Justice League Monday Box Office Collection

Justice League has dropped on its first Monday as the film grossed 2.25 crores. The drop is around 60% from the opening day. The trend is not looking good and the film will be an average grosser in the best case scenario.

  • Day 1: 5.75
  • Day 2: 6.0
  • Day 3: 5.75
  • Day 4: 2.25
  • Total: 19.75

The actual opening weekend in North America has turned out to be $93.84 million which is even lower than estimates. The film is likely to be a flop in domestic markets which will be shocking for DC and Warner Bros.

8 comments on “Justice League Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Ajay devgun solo hits in Whole career
    1. Phool K
    2. Jigar
    3. Vijay path
    5. PTHT. (1998)
    6.Singham (ROHIT SHETTY)
    7. singham returns (ROHIT SHETTY)

    Out of 90 movies
    Solo hits – 7
    Remove ROHIT SHETTY movies
    Only 5 solo hits
    That’s too till 1998

    Dear Ajay sir, we ADiats r hanging our head in Shame……
    Last solo Hit in 1998
    20th year running…………
    We r ASHAMED of u
    Aap KALANK ho Cinema ke liye…
    I appreciate ROHIT to drive Flop actor Ajay Career Ahead?????

    1 2
    2.0 @ 2000 CR
    11/21/2017 at 10:05 AM
    Rohit Shetty accomplishments

    1 Ajay – SR (140 CR) Highest Grosser till GA
    2. Ajay – GA 1st 200 cr movie
    3. SRK – CE Highest Grosser
    4. SRK – one n only 200 cr movie
    5. Varun – Dilwale (Highest Grosser)
    6. Deepika – CE Highest Grosser
    7. Parineeti – GA Highest GROSSER
    8. Arshad – Highest Grosser (GA)
    9. Tushar – Highest Grosser (GA)
    10. Shreyas – Highest Grosser (GA)
    11. Kunal – Highest Grosser (GA)

    WOW!!!! ROHIT Rockssss ??????
    No.1 Director of Bollywood

    13 11
    2.0 @ 2000 CR
    11/17/2017 at 6:56 PM
    “R” – Factor Rocking the Indian Cinema
    1. Rajamouli
    2. Rohit Shetty
    3. Rajkumar Hirani

    1. Dear 2.0 akshay sir without deshbhakt hone se pehle blue,,CCTC,,Patiala house,,Acton reply,, khatha meetha,,joker,,8×12 tasveer,,,jaaneman,,HDKG,,tees maar khan,,etc phir uske baad deshbhakt hone ka dhong suru aur filmi hit hone lagi.....

      Rowdy rathore hit bcuz of songs+sonakshi

      From 2001 to 2010 me no hits without others help...
      Andaaz- music+ hot actress
      MSK- bcuz of salman sir
      Welcome- bcuz of majnu Bhai and nanaji
      Hera pheri series- bcuz of pareshjii
      Khakhee,,waqt,,aankhen,,,aitraaz,,ajnabee all averages bucoz of others actors......

      Again some flops-HMBPKH,,aan,,insaan,,jaani dushman,,,etc..

      And from 1990 to 2000 only
      Mohra was hit bcuz of songs and sunilji,,,shah Jii...
      Khiladion ka khiladi bcuz of madam Maya
      Khiladi bcuz of aysha jhulka and AM
      From 1990 to 2000 ,,his 85% films were flops ghanta ka deshbhakt......

      Agar deshbhakt ka dhong chord de to phir 60-70crs wala star rahega......samjha 2.0...

      1. I don't hate any actors or akshay sir lekin ye 2.0 pta nhi khud KO kya samajhta h.....G4 ne jabse 200cr+ kiya h ye pagal ho chuka hhh....

        1. Listen 2.0 har actors KO banane me director ka haath hota h usi tarah directors KO safal karne me bhi actors ka haath hota h....tu apna excuse Dena band kar de samjha.....

      2. Bhool B because of Vidya,Shaheen
        Housefull....Riteish Sonu Deeps
        Hey baby ... Vidya, Riteish Fardeen SRK cameo .
        Welcome Nana Anil Kat(sequel almost 100 cr proof Nana Anil jodi?)
        Sik...Javed Jaffery Sonu Sood Ompuri + Katrina+ Neha+ Snoop !!
        Bgm bg..Govinda Lara Jackie shroff
        Phir hera pheri...Suniel Paresh? Bipashu.
        Garam masala...Paresh +John?
        Msk...Salman + Priyanka + music

        İf Bhoot is Urmila???

        Andaaz ...Lara Dutta + Priyanka ...BEST DEBUT Lara + BEST DEBUT PRİYANKA so you should know who carried the movie!!!

        ?2000-2010...akki on his shoulders could not carry any movie??

        Elaan....Show Stopper Amrish puri + ROJA and PAK super success Madhoo!

        Yeh Dilagi...Saif + Kajol + ole ole ole?
        Suhaag...You need any explanatin?
        Mohra....Suniel Naseer Raveena Music
        Kkk...Maya Maam!! All d way + Hit actress Raveena
        Khiladi...Ayesha + Akki + Deepak Multi

        90s solo Hit ...SBK only on his shoulder!!

        Deshbkt...+multicast without...RR Jllb solo!!

        Superpositive reviews of Tepk Airlift opening no much difference with critic bashed flops Himmatwala Action Jackson!!

        Footfall total....< Highest distribution< Bumper Opening Weekend Lifetime Worlwide Overseas Circuit Record breaking ....all lower than tera Baap ☝..and you shamelessly come here to bash Ajay!! İdiot...now get lost??

  2. What do they say about dog’s tail?

    You may try to straighten a dog’s tail; buy no matter what you do, it will never become straight but always remain curved.

    1 user here @bollyarena is a live example of it. No matter what you tell him, he will always end up talking about the same stupid stuff.

    The world has given up on its efforts to straighten the dog’s tale and so should we of trying to talk some sense into him.

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