Judwaa 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Judwaa 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Judwaa 2 has already done excellent business in the first two days. Now it has another solid day at the Indian box office on Sunday. Looking at the early trends, it seems that Judwaa 2 3rd day collection will be in the range of 22 cr.

It was coming after a national holiday and even Friday was a partial holiday. There was also a cricket match and Muharram on Sunday which might have affected collections in Muslim dominated circuits. But despite all these factors, it has managed to remain steady.

Judwaa 2 box office collection in 3 days will be around 58 cr. There is still a big holiday on Monday which is going to give the film a big boost. The first extended weekend will probably be enough for the film to succeed irrespective of what happens on weekdays. Judwaa 2 is yet another successful film for Varun Dhawan who is yet to face a box office failure in his career.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
58.65 Cr


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80 comments on “Judwaa 2 3rd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Superb performance if film can perform at the same level tomorrow then it’s recovered it’s 75cr Landing cost and the rest will be profit

  2. So according to kalwa devgn his disaster actor is bigger star than akki
    40+ cr weekend according to boi
    Akki 10
    Kalwa 1
    But our b grade kalwa is bigger than akki
    10+ cr opening
    Akki 15
    Kalwa 6
    But our kalwa is bigger than akki [email protected] me raho kalwa fans????

    1. Hey man.. don't call anyone by skin colour.. it's not a SIN to have black complexion or less fair complexion.. racism se bura aur kuch nahi ho sakta..

    2. Abe oye ab toh challenge karta hoon agar Akki ki ek bhi movie G:4 ko cross kare aaj ke baad kabhi apna muh nahi dikhaunga.Bas ab tumko apni aukat pata chalegi.
      Agar khud Akshay mera pair chue toh bhi maafi nahi milegi.Bohot badi galti ki an saA bhugat

      1. Pehle kalwe ko Rohit shetty ke bill se nikaal aur dekh uski aukaat kya hai...
        Kab tak tera kalwa Rohit shetty ke badaulat bollywood mein rahega..
        Kalwa manipulation karke saare bollywood ko bigaad raha hai
        Sos se manipulation shuru kar diya jo 88 cr thi trade figures se aur fake collections 105 cr
        Baadshaho ko manipulation se bhi 80 cr nahi kar paya aur disaster rahi

      2. Koi kya 2.0 same de kalwa aukat pata chal jayega aur tera b grade golmal 125 cr karega max because multiplex me as Mar legal???

      3. Golmaal ghanta kameyegi toilet ka record v ni tod payegi vimal calculator v use krle TB bhi ni ho payega Aamir Salman srk akshay ye superstar h

    3. Sr>>>>>>>>>RR
      So ajay is wah ahead than akki and srk.He is at third position after Aamir/Salman.
      No more discussions please.Dimag lagao thoda agar hai toh.Bina arguments ke discussion karne lag jaate ho bewakoofo

      1. tu jaake kisi acche psychiatrist ko dikha paagall ho chuka h....
        RR released in 2012 and have 2 crore footfalls samjha or sr k 1crore hi h. also brand factor with singham samjha or jhms is a very niche movie still open better than baadshaho
        sale compare karna bhi nahi aata... shit fan apne star ki acche se research to karleta fan war karega. he is one of the superstars in country no doubt.okay.

      2. Akshay is far bigger than Ajay.Ajay don’t have 1 100 crore film without Rohit shetty .Son of Sardaar and Shivaay were not 100 crore grossers according to BOI figures.But Ajay manipulated and bring them to 100 crore club.He gave only 1 30 crore opening on national holiday with sequel Singham returns.except that he doesn’t have even 15 crore opening.so his opening ability is not 30 crore.Ajay’s full commercial film Baadshaho just collected 70 crore.whereas Akshay’s niche films like Airlift , Rustom collected over 120 crore.so undoubtedly Akshay is bigger than Ajay .

        1. Let akki cross 20 crores on opening day then we shall discuss till then please don't insult AD sir by mentioning him in the same list as Akki.
          BTW H3(2016)-105 crores.
          G3(2010)-108 crores.
          So don't talk about niche etc etc.Whenever ajay sir has been part of commercial movies with good WOM result has been blockbuster.

          1. H3 worldwide 194 cr and 109 cr domestic
            G3 ww 168 cr 107 cr domestic
            H3 >>>>G3
            Gabbar 138 cr ww 87 cr domestic
            Shivay 124 cr ww 84 cr domestic with big holiday like diwali

      3. RR footfall kalwa ka aukat de Babar hai
        RR footfall >>> kalwa whole carrear
        Trolling Karen ka babul shock hai Na ab bhugat

      4. Plz dont listen to this rajput he can not be fan of our Akki. He's racist bollyarena can u ban this cu..t plz..im fan of akshay and i do respect every actor in ther own prospective...

      5. Shingham return or shingham ke collection alg h bhai rowdy Rathore 2 aane ka h shingham or rowdy Rathore me comparison kr

    4. bro don't abuse him. also not support skin racism.
      just becoz of his only shit fan who spreads negativity here. ignore his shit fan.

      1. Kalwa is none other than our gobar chakki kumar. Chakki ke fans kuch zyada hi fudak Rae hai. Chakki ki movies sirf aur sirf content ke basaultat chakki hai. He is script dependent actor. Ajay is much bigger star than kalwa chakki.

        1. Content kii baat Ajay fans naa hi are toh achha hai Drishyam bhi toh Content Wali thi Naa phir Kya Hua 70 Cr bhi naa kr payi or Ajay ki Multistarrer Commercial Movie With Chartbuster Song Wali Baadshaho Jo Bakrid Holiday Par Aayii thii woh bhi 70 Cr Naa Kr Paayi or yaha Ajay Fans Bade Aaye Akki Ko Troll Krne ????
          Akkii Kii Content Wali movie 125-135 Cr Krti hai
          OR Rowdy Rathore ,HF 2 & 3 Yeh Sab Content Movie Nhii Thii Non Holiday Par Release Huii Thii Phirr Bhii in Sab Ne 100Cr Cross Kiye Or Verdict Blockbuster/Superhit/Hit Tha

  3. Indian Audience rocks!!
    Hats off indian people ?for their logic

    Duniya kaha bhi jaye hum log masala hi dekhenge

    Now every actor please do d masala films so that audience will enjoy

    1. why are you so jealous?????

      all people want hapiness and lite moments in their lives... and if something is providing it being it any medium without being so cheapo.....then it's fine for all of us.....

      every film can't be serious and life-experience viewing.....we all need emotions and hapiness in our lives.....

      so rather stop wining and just chill????

    2. Ha ha jalna ki buu as Rahi hai

      Anyone can guess

      But I trilled enjoy when this monkey jealuase

      Too much fun

  4. Salman and Akshay are set to clash tomorrow on TV.Tubelight world Tv premier and TEPK satellite tv premier is going to happen tomorrow at afternoon.Akshay’s TEPK beats Tubelight on box office.But Salman’s Tubelight can win on Television and receives more TRP than TEPK.Tubelight is a tv friendly film about love and brotherhood.

  5. Now its confirmed TZH will be huge!!
    May break Avtar record

    Bahubali2 n Dangal WW will be in danger

    If it will not happened then sallu fans kuye me doob maro

    Note:I m not against bihars Megastar ????

    Plz rona dhona band kardo ??

    1. oh u mean you are a stupid moron????....

      bollyarena pls publish his meaningful comments only rather than comments full of stupidity and jealousy?????

      1. @MK
        Tu chup chap comments pad jisko jo karna hai wo to karenge hi

        Tu kyu tension le raha hai ?
        Sallu fans ne Aamir fans se panga leke bahot bura kiya

        Aab hamesha Aamir vs Sallu fight hogi

        1. Dekhte hai kiski fan following jyada hai.

          Collection hamesha batate hai kiski fan following jyada hai par sallu fans kabhi samjne wale nahi

          Aur hamesha inka rona acchi script achi script toh sallu ko kisne roka hai yane tum log bhi mante ho sallu ki filme crap hoti hai phir bhi dejhte ho ?

          Vaise bb ne kya ukhada..

          Top 5 in ww


          Kaha hai sallu fans ka flopstar ?

          1. All of the above movies u mentioned above are excellent content wise plus universal appealing....hence they were able to find more audiences and hence collection.....

            however aamir being perfectnist ....his most movies are solid and hard hitting plus life experiencing pleasure.....also he is the only one whose movies are continuously good.....so he had earned the respect of audience over past decade.....

            however with salman....the problem is that his all movies are not good and so no continuity like aamir.....plus court cases and many bad stuffs portraited by media.....so he has got many haters regarding he has most number of fans.....

            I request you to spread positivity as u are most active and popular commenter on this website.....kitne din aur ranjish rakhoge mere bhai?????.....

            I request all other fans to not spread fan wars please.....????

          2. waah.. kya mast logic hai.. maan gaya ki tujme dimaag bilkul nahi hai :D.. abey popat.. tuje sach much lagta hai prabhas is the biggest star in india? ww chodo.. only one actor can release his movies in uruguay, Paraguay Brazil etc.. :D.. tingu ne kya kya kiya bahubali 2 ke collections ko beat karne ke liye.. hey rammmm! :D

        2. Garashya Sure we are ready and spl with moron like you

          Don't talk here for chines collection we don't care for dublicate ?

          And never talk for stardom Salman is wah ahead of stardom

          He is not scary like tingu who wait 2-3 yr to release his movie coz he want only content

          Actually he is fattu that's way but Salman carr for his fan atleast give them 2-3 movies in 2 yr

          Sorry Yaad Aaya tingu never done more movie in 90 wheb he was young now he is too old so not possible to do atleast 1 movie in 1 year

    2. Tum shayad doob k aayi ho parshya aunty tabhi dusro ko suggest kr rahi ho..itna experience kahan se mila?ohhh age k saath itni knowledge toh mil hi jaati hai waise duniya k kaunse kuyein mein doob k aayi thi jb dhoom 3 mein aamir ki overacting dekhi thi nd who can forgot that movie umm talaash btw sabhi talaash hi kr rahe hai aamir ki 2 saal mein ek movie LOL

  6. Watched the movie on 1st Day & let me just day that this movie gave me mixed feelings. Comedy was good nothing great. Most of the actors overreacted. The Villain's son & the policemen was funny.
    Overall this movie was something. But let me just day that the movie seats were full for this movie which happened after a long time(JHMS, Tubelight etc had lesser ppl on the seats).

  7. Akshay is far bigger than Ajay.Ajay don't have 1 100 crore film without Rohit shetty .Son of Sardaar and Shivaay were not 100 crore grossers according to BOI figures.But Ajay manipulated and bring them to 100 crore club.He gave only 1 30 crore opening on national holiday with sequel Singham returns.except that he doesn't have even 15 crore opening.so his opening ability is not 30 crore.Ajay's full commercial film Baadshaho just collected 70 crore.whereas Akshay's niche films like Airlift , Rustom collected over 120 crore.so undoubtedly Akshay is bigger than Ajay .

    1. Well said bro @prashant abhishek . Bro I know Ajay is excellent actor . But collections wise his movies have not been that good .
      Akki is 10 times bigger star than him in terms of stardom as well as collections.

  8. Nice to see industry finding its next superstar.If he continues his good run then he can be the next superstar after Ranbir if he already isn't

  9. india ko masala chaiya.....25 saal purani comedy chahiya...purani sarkar chahiya....purani ghisi piti story chahiya......sabit ho gaya no body cares review.....no body cares word of mouth.....holiday session hai movie dekhni hi dekhni hai......

  10. @prasant:nice to see u buddy supporting akki.
    Its unpardonable offense comparing Ajay with akki.akki with content movies grossed 120 to 135 CR's.
    Ajay with full on commercial movies like shivay n baadshao cud not even cross 70 CR's
    Ajay is nothing without rohit.a big zero.

  11. @ devgun , Why comparing Baadshaho with only JHMS ? Badshaho full commercial film, Bakrid release but collected just 70 crore.
    FAN ,non commercial film collected 84 crore with negative word of mouth.
    Now you yourself decide Who is bigger.

  12. I am die hard Akki fan but I accept the fact that Ajay has always been ahead of Akki throughout his career but both of them are superstars which entire world knows.I am the admin of Akki's biggest fanbase and I humbly apologise to you for some delusional AKshay fans who said wrong things about Ajay sir whom we respect a lot.I hope you forgive us.Peace

    1. Waah be chaalak lomdi . Tu Akki ka nahi Ajay ka fan lgta hai . Beta yeh double game humare saath mat kheel . Akki hamesha Ajay se aage raha hai phir tu yeh kaise keh raha hai ki Ajay aage hai. Beta yeh harkate kahi aur kr. Aaya bada fanbase ka admin. Beta Akki fan base ka naukar banne ki aukat nahi hai teri

      1. @devgan dekh le beta aakhir tere muh se dialogue to Akki bhai ki Movie ka hi nikla. Tu jo marzi kr par kabhi bhi tera Ajay humare Akshay se aage nahi nikal paaega. Beta tu bhi maan le ki Akki sab ka baap hai.

    2. Abe the Ajay fan hai chal akshay vs Ajay career analysis according to boi
      Akshay 26
      Kalwa 19
      Akki 46
      Kalwa 33
      10+ cr opening
      Akshay 15
      Kalwa 6
      Super hits/bb
      Akki 11
      Kalwa 7
      Akki>> kalwa
      2+ cr footfall
      Akki 2
      Kalwa 0
      200 cr ww
      Akki 4
      Kalwa 1
      150 cr ww
      Akki 8
      Kalwa 2
      Akki >>> kalwa
      6+mill in overseas
      Akki 5
      Kalwa 0
      100 cr domestic
      Akki 8
      Kalwa 3
      100 cr on nonholiday
      Akki 5
      Kalwa 1
      125+ cr movies
      Akki 3
      Kalwa 1
      4+ mill in overseas
      Akki 16
      Kalwa 2
      Bb in overseas
      Akki 1
      Kalwa 0
      Over akki is 6 times bigger actor than disaster actor kalwa still kalwa fans like devgn compares his flop actor with superstar akshay kumar?????

      1. Aamir kahan hai waise?2017 mein ek bhi movie nahi ohhh age kaa asar ab kahan ek saal mein 2 movies krega but haaan cameo kr sakta hai woh bhi if koi movie social issue pe ho taaki uska bhi kuch toh naam ho as poore saal toh gayab rehta hai..
        Jb secretsuperstar release hogi nd obviously flop hogi tb k liye bahaane bacha k rakho @Parshya aunty

      2. you are absolutely right 2017 chal raha hai. But I would like to remind you that Marigold was also released in 2007. Why do you compare the collection of that movie with new released movie of 2017. especially TEPK.

      3. You are absolutely right it is 2017. Then Why did you start compairing Marigold collection with the movies like TEPk those rel
        eased in 2017. marigold is a flop movie released in 2007. You ownself has admitted it is 2017

      1. @devgun beta chahe ho India ya ho overseas Akshay Kumar tere Ajay ka baap hai . Beta jitna jaldi ho yeh baat maan le ki Akshay tera aur tere lallu devgan ka baap . Tere liye yahi acha rahega vrna beta Akki fans se khoob pitega tu .

  13. Earlier I used to target only Akki because I feel he’s dangerous for the country who brainwashes people about fake patriotism lekin ab Srk bhi meri hit list mein enter ho gaya hai after seeing his online fans who never watch his movies in theatres replying to my comments even when I didn’t badmouth him.
    Dono ka countdown shuru.
    If you ask any trade analyst about the current standings everyone will agree that Ajay is miles ahead of both of them unless he’s a paid critic.I myself have been in the business for many years and I know how arrogant and selfish both these actors are and have experienced simplicity of Ajay who is actually doing something for the betterment of industry by making Shivaay which didn’t do well but it was an honest attempt and now doing big budget period film that will destroy Baahubali.
    Baadshaho collected 15 crores more than JHMS despite being a low budget movie that didn’t star any top actress.Even in his golden phase Akshay can’t cross SR which released way back in 2014 and didn’t have good WOM.After Golmaal 4 everything will be crystal clear.Ajay sir will be in the league of Khans(excluding Srk) soon after the release of the film.
    Just wait and watch till then apni aukat mein raho kyunki agar hum ADians ki kissak gayi tumhara koi star, star kehne ke layak nahi rahega

  14. Waise Bollywood arena mein Sabhi Srk aur Akki fans milkar aur zayada din tak yeh metal Devgun ko yehan tikne nahi denge,yeh proof ho gaya,well done Srk and Akki fans...aise logo ko sabak sikhana hi chahiye

  15. @Utsav Rajput
    Stop using kalwa word
    This time, I am not gonna say anything about you but if you will again use this word then ready for your reward.

  16. Jab tak Akki SR ko cross nhi karta bina Rajini sir ke tab tak Ajay sir hi aagey rahenge.
    And Srk fans supporting Akki despite akki fans trolling them after Jhms.Wah kitne besharam ho tum log

    1. Bhai,yeh Srk fans ke sath fanwar bhi tumne hi pehle se suru kiya Hain,jhut mat bolo,pehle tum Akki sir ko troll Kar Rahe thain,uske Baad Srk sir ko bhi,aur yeh mat shamaj na ki tum Srk sir ke baremein Kuch bhi kahoge aur hum Srkians Kuch nahi karenge

  17. Akki 11+ cr opening according to boi
    Akki 15
    Disaster devgn with out shetty aukat de bahar????

  18. Akki fans on fb 24 mil
    Ajay total fans on social site
    Twitter 6mil
    Fb 6 mil
    Instagram 2 mil
    Total 14 mill
    But but Ajay is same popular than akki what a joke?????

  19. According to Ajay fans Ajay is bigger star than akshay because his highest grossing movie collects more than akshay
    Than rohit sharma is bigger cricketer than sachin tendulkar because right highest score is Moore than sachin????

  20. @ devgun , yes u are right.I am SRK fan.but truth is truth.Akshay is giving consecutive hits cum 100 crore grossers .Ajay neither giving clean hits nor 100 crore grosser.his last hit and 100 crore grosser was Singham returns in 2014.

  21. @parshya .. bas ho gaya , parameters change ho gaya ... apne hisab se parameters set karte raho ....
    but al pacino k character ko remake karna ... kuch jyada dream nahi kar liya the tingu ne ...

  22. Ajay and Akki both are good.akshay is better in dance,comedy while Ajay in terms of intense and voice both are equally good in action. Akki is better in script selection also. Aur Rahi baat judwaa2 ki to I am shocked 100cr ka socha tha jyada ka Nahi aur ye to 100cr tak to aaram se pahuch jayegi.varun has a crazy fan following like Salman have.kids ke favorite star hai VD that's why collection is too good.

  23. Hhahahhhaa Ise dekhkar ye kah sakta hu VD Ak6_ay Kumar and #Ajay se bada star ban gaya hai ? akchhay fan bas aaj ka rona dhona karte hai jisne 1Bhi HGOTY na di apne carrer me lol? aaj hit jarahi hai mkvie bjp ki chat k to srk ko bura bol rahe the
    Bad phase hai srk ka fiir bhi clash k sath 126cr kar k semi hit hoty hai jab akchhay ka best phase me 150cr ni kar paraha hai
    120cr pe hit hota hai lol ?


      AKKII IN 2016 =>3 BACK TO BACK 100 CR HITS
      SRK IN 2016 => 1 FLOP , 1 SEMI HIT
      AKKI IN 2017 => 1HIT ,1SUPERHIT
      SRK IN 2017=> 1SEMIHIT ,1 FLOP



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