Kaabil 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Kaabil 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Kaabil has also dropped in the second week as it has grossed 17.95 crores. Though the drop is less than the other release Raees but that film was coming off a bigger numbers.

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Kaabil box office collection in 16 days is 96.45 crore. Now there is a chance that it will cross the 100 crore mark. It will be a decent final total considering that there was a big clash with Shahrukh Khan starred Raees.



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96.45 Cr


Als tell us what are your thoughts on Kaabil 15th day box office collection in the comments section.

22 comments on “Kaabil 2nd Week Box Office Collection”

    1. ye trade figure hai aur trade figure se hit hai.
      aur producure figure se super hit hai.


    2. Disaster my foot.. Hakklu movie got good opening but ultimately lost the race. Kaabil profit his higher thn Raees considering budget.

  1. Bollyarena just one question,i know it's hard for u to reply though..
    Who won the clash,SRK or HR?

    1. Very easy questions.. raees already win.. raees first hit.. and then kabil also hit .. both movie clean hit

    1. You iddiot, it is running successfully in third week. No multiplex owner or distributor is fool to screen it if there is no audience. So it is a hit for sure

  2. To all Hrithik haters (or Hakklu lovers), Why dont you consider this point : Kaabil is runnning successfully all over in third week that too with enough screen counts. THis proves it is a superhit for sure. No distributor or Multiples owner is fool to screen it if tehre is no audience.

    1. Sab log tere jaise paagal nhi ki sirf samosa aur popconrn pe movie chalayenge.. jaa ja ki nursery join kar le

    1. Bhai lallu... oops sorry, Sallu.. dil pe toh Hrithik haters le rahe hai jinko MJ aur Kaabil k collection ka different pata nahi chalta. Jo movie 3rd week kar rhi ho woh bhi itne screen shows me woh hit nhi hogi? ja jaa ki hiran mar jungle me jaa ke wohi teri aukaat hai

  3. yes .kaabil big succssees .
    According to koimoi and blogtobollywood the movie is the first hit of the year.

  4. Bakwas movie and all supporter of that taklu should know clearly that kaabil lost the clash by big margin.....

  5. Kaabil ki orgnal collection 129 cr ha acording to krk the bigest trade so
    bollyarena manuplate krna bnd kro rael collection show kro

  6. i actually don't understand the people that still think there is a manipulation in Kaabil collections , i mean in the first few days people has the right to be confused as the trade were saying something and the producer was saying something else ,but now isn't it obvious that the film is a big success otherwise the distributers wouldn't give them more screens , they would have reduced it like what happened with mohenjo daro . so stop this crap and admit the truth and the film is a big success

  7. I watched Kabil 2day.. expected it to b one of Hrithik's best.. But believe me I am disappointed. Gr8 word of mouth, good reviews blah blah..kuchch bhi... Hrithik has given terrific films but this one is just average.. not one of hrithik best. Also, is Rakesh Roshan spreading fake word of mouth? Like box office manipulation? PS: not hater but 1 of Hrithik fan

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