Judwaa 2 has a phenomenal Saturday

Judwaa 2 has another huge day as the film grossed a massive 20.55 crores on Saturday. The growth is around 25% from the opening day which is phenomenal.

There was a holiday for Dussehra on Saturday so a boost was expected. It was coming after a partial holiday so the impact could have been less. But Judwaa 2 has surpassed expectations with excellent growth in all over India. With this film, Varun Dhawan has joined the league of superstars who have crossed 20 crores on a single day.

The film will again grow on Sunday. Today is Muharram so the collections can be affected a bit in Muslim dominated circuits. Also there is a cricket match too which might make a small dent. But overall Judwaa 2 is likely to grow on both Sunday and Monday.

Day 116.10
Day 220.55
Day 322.60
Day 418.0
Day 58.05
Day 66.72
Day 76.06
Day 84.25
Day 95.75
Day 108.10
Day 112.91
Day 122.45
Day 132.25
Day 142.05
Day 151.72
Day 162.65
Day 172.82
Total133.03 cr

54 comments on “Judwaa 2 has a phenomenal Saturday”

  1. Wow wow! Always knew Varun Dhawan had something worthy enough to be shown! From his very first movie, kangana this is not nepotism! First movie is nepotism after that its talent and hardwork!

    20+cr party time!

    Lifetime: depending on Tuesday collections but right now I'd say 130-140cr!

  2. Fantastic collection. ?

    Now Varun will be ready for bodyguard remake ?

    India ki janta ka pura pagal bana do ?
    Inko iss type ki hi masala filme dikhate
    Raho aur looto india ko.

    1. tere hisaab se toilet ek prem was good movie na? hahhahaha... bhai sirf rubbish hi bikta hai India mai.......

      1. hmmmm , tere hisab se dangal,baahubali 2,pk aur bb bhi rubbish hi thi ....!!!!

        me ye nahi kahunga ki judwaa 2 was very good movie but ha kafi time ke baad pan india only masala movie aayi hai plus bhai ka recall value ... so movie kama rahi hai ..

  3. Why Srk fans bootlick younger stars because Srk is past now.After chef even Saif will cross JHMS

    1. @ Shettymadestar You mental person talking about singham returns what happened after 5 days it crashed completely. It collected that much only becoz of franchise factor and Rohit shetty woh gave Blockbuster Chennai Express just before that.
      Superstar Akki gave 4 200 cr Grossers worldwide flop actor Ajay yet

      1. Abe what about H3 OUATIMD.Both were franchise movies right.Akki ruins franchise and Ajay creates franchise.Just imagine any other star doing Singham.There won't be any intensity and Ajay is the last action hero who performs stunts by himself unlike other actors

        1. You r a maniac... Consult a doctor
          Only Akki does stunts on his own as he is blackbelt you idiot...
          Akki starrer flop OUTIMD collected more than Ajay starrer hit OUTIM
          Ajay hit movie can't even compared with Akki flop movie
          That is flop star Ajay status before Superstar Akki

    2. Hey dude...ok I agree with you in this regard that akki is a Canadian citizen...it hurts even his fans.
      .bt how can you say ajay is bigger than akki?? Ok see which is better? Getting 80+marks in5 subjects or getting 100 in 1 and 40 in the other 4??? And another thing lets just not talk about ajays disastrous last decade...in this decade he has only 8 successful films...while akshay has 15....giving 5 consecutive hits is better than giving 2 superhits and 3 consecutive flops

  4. Varun Dhawan today is a much bigger star compared to all the younger generations! Can only be compared to ranveer and ranbir! Although I don't think ranveer will last for long but let's see!

    No content!
    Movie rejected by critics!

    The movie is running on Varun Dhawans name and Judwaa songs!

    If the jump is huge tomorrow like today, then i think it wouldn't be wrong to say it will soon become the highest grosser of the year!

    1. Don't forget Salman factor & Judwa brand.. This actually has boosted the collection.. otherwise it wouldn't have collected that much.. anyway well done Varun.. but he needs to show more versatility in future to gain followers in multiplex..

      1. Statistically Sushant also crossed 20cr+ but that is more of an achievement of the name "Dhoni" than him!

    2. No you idiot. It's running because it's remake of judwaa starring one of the biggest stars of Bollywood. Varun dhawan is yet to cross Ranveer' 2nd highest grosser ramleela As a solo release (excluding dilwale) and Ranveer is far more talented and natural actor than crap dhawan. Ranveer is future of bollywood.

  5. Cant believe...
    Its better if SRK & Salman Start to doing this type of movies and not craps like Tubelight & JHMS, Sultan, Happy New Year
    Its better to watch a entertaining non Sense movie like Judwa 2

    1. There is a big difference between 27 yr old Varun doing idiotic romantic comedy Vs 54 yr old buddha doing it.

  6. Woww... 36.65 in just 2 frigging days is amazing... todays collection will be highest for him.. the only challengw is that the movie shuld be stable on tuesday...
    Sunday 22cr (bigg boss inaugration)
    Monday 15cr
    So total 4 day weekend collection 74-75cr

    This movie has a full chance of beating TEPK which is akshay kumar's highest ever... but only if it has stable collection on tuesday...

    If it gets 10cr on tuesday then it will 100% beat akshay's movie

  7. With negative reviews varun did better than Akshay.
    TEPK positive review.
    J2 negative reviews still collecting better than akshay film.
    Varun more crowed puller than Akshay.
    First two day proved varun getting more audience than Akshay also getting more screen than akshay distributor have full confidence than Akshay regarding Screens.

    1. And what is hr doing? ?? Bt I agree thqt akshay kumar s films are not going above 135 crore...bt his type of films restricted it's business. ..airlift, rustom, jolly tepk baby...though I agree he has almost always dissapointed when he does big films. ..like brothers ouatimb tmk

    2. Tepk has mixed rating 2.7 star less than rares also rares rating is 2.9 stars and tepk is not a commercial movie not have hit songs only 2900 screens

  8. Yestaerday I watched night show of judwaa 2. Friends it was just crap. I dont know why it is collecting so much . It is full of senseless dialogues . Each and every scene is disgusting . My family was so angry after watching this . I request everone not to watch this because its nothing but headache. 1 star out of 5 from me.

  9. Amazzzzzzzinggg!!!..
    Varun on a roll. Being influenced by salman is actually helping him. 80% collections are courtesy Mr.Bollywood Salman!
    Imagine the hysteria around TZH.. pheww
    Btw.. zero wibes around cartoon film Secret flopstar :D :D... peetegi re baba.. bhuri tarah se peetegi.. :D

    1. Arreh bahut hype karke JHMS kya kar liya??! JHMS aur Dear Zindagi se better karegi SS.. yeh to zaroor hai..

    2. @jeet
      arey Bhai TZH ke time distributor ki soch...
      uss time sallu,sallu fans ,distributor sab tension me honge
      kyunki tuze pata hai fusslight ka kya hal hua

      vaise SS safe zone me hai aur Aamir ka cameo hai aur clash bhi hai
      compare karna hai to PK,Dangal se kar re baba

      SS will easily collect atleast 60cr means hit or superhit.
      aur TZP hai jaisi rahi to samaj le Aamir ka cameo wali movie
      Fusslight ko break karegi.

      1. Absolutely... SS surely has strong content.. that's why Aamir has kept the film for so long for the release.. if it turns out to be anything close TZP, then Tubelight collection is in danger (I'm only talking about domestic, if SS gets released in China then ALL the other 2017 release worldwide collection will be in danger ;-) )

      2. arrey yaar.. abhi se hi back foot main he!??? :D..
        U knw the film bhoori tharah se peetegi :D..
        TZH will fetch more price even though tubelight failed.. dekh le!!.. Tiger is now a BRANDDDD!

        1. And thugs of hindostan will earn lot more than TZH. Don't force aamir fans to bash salman. Learn something from your star at least. He said in an interview that those who speak rubbish against his fellow superstars are not his bloody fans. And you are just a attention seeking jerk. Get a life moron.

        2. Lagta he bhai up bohot tension may ho , koy distributer tzh buy karega yeh nayhi. No prob mayre bhai secret superstar blockbuster hoyne kay bat distributer ko itney paise mil oh aram sey tzh karid lay ga . So do no tension mayre bhai ??

  10. Critics are very meagre in numbers. Their opinion can't make a movie hit or flop. Now a days audience is the final critics some like some dislike. So forget to think about critics now. Many critics are biased sometime even paid or unpaid now.

    This movie for varun set him for a reputable stardom of his own. No matter some critics said overact in movies but until his movies are giving thorough entertainment its acceptable.

    Judwaa2 all set to achieve a status if hit superhit or even can get blockbuster status too. Within 4 Days it set to get biz of 70-75Crs and 99-95 or mire within a week but it solely depend how it fares in weekdays and Tuesday is being awaited by different trade analyst

  11. This halfmind Devgun is truely shameless,pichle Kuch articles mein sabhi Srk aur Akki fans ne milkar iski band Baja di phir bhi yeh besharam phir se as gaya,Mental patient tahola,Srk aur Akki sir ko chod do,woh hamesa se superstar Hain aur rahege lekin tumhara Ajay na kabhi superstar tha aur na kabhi ban payega,ab toh Varun bhi Ajay se aage Chala gaya

    1. Ajay positive wom dhrishyam 68 cr srk negative wom fan 84 cr akshay negative wom h3 109 cr both on nonholiday aukat me raho kalwa fans

      1. Utsav you can't compare drishyam and fan with houseful! House ful was a much bigger movie than the other two!

        Come up with better example although I agree with you that Akshay kumar is in a better phase than ajay and srk!

    2. Baadshaho>>>>>>>>>>>>JHMS.
      So please shut up.Ajay is miles ahead of both of them.It's an insult to Ajay sir to be compared with B grade stars.

      1. Kuch toh upar wale kaa khof kar. Kaha srk sir aur akki sir aur kaha tumhara vimal babu?

  12. I was told yesterday that who care about critics reviews...real critics is a public...with negative review from the critics the film shown huge growth..that means public word of mouth mostly on positive side...best of luck varun.....and i watch this movie yesterday night this movie is the second best movie of the year after Bahubali 2..

  13. SRK jaise superstar ke sath Ajay ka comparison toh ek pagal bhi nahi karega aur Akki sir ki tarah back to back 5 100 Cr film toh Ajay sapne mein bhi nahi soch Sakta....lost clash against Srk in 2012,lost clash against Junior actor Ranbir in 2016 aur bol raha Hain Ajay is bigger than Srk and Akki

  14. Itne sare negative review k baad v aisa collection....woooww wooowww...mns Varun Sach me star hain present Bollywood industry me...Best of luck Juduwa 2

  15. Actually a crap movie... But very well marketed, it has to be said.. bringing those promos featuring Salman at the last moment has worked.. not too sure about Varun's 'superstar' status as everyone is claiming.. bcoz u have to keep in mind the Judwa brand & Sallu's association.. however he is certainly a rising star for sure now who is very bankable for big projects

  16. Those who are saying that negative reviews let me clear you one thing comedy movie doesn't need critics reviews examples are too many
    H3 has collected 194 cr ww on nonholiday with negative review
    H2 has collected 188 cr on nonholiday with negative review
    Welcome opens with excellent star with negative wom and clash with tzp which was 10 times better film than welcome
    And collected 123 cr ww which was 2nd highest of that year after srk osm
    Sik opened with record breaking start both in domestic and overseas
    And become 2nd highest grosser of that year

  17. Dilwale too had got negative reviews but collected 140 crore in clash.It was 2nd highest worldwide grosser of 2015 only behind Bajrangi bhaijaan but ahead of PRDP.

  18. maan gaye yaar.. varun doesn't own a single flop out of 10movies he did.. kuch to baat hai.

  19. But ab varun ko kuch alag karna hoga samesha comedy kam nahi dega so more content driven movie like badlapur

  20. Earlier I used to target only Akki because I feel he's dangerous for the country who brainwashes people about fake patriotism lekin ab Srk bhi meri hit list mein enter ho gaya hai after seeing his online fans who never watch his movies in theatres replying to my comments even when I didn't badmouth him.
    Dono ka countdown shuru.
    If you ask any trade analyst about the current standings everyone will agree that Ajay is miles ahead of both of them unless he's a paid critic.I myself have been in the business for many years and I know how arrogant and selfish both these actors are and have experienced simplicity of Ajay who is actually doing something for the betterment of industry by making Shivaay which didn't do well but it was an honest attempt and now doing big budget period film that will destroy Baahubali.
    Baadshaho collected 15 crores more than JHMS despite being a low budget movie that didn't star any top actress.Even in his golden phase Akshay can't cross SR which released way back in 2014 and didn't have good WOM.After Golmaal 4 everything will be crystal clear.Ajay sir will be in the league of Khans(excluding Srk) soon after the release of the film.
    Just wait and watch till then apni aukat mein raho kyunki agar hum ADians ki kissak gayi tumhara koi star, star kehne ke layak nahi bachega

    1. I don't hate Ajay devgn, although I'm not really interested in his movies as I am in khans movie or Akshay Kumar movies! But for you to say that Ajay devgn has a bigger following that is bullshit!

      You can't even touch Akshay Kumar or The Khan they are too big a name, Akshay wasn't in no Khan league before 2012! But he slowly caught up with doing multiple great movies so we had to admit the truth because the numbers are there! I still say Akshay Kumar does not have a great stardom following like Shah Rukh or Salman, and overseas Shah Rukh Khan can't even be touched!

      If Ajay starts making huge movies like his future proj cts are showing and they do good business he will be back!

      Even I can say Akshay Kumar is nothing in front of SRK go tell him to beat collections of HNY, CE or even Dilwale! But them movi es came before and this year Akshay and Varun are ruling the box office! The truth is always in the numbers so it can't be denied!

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