srk hater just ho to hellllllll

  28. #Akki, u don't follow Taran adarsh or Komal Nahta. They both consider #Kaabil a grt movie and mouth o
    f #Kaabil is also excellent. what do SRK blind fans think, are all these people are manipulate this.. shame on you people

  29. watched Kaabil -

    film is Good -- similar to badlapur --

    what's Good - rithik has acted well
    performance from -- villains (very Good)

    what's Bad - movie is boring
    tension - through out the movie
    poor music
    movie - not practical
    actress - didn't fit the bil --- avg. girl.

    I rate 2.5 stars to 3 stars.

    movie should be entertaining even badlapur was entertaining compared to kaabil...but kaabil Is Booring.

    not worth to watch in theater --

    Raees - is better film as real story , Good acting , good music , entertaining , Tension free

    why we spend money ....when we come out of theater --- we should get feel good experience.. refreshing ....but in case of kaabil it's depression.

    I don't think -- kaabil will have any chance to survive ---from Monday...

    Badlapur also didn't cross even 50 cr.. kaabil hyped so will do 75 cr...no chance to reach 100 cr mark.

    kaabil jaise movies TV par dekhi jaati hai

  30. Kaabil Bohat Achhi Movie Hai . . Rakesh ji hamesa kuch naya late hain aur wo sabko pasand aati hai aur yaadgar ho jati hai..Like.. Koyla,Karan Arjun,Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai,Krrish All parts Now Kabil..
    aur rahi baat Raees ki toh wo v achhi he lakin Gangstar movies aise bohat sare hain Indian History me.. Kaabil jaisa jahan dono ki aandhe ho ..wo pehli bar.. Awesome movie..
    Yahan log Rustom ki baat kyu kar rahe ghatiya movie..ghatiya story.. jahan apni wife ko marna chahiye tha wahan kisi aur ko mar k hero ban gaya ..lolz ..

  31. Finally I watched both the movies

    I saw kaabil first and then Raees

    Kaabil 's second half is better and first half is below average

    Raees 's first half is awesome and second half is dull (infact not required anymore)

    Kaabil's editing is average
    Raees's editing is above average (considering second half)

    Kaabil's music is below average (kaabil title song)
    Raees's music is semi hit type (laila and dhingana)

    Raees direction is best for first half and average for second

    Kaabil direction first half is average second half is better

    Acting (SRK vs HR)

    SRk - he did something diffrent from his league so overall satisfaction in some scenes he left identity why he is still king of bollywood also dialogue delivery is still no one can beat him.

    HR- he improved his acting for Kaabil and did justice to his role. Tough dialogue delivery is very poor and it is an area of improvement.

    Overall both movies are average and one time watch

    Tasleem Khan

  32. Plz srk movie kab release hogi Pakistan ma I am waiting for raees

    3 dapa daika ha lkin cinema SCOP ma daika ha

    Srk k samnay sab begi cats ha

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