Justice League New Trailer

Watch the brand new trailer of Justice League. The film will release in theatres in November 2017.

Synopsis: Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

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  1. I am sorry to say bt indicine users were a lot smarter than this sites users..here except a few people like hameed..all others try to take their favourite superstar over others without logics...amnong them devgn is the most...dude i gave my logic even in last article bt you only talk about sr...in this industry consistency matters and thats the only reason akki is in third concidering current form...bt guys pls stop calling ajay kalwa,aamir dwarf, akki canadian, srk dadaji... Dont talk unnecessarily...give your logics in your opinions...racism or foolish comments means that you guys are still immature...grow up

    1. I am in full support of Bollyarena for giving such Authentic figures?????

      I am not against Ajay devgan
      But according to trade figures sos, shivaay never crossed 100 cr
      To be frank Ajay 1st started manipulation from sos then continued by Hrithik & Srk

      Now one question why Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh does not give Ajay movies official figures??????
      Coz he manipulates
      He started manipulation for Baadshaho from 1st day itself with even 2 cr difference while trade figures is 66 cr and prod. Fig. 80 cr
      4 - 5 cr difference in trade & prod. Fig is very much acceptable whereas in Ajay movies there is almost 12 - 15 cr manipulation
      Like sos trade - 88 cr, manipulation fig. - 105 cr shivaay - 87 cr prod. Fig. - 100 cr

      Nobody can deny this fact even Ajay fans…..
      As a True Akkian I accept the fact that Khans r bigger stars compared to Akki
      Then why can’t Ajay fans accept the truth….

      1. Let's do it Akki vs Ajay Highest Grosser
        1.Akki -
        Rowdy Rathore - Verdict - Blockbuster
        Budget - 77 cr
        collections - 133 cr domestic
        All Time Ranking - 35
        Footfalls - 2.09 cr
        Adjusted Nett - 186 cr
        Screen count - 2900
        Release -solo - Non holiday
        Year - 2012
        2. Ajay
        Singham Returns - Verdict - Superhit
        Budget - 105 cr
        Collections - 140 cr domestic
        All Time Ranking - 58
        Footfalls - 1.69 cr
        Adjusted Nett - 156 cr
        Screen count - 3600
        Release - Solo - Holiday 15th jan 4 day weekend Monday holiday Janmashtmi
        2 open weeks
        Year - 2014
        Hence proved
        Akki much greater than Ajay
        Now stop saying sr

        1. Now what is this again???
          Go to Boi then go to top 100 highest footfalls and biggest hits and come bring their numbers here.

    2. I am the most honest user everybody knows that.And yes Hameed also comes across a very sensible user.We both are enough to destroy any fanbase together.
      And as I have told I feel Akki is an overrated star because his films have started working only because of patriotic theme.Look at the opening of some of this films.h3 jolly 2 Tepk all opened low.When he starts giving bumper openings as he used to give in 2008-09 I will consider him a superstar.
      And also he's not an Indian and a true patriot will never love star who can leave India to join any other country and preach about social issues.
      Whereas Ajay sir took a stand after Uri attacks and delivers bumper earth shattering opening every time hw works in commercial films

      1. Devgun lets be objective now those bumper openings Akshay gave in 2000s as you said qualified him to be a superstar right? But Ajay has not been giving bumper openings too this decade beside 1 or 2. I know the reasons lies with both Ajay ,his pr team especially Ajay himself and his lazyness thinking chalo yaar all is well but this is where Akshay has been smarter, Akshay knows how to promote his movies, interact with his fans via socio media and do cheap promotions according to many of his critics but at the end it pays off.

      2. Uri attack yes Shivaay 1st day collection was dedicated to the Uri victims but Akki to has done lots of contribution too, Even if he was Canadian his gesture is worth commending. How many Indians were contributing? See Acting is different, personal life too is different bro.

        1. But Ajay sir donates money from his heart.Whereas Akki does it for promotion there's a difference

      3. Dude what is patriotic films???does the ministry come and sell his tickets...then people can also say about the rohit shetty brand...except that he has just one hit sos...that too a multistarrer...his two solo hits are singham 1 and 2...alshay gave 3 housefull films rr and also jolly...his films take less opening because he does less promotions..small budget..no popular heroine...and if you want to destroy a fanbase at least put your logic i have done that...only by sr you cannot keep telling same thing

  2. Greatest actors:
    Ajay(2nd greatest actor in history of Indian cinema after the biggest legend ever Dilip Kumr ji..way better than crap actors like Kamal mohanlal who ruined Drishyam with their mediocre acting)

    1. @devgun mohanlal ruined drishyam???he is the greatest actor in india you piece of shit???actually i think you have turd in place of your brain...why ajay not even any bollywood actor is 1/10th of mohanlal..aamir srk come close bt malayalam movies are great..and devgun u are the worst piece of shit...why dont you reply to my comments when i express their hit or success ratio???where are your logics shit???

      1. Yes whatever I said is the truth.Nobody can match Ajay Sir's intensity.I don't know why you support crap actors like mohanlal kamal but compare them with other Bollywood stars because Ajay sir is in a different league when it comes to acting.Just watch his mindblowing outstanding restrained acting in the climax of Drishyam and you will get to know why Ajay sir is the greatest actor in India at present

  3. @ceiling khan
    Sorry to say but this all racist word happening after death of indicine.
    Who is smarter? hameed?
    He is comparing vivek & Arjun with akki.
    He is saying akki fans don't have brain & srk fans are mature.
    Wtf is he to judge?
    Here akki fans never bashed ajay sir
    Ask from jabra ajay fans like @sani D.
    This all is happening after indicine.
    Even you can ask from Aamir fans like parshya who is here from long time? Akki and ajay fans never bashed each other here on bollyarena.

    1. @karan singh i tried many times to show logics to this devgn...bt the funny thing is whenever i posted their hit or success ratio he never replied my comment...actually leave him alone he is mental

  4. I am not interested to bash Ajay....but this logic less guy Devgun forced me to do this.....hum Srkians ko apni aukat dikhane pein majboor mat karo...Sirf Srk sir ka fan base hi nahi...Pura industry Srk sir ko support karta hain isiliye Dwarf film is going to be grand....

  5. I am not interested in bashing Ajay but this logic less guy Devgun forced me to do this...hum Srkians ko apni aukat dikhane ke liye majboor mat karo....Srk sir ka fan base hi nahi Pura industry Srk sir ko support karta hain that's why Dwarf film is going to be grand

    1. Pura industry support karta hai toh why his movies does only 60 crores at the BO.
      And did you forget the last time when he arrived on Christmas got thrashed by Deepika and Ranveer.

      1. His Highest grosser is still a dream come true for Ajay sir still and hallucinations for Akshay

  6. Highest no of Disasters vs Highest No of Flops??
    Some people come hear very very late to comment i dont know why?

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