Kaabil 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection

Kaabil 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection

Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil 3rd weekend collection is 2.95 crore as per the trade figures. This is a decent number but it also had a higher number of screens and shows.

Kaabil collection has beaten Raees by a good margin of 50% in the third weekend. It is now performing better but the collections have gone down to lower levels so it will not make much of a difference except that it will now enter the 100 cr club.

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For those who have been asking, Kaabil was sold to individual distributors in 50 cr (and not 45 cr as reported earlier). Thus some of the distributors will face some losses.



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99.40 Cr

24 comments on “Kaabil 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection”

    1. Even by trade figures

      Kaabil 100Cr (tel+tam), Budget 50Cr .... Hit
      and Rice 130 Cr, budget 90Cr ....... Average :P

  1. good for bollywood even Hritik is having more guts than small boy in town Amir ,
    hritik coming on 1 holiday with Raees Clash .
    Amir wait till solo festival release .{really cheap }

      1. I know most of you guys are just glory hunters, whoever at the top of box office just support him! When Shah Rukh Khan was at the top of box office at that time I didn't see no Amir Khan fans fighting but suddenly after 3 Idiots they are flying about hahahaha! Dilip Kumar, Amitabh bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan only come once and are History!

  2. hahaha.....kaabil figures joke of the millennium....Kaabil 99.40cr. reality 50cr....LOL...kuch bhi kaho kaabil ne entertain tu bohat kiya...means ek ticket me....pori family nachti nazar raayi...suzzane to takla roshan...
    i highly recommend for national award and padmabhushan to baap beta...new invention of calculator...which includes samosa,pepsi even Car parking collections too...govt. ka tu fyada hua...tax se

    1. Bdw kabil is much better than raees...every Indian will saying..... if he is not srk's fan...this is the real truth.

  3. Why they manipulated the fig. I am not able to understand ?... .100 crores kam hai kya? .....Jan ke month mein woh bhi srk ke saath clash mein....producers 140 ki range mein le jaa rahe collection ko which is definitely wrong..there was no need to do these things...filmcraft did wrong ..acc to boi final collection would be around 92 crores (88 in Hindi nd 4 in dubbed versions ) which is a decent total.....

  4. In this week it will touch 100 crore
    But plz don't post any post of raees and kaabil,no one is interested in them
    Its jolly time

  5. first 2017 super hit movie....LOL
    Bole tu KRK ki language me SRK king kong ko sula diya..... Raees kahi nazar hi nahi aaaya.. kaabil ke samane....LOL...

    yaar meri koi hasi roko........itna maza tu Raees or Dangal dekh bhi nahi aaya....KAABIL is first super hit.....LOL

  6. yaha kaabil ki collection ke bat hu rahi hai or sab Raees ke piche pade hue hai.....or kahe rahe hai Kaabil super hit...LOL

    koi roko meri hasi....kahi has has ke pagal na hu jaw....

      1. @yaar hritik & Amir DP ka fotu kyu nikal diya...moo dekhane ke kaabil na rah kya? first comment to bada cap shap phen ke fotu dala hai....

        Hrithik ko bole jo kam tu accha hai wahi kar Dance....ye clash plash tere bas ki bat nahi...2 bar king khan lath mar ke bhaga diya...ab jaw or chullo bhar pani me dub maro...
        Hrithihk roshan achievements..
        lost clash in 2000 mohabbatein v.s mission impossible 100
        lost clash with akshay 2015.....
        now 2017 Raees v.s NAKAABIL....comprehensively won clash by SRK with 50cr margin..
        now fisrt day opening also hrithik lost with 15cr....means mission impossible100 ka revenge baraber...bohat bolte the mohabbatein opening lower than new born hrithik roshan....

        yaar koi meri hasi roko.....Kaabil super hit...LOL

        1. @Compounder Jehat-gir, tu jitne post kar rha hai woh dekh k tera frustration pata chal jata hai.. aaj bhi tune medicine nahi li.. koi baat nahi.. get welll soon.. and koi acche doctor ko dikha dena.. Agar kaabil hit nhi hota to tu idhar bhaukne bhi nahi aata.. but tu aa rha hai iska matlab hai teri jal rahi hai..

  7. 100 cr everywhere except shit BOI who has already reduced 2.5 cr collections of Kaabil on 2nd Saturday from 67.5 to 65 cr lol...
    Trade figures is 100 cr + everywhere with a clash with big movie shows how good the Movie is ✌
    Greek God is Back

  8. Are yaar ye kya ho raha hai koi site kaabil collection 132cr dikha raha hai aur yaha 99cr
    Koi clear report batao yaar

  9. I saw both the movies...both r gud...no need to fyt...they r nt going to give a pennyto us...be happy stay happy

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