Judwaa 2 3rd Friday Box Office Collection

Judwaa 2 3rd Friday Box Office Collection: Judwaa 2 maintains its steady pace in the third week also. The film has collected 1.72 cr on the 15th day.

The collections are pretty good considering that it is a pre-Diwali period. The impact will be more from Monday to Thursday as it is probably the worst period for business. The total collection after 15 days stands at 127.56 cr. Beating TEPK seems to be a bit tough right now which is the highest grosser of 2017 currently.

Day 116.10
Day 220.55
Day 322.60
Day 418.0
Day 58.05
Day 66.72
Day 76.06
Day 84.25
Day 95.75
Day 108.10
Day 112.91
Day 122.45
Day 132.25
Day 142.05
Day 151.72
Day 162.65
Day 172.82
Total133.03 cr


27 comments on “Judwaa 2 3rd Friday Box Office Collection”

    1. Says some sites, but a lot of sites and trade people also say Raees made 139cr!

      So you are welcome to believe what you want ???

  1. Sat-Sun 5Cr
    Mon-Thursday 5Cr ?
    Total Around 137Cr ?

    Where Is #Akchhhhay_Kumar Toilet ??
    Beta 25Saal Me Akchhay Ne 1HGOTY Na Di Hai Aur 25Saal K Baad Dega Kya ? 25Saal K Baad NewComers ? Bhi BajaNe Lag Gae ??

    Only #Aamir_Rules In Bollywood ??

    1. Bro,
      why r u being like idiot.
      everyone know that TEPK is excellent movie than Judwaa2.
      then why r u comment like #Akchhhay kumar.
      this is show that how u r afraid of akshay kumar.
      only collection not matter, TEPK has a class movie than Judwaa2.
      so being practical not sick.
      Ya Amir is great actor but what happened when he is doing 3-4 movie & release their non holiday no 25 Dec or diwali or whenever you want you release movie.
      stop comparing both they have good in their own field.

      bro being practicle.

      1. Bhai @akku

        Bhai aamir ki konsi 3-4 non holiday movies release hui h???...

        2007 se phle ki 90% movie aamir ki NON HOLIDAY hi thi...

        Or rhi baat Dhobi-ghat....jo ki Aart movie h...kya kisi or acter me esi movie bnane ki himmat h ??

        Or Talaash...2012 me 92 crore kr liye the....bina high figh promotion k...

  2. Wait for the biggest Diwali dhamaka ever next Friday.
    In 5 days TEPK will be history.Haters will bark Ajay's success without Rohit but Rohit ko industry mein laaya kaun.
    And as I have told Akki will always be behind Ajay.After G:4 he will be having two movies higher than Akki's highest grosser.
    Shame on you joker and your Deshdrohi fans.
    And start addressing other actors with respect only then you will get respect from Sid and Sushant fans.
    135 cross nahi hoti while Aamir salman dealing with 300 Ajay(after Golmaal) srk with 200 Hrithik Ranbir ranveer with 185 and even Kangana touching 150.
    But this joker cab cross 135 only with Rajinikanth sir

    1. Okay devgun boss..from now on not only me bt every akki fan will accept ajay is higher than akki...now at least stop boss..you are filling comment section with repeated topic..and who is. Akki??he is a canadian and all his taxes goes to canada isn't it?? He is a puny star even nawaz gave bigger opening than him in bb..and for ajay he is a superstar.."give him a good script and 200 crore will ve cakewalk"and akki is a star for patriotic films..oh wait ajay also did bhagat singh(atbb),and drishyam was not a good script at all..even zakhm,apaharan scripts were bad..even with a full offbeat film baadshaho it did 70 crore!!!
      Akki also did the record of 0% occupancy record with bhool bhulaiyya,sik,blue..all his 12 hits in this decade was due to ritesh,abhishek,sonakhshi,manoj bajpai,an patriotism...and ajay gave 8 solo hits with even bad scripts..who is rohit shetty??he is made by devgn..chennai express idea was also ajay's. Ajay releases 5 films in 20 months still all are hits..akki gets small hits due to patriotism..so
      Ajay>>>>>>>>50times of akki
      Akki is even below shahid
      Bt why nobody comes with good scripts to ajay sir???hmmm because they fear he would break the bahubali record...
      Also 2.0 stop calling akki bigger than ajay repeatedly..we all know the reality..and believe it so dont bring it again and again

    2. @Devgun, think of securing your Captains imconsistent performance on the field now,theres a new comer now in the name of Varun Dhawaan with a very consistent stats anytime he comes to field,he seems hungry and ready to replace your Captain Devgn Sir.
      Akshay kumar currently is the most valuable player on that pitch so his position is very much secured,so worry about your own Captain Ajay sir. Fact!!!

  3. Please give me an honest reply as a captain whom you'd prefer Ajay sir who can score 200 in an ODI if he's in form or Akki who can guarantee 20 per match but his limit is only 30 runs even if all conditions are favourable for him.

    1. Lol @ devgun this is not even a question of course ajay...give him a good script and 200 crore will be a cakewalk..akkis film never opened well even both jolly and tepk released solo...and baadshaho did 10 crore + though it was getting very very tough competition from shubh mangal saavdhan by superstar ayushman khuranna..

    2. @Devgn look I'll be honest, ajay is capable of giving a higher grosser than Akshay Kumar, I know that and his SR is higher than any Akshay Kumar starrer!

      But if the player on the pitch is capable ofndoing double century but is not in form in recent matches, I will obv givr Man of thr Match to the one who is giving centuries in the past 5 matches!

      But don't compare none of the top 2 superstars to THE KHANS!!

  4. Stardom is based on highest grosser of actors:
    Ajay-200 after Golmaal
    Ranveer 183
    Sushant 135
    Varun 135
    Akki 133

    1. No problem let's speak after golmaal! Let's what the opening day collections are?!

  5. Wah yaar tere jaisa captain to team ko hi duba de Abe pehle century to lagale phir 200 ki bat karna loser tabse out hue ja rha hai 0 par out of form and akki is in top form hitting sixes and fours more consistent than poor fellow vimal and after robot 2 your all sr gonemaal will be out of the stadium because in Hindi versions audience will come due to akki or jo khud shetty ki baisakhi pe ho dusre ko langda bole shobha nhi deta paralysed vimal

  6. And yes gold is also coming so get ready to really get your helmet on to protect from powerful shorts from hockey sticks as it will tear you apart poor fellow

  7. @ceiling rustom opened 14 crore despite competition from a high budget film mj and crushed it power of akshay ok sik welcome rr tmk ajnabee even underperformers like ki de dana Dan opened huge megastardom of akki unlike 0 stardom on shetty dependent paralysed vimal can't give 100 crore ok forget it a clean hit without him such a big loser huh

  8. What a business by drishyam bhagta Singh good scripts still 0 result and here akki saves Bollywood gives clean hits superhits lifeline of distributors ends dull phase this is akki king Kumar not flop vimal devgn

  9. 1st walk on ur own foot and cross 100 crore than talk loser a jate Hain bap se bolne bechare nadan bachche

  10. @devgun:don't spam every article with ur nonsensical rants.apart from movies with shetty ajay is just a 0.hardly his movies collects around 70 CR's that too with help of vimal calculator.on d other hand akki has delivered clean 5 hundred plus crossers(avg of 125 per movie)within just 20 months .don't make urself more lunatic by comparing raja bhoj(akki)n gangu teli (ajay)..

  11. Kindly request to Vimal fans please purchase
    Vimal you will get the free ticket of badshaoo Vimal pan masaala Dane Dane me Kesar ka dum????

  12. Ajay last 2 decades success ratio
    2000 to 2009
    2010 to 2017
    Total 52%
    Akshay success ratio only this decade
    Still his shameless fans compares him with akshay if Ajay beat akshay in hits, successful films,100+ domestic, success ratio any one of these I will leave Bollywood arena

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