Kaabil 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update

Kaabil 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil has maintained a decent hold on its second Friday. The film is all set to cross 100 crores in the second weekend. Here is Kaabil collection update.

Kaabil 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update

Screen Count:

Raees has retained a good amount of screens in the second week. The screen count will be in the range of 1700.

Box Office Report:

Kaabil has a good start on its second Friday. The occupancy in the morning shows was around 10-15%. In the noon shows, there was a slight improvement but it is expected to pick up in the evening.

The film had a better hold than Raees which was expected as the later was coming off a higher number. Also, Raees had consumed a lot of capacity of its target audience. Hence Kaabil collection has sustained even though they are at lower levels and will not make a much difference in the long run. As it is impossible that Kaabil will cross Raees lifetime collection as the gap is too wide now. It could have a chance if it took the lead on weekdays.

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Kaabil is expected to show big growth on Saturday and Sunday as the family audience will not have much of a choice. As far today's trend is concerned, Kaabil 2nd Friday collection is likely to be up to 3 crores.


Our Estimate


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
90.55 Cr


Kaabil has collected 90 crores in the first extended week as per the producer figures. Tell us what are your views about Kaabil 2nd Friday box office collection update in the comments section.

22 comments on “Kaabil 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update”

    1. Burnol Mubarak hu...Disaster khan...only 67crJaahil
      Roko Raees ko Roko....
      Burnol Mubarak to all fellow Haters of SRK.

      50cr diff. between Raees and Jaahil
      Srk won this clash...

      1. Bhikari Raees. Who doesnt have any morals or ethics. Aur uske waise hi fan burnol ki baat kar rhe hai. Chewtiyo, Kaabil ko 2nd week me 200 screens jyada mile hai. Kuch toh baat hogi jo distributors ne yed decision liya hoga

  1. ??????? ??????????? How can kaabil be 3cr first day if it's running same as raees but with more screens.

    1. "The screen count will be in the range of 1800. The number is slightly higher than the other release Kaabil" (From BollyArena's article on Raees 2nd Friday). What I don't understand is why BA say that 10% is decent for Raees but good for Kaabil if it has less screens !

  2. If Pakistan has opened its arms to Kaabil, we should also: Rakesh Roshan
    if SRK says this all the haters will insulted him and called him terrorist
    but when this motherfucker says it no one cares…
    Rakesh money dog

  3. Both lost the clash. Both have become losers sadly. And even they know it. They had average rated films.

  4. ab pata chala clash karna ka natija rithik ko clash mein ab tak ki sabse zayada kamane wali film hain raees.who movie average thi kaabil isliye 90 cr kama liye . raees is better better agar mohan jodaro hoti to 40 cr bhi nahi kama pati
    srk is the best . ab pata chala baap baap hota hain .srk ke record dekh liye na rithik me phat ke haat mein a jayegi

  5. Watched kasbil.. First hslf is very good n emotional.. Made me cry.. The 2nd half is predictable n the same trick is used over n over again to trap the villains..got bored with it..raees was much better n could have been awesome if the love story was not there. The songs , although enjoyable, were not needed in the film. Raees's bootlegging story with Nawazudin siddiqi was much more interesting than that forced love story with mahira khan.
    Kaabil 2.5*
    Raees 3.5*
    Kaabil first half 3.5* 2nd hald 2*
    Raaes first half 4*
    2nd hald 3*

  6. Boi is deflating figures of Kaabil bcoz they want to prove themselves right at the time of krissh3
    But their problem is not filmkraft production, their problem is hrithik Roshan
    Bang bang was a fox star film still they deflated collection bcoz it stars hrithik in it
    So no how much Kaabil collect in lifetime khan office India will desperately declare it flop

  7. takla kuch bhi karenga apni bete ki movie ko bachane ke liya.
    himmat hain to akela aaye rithik srk ki tarah . srk is only person in bollywood who is single . who has no support . sher akala hi aata hain . kaabil is bekar movie maina apna paisa waste kiya

  8. Too much manipulation by the both calculator.This proves that nowdays SRK n Ritik has no stardom.
    Only manipulation manipulation.
    Ritik-Krish3,Bang Bang, Kaabil
    How can Every trade estimates goes wrong?
    2nd Friday collection are double from both side.calculators on fire mode.shame on Ritik n Srk for manipulation.From now i will not watch any SRK n Ritik movie.
    Pagal bana diya logonko inke calculators ne.

  9. bhai bollywood arena 10thday trade figure of raees is 2.45 & kaabil trade figure is 2.55cr ok...


  10. Both stars are great,both movies seem to do pretty good business,best of luck for both heros in future endouvers,keep
    Struggling,but positive and professional way Hirthic kapoor will prevails ultimately shahruk will decline very soon product life cycle,

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