Judwaa 2 has a solid hold on Tuesday

Judwaa 2 has a strong hold on its first Tuesday as the film grossed 8.05 crores. The drop from the opening day is 50% which had a partial holiday.

Despite consuming a lot of capacities in the extended weekend, the film has sustained at very good levels. This has ensured that it will be a clean hit at the box office. Also, it has now chances to emerge the biggest grosser of 2017 from Bollywood. Currently, Toilet Ek Prem Katha is the highest grosser of the year which stands at 134 crores.

Judwaa 2 is likely to cross 100 crore mark on its 8th day. The hold on 2nd Friday will be crucial or the film to emerge a major hit.

Day 116.10
Day 220.55
Day 322.60
Day 418.0
Day 58.05
Day 66.72
Day 76.06
Day 84.25
Day 95.75
Day 108.10
Day 112.91
Day 122.45
Day 132.25
Day 142.05
Day 151.72
Day 162.65
Day 172.82
Total133.03 cr

36 comments on “Judwaa 2 has a solid hold on Tuesday”

  1. Varun Dhawan with BAD WOM WILL DO 140-150

    1. Judwa ek Brand thi...
      aur TEPK ek niche movie

      by the way
      I am Happy for Varun
      Varun ne Srk,salman,Ajay ko pachar diya

      Srk ko to bahut bura wala aukat dikha di usne

      Srk ki JHMS ki lifetime 65 crore hai
      aur Judwa 2 ki 5 din ki collection 85 crore

      ab Srk ka time khatam
      ab Varun aur Ranveer raaj karega Bollywood pe?

    2. Who said word of mouth is bad...and its a remake of salman..one of the best release periods...no good films releasing before or after it...and tepk and jolly were small films that can ve enjoyed in tv...bt he managed to do 130 crore and 116 crore..nxt yeqr both gold and 2.0 will be big openers...and remember rajni s films flopped in north...so the entire collection of north will go to akki

    3. Its power of judwaa brand and so many holidays advantages togather. varun dhawan is a small kid and dont compare him with veteran actors who have been in form since 25 years and more. varun has a long way to go to match the stardom of khans, akshay, ajay and hrithik.

  2. People saying that movie will crash on Tuesday, hahaha go back to your little holes!

    10 back to back successfully movies guys never done by any newcomer at the start of his career!


    1. Yes its true..and its a big achievement. ..bt now people will have more expectations from varun. ..and again that devgn guy was afraid to reply my comment on srks last article where I published success ratio of ajay and akshay....

  3. Akki ki kmai ktni b ho mgr wo singhm return ka record nhi tor skta is jnam me or ajay sir ki filmy single secren k lia hoti hain is lia kmai km hoti ha mgr jo chez ajay sir ne hasil kr li ha wo aaj tk ksi actor ne nhi ki na ksi Hollywood actor ne na hi indian actor ne
    Ajay sir k fan na suicide krny ki kosis ki sirf or sirf ajay sir ko na mil pany k gum me
    Agr tum me se koi khta ha k mai ksi actor ka real dan hoon to apny fevrat k lia jaan de skty ho jesy ajay sir k fan de skty hain
    Hai ksi me dum
    Note: i m salman fan

  4. Those saying holiday saved this film sre very jealous ppl.
    Holiday also saved TEPK after holiday film down the business.
    Varun easily beat tepk.
    Varun more crowed puller than Akshay.

    1. ha ha ha haha. akshay has been in industry for 26 years and this tiny kid varun dhawan is more crowd puller? What a joke. tell your small baby varun to do as many films as akshay aukaat dikh jaayegi. akshay is an established superstar who gives maximum films every year compared to others and still delivers hits. the day varun dhwan does even half of those achievements only then come and talk.

  5. varun dhawan ne prove kr diya h ki uske jesa koi newcomers actor nhi h.
    back to back hits on the box-office .
    jaldi hi 300cr ki movie dega ye ladka.. .
    popularity bhut hi high h iss ladke ki.
    salman ki tarah hi famous hoga ...
    yaad rakhna ...

    1. Aane wale do teen saal me ye Salman ko bhi pachar kar Bollywood ka King ban jayega

      Srk ko to ye barbaad kar hi diya hai

      Srk(gobar star) JHMS lifetime---65 crore
      Judwa2 5 days collection--85 crore

      1. Dude the khans are unquestionably the biggest...vqruj still did not give 150 crore...and aamir salman and srk all gave at least 1 huge blockbuster in their startings...srk needs just 1 film...aamir is in top form...salman just made a bad choice with tubelight. ...I am sure if tzh or dwarf film turns out to be good film and blockbuster...those who are barking right now will praise them...lol..bt varun is already on top amongst youngstars

  6. Ranveer aajane do padmavati ke sath tab ye judwaa2 hawa me udd jayega.

    Ranveer(1 holiday) > Varun (3.5 holiday)

    1. Padmavati is Flop already.Once the verdict will be out.You can remind me at that time.

    2. Abe lallu garadhya u change again like earlier

      U said judva max 90 Cr now look at 85 in 5 days

      And secondly your tingu gets more holidays than anyone that you never say

      Really Shame on u

      Everyone know you are moron but don't prove again and again ?

      1. @bakwas
        Tumhara prediction for lallu films hamseha hawa me hi rahta hai.

        Kab break karga tera lallu bb
        Aur usko to Dangal iss janam me break nahi hoga

        Shame on lallu fans and bihari star lallu ??

        1. I never say anything in hawa laalu check my all post

          I m not like you who bark like moron

          I said before I said again Salman is ahead from Aamir in stardom and this truth everyone knows but some stupid like you only bark

          Aamir is very scary actor who don't care for his fans only think for himself and do one movie in 2-3 yr and release in Christmas

          Dum hai to ek blockbuster lake Aaye in non

    3. Ranveer is bhansalis kid!

      Whenever he gives a flip he comes running to SLB!

      Varun Dhawan doesn't need his dad or any certain director now!

      Although Padmavati looks HUGE!

  7. Likes of varun ranveer are doing well....there is no point on making films like rangoon or bombay velvet when they are disliked by most audience..except the si called critics...they are not even good films...aldo the likes of nawaz and manoj are incredibly talented...bt seems that on excuse of doing good movies they are doing same roles..manoj-prakash jha type films and nawaz the same tortured or poor struggling guy...exception in rajkumar rao who rediscovers himself in every film

    1. Manoj nawaz are good actors but they laks the charisma and energy of the young stars like varun and ranveer and above all their sex appeal

    1. Aur saath mein secret superstar ka band bhi bajaye gi. Ab parshya bonkega ki Aamir cameo kar raha hai. One more thing parshya youtube par ss trailor ki counting kitni hi gayi. Tubelight ke waqt to update de rahe the. ss ke counting Tepk ko beat kab kar rahi hai. Tum to sara hisab rakhte ho

      1. abe lallu SS is a offbeat movie not for gawaar londe lapades like you. SS will rock and you cant do anything. get a life and achieve somthing in your life first before barking like a loser dog.

  8. New List of best bollywood actors.
    1. Akshay Kumar
    2. Hritik Roshan
    3. Varun Dhawan
    4. Amir khan
    5.Ranveer Singh

  9. सलमान खान जैसा संस्कारिक एक्टर पुरी फिल्म इन्डस्ट्रीज नही है वो आजकल हिरो के लिए mentor है ....
    उनकी फिल्मों मे कोई भी bad seen नही होता ।
    हर एक फिल्म family picture है
    धन्य हे ऐसा एक्टर ।

    1. it's all show off. if he is really so called sanskari actor then why the hell is he hosting cheap 3rd class shows like bigg boss for so many years? yehi aukat hai uski. when will his gawaar fans grow up?

    2. aishwarya ko kisne mara
      logonko kisne mara
      katrina,sonam,bijlani ke sath affaire kisne kiya
      chinkara ko kisne mara

      hahahaha aur bol raha hai sanskari actor...

  10. @Bhupendra pandit
    This is 2017 not 90's
    All superstars make family movies
    There is nothing wrong in kissing scenes


  12. Band baje ki TEPK.
    This year akshay two film one hit another super hit.
    This year varun two films one super hit another going to super hit way.
    Both. Varun and Akshay have two film BNKD earn more than jolly llb2.
    Now judwaa will cross TEPK.
    It means varun more crowed puller than Akshay.
    Being 25 year in industry not given single 150cr.
    Think about stardom.
    Now fan taking 2.0 support still it will not do 150cr in hindi version open challenge.
    Dont bark wait and watch.

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