Judwaa 2 2nd Week Box Office Collection

Judwaa 2 2nd Week Box Office Collection: Judwaa 2 has grossed 27.76 crores in the second week. This is a very good number and the second highest of 2017 from Bollywood. The film is only behind Toilet Ek Prem Katha which collected 28.35 crores in the second week.

The total collection of the film now stands at 125.84 crores. It still needs around 9 crores more to beat TEPK lifetime collection. Judwaa 2 has only one week to do so and it will not be an easy task. This is pre-Diwali period so the business of the films will be severely affected.

Day 116.10
Day 220.55
Day 322.60
Day 418.0
Day 58.05
Day 66.72
Day 76.06
Day 84.25
Day 95.75
Day 108.10
Day 112.91
Day 122.45
Day 132.25
Day 142.05
Day 151.72
Day 162.65
Day 172.82
Total133.03 cr

41 comments on “Judwaa 2 2nd Week Box Office Collection”

  1. Excellent collections. By the time next SRK movie comes out, Varun will be ahead of SRK. The film was good but if it had been what we had expected it to be before trailer then definitely 160cr+.

    1. According to BOI latest updates
      Akki Tepk Niche Movie - 200 cr +ww
      Ajay Baadshaho Full commercial Multistarrer
      100 cr ww
      Akki slapped n Kicked Ajay Devgun,??????

      1. Akki and Ajay both are my fav. Both are gem of actors and very precious for a talentless industry like Bwood.

      2. Kick and Slap like yesterday or you want

        Villain Angrey..Mahalaxmi my babe, shoot that inspector 2 shots to his chest now!! I feel to big to shoot him..

        Mahalaxmi... Yes Sir right away now!!

        Inspector... Please dont tell anyone how am going to die...

        Khakee!!...seen it? Want to?

        1. Reallyyy.....
          Wanna see Old man Amitji kicking Vimal Asss
          Khakee in climax
          Tushar making a fool out of Vimal n Shooting him like shooting a mad dog
          Enjoyed it???????
          Ohhh you must have cried out of pain???

          1. ?? at least everyone can tell The old man had to enjoy that previledge for a better ending,Tusshar did not have tge guts to tell a female inspector to do that trick?. But its more painful seeing your hero being beaten up , caught and your greatest enemy hero finding it to big to shoot,rather giving orders to his girlfriend to do the ??????.
            Worst...." Any last wish inspector"?
            Yes sir dont tell anyone how i left this world????????.

            1. I have the clip...next article front page!!

              King of comedy rocks? 1300 views already from the day it was re posted!!

              Talk any crap again and see that painful scene again. ??

    2. If Varun likes let him have 10 consecutive 100 cr grossers still he will not attain anything close to Srk note it. The nos of movies Varun has done since his entry to bollywood is not 30% close to those SRK did!
      The genres Varun is choosing,the footfalls he attained is no where close to even Suniel Shetty or Akshay back then!! Fact!!
      He is just a Decent actor , Big banners associate, loved by the youths today and by Media, he deserves it because he is a Level headed Guy and His cool. Let him have a successful 10 years (38% of SRK entire Career) with big Producers and Directors still lining up for his signature then you can think of daring to start comparing if not ?

  2. Original collection 121 cr boi couldn't beat tepk
    Tepk will still remain the highest grosser of the year

    1. Sharam ni aty tujhw akshay ko varun dhawan se compare kar raha hai ? akshay 25saal se hai bolly me aur ye 6-7saal se Iski HG 148cr bhi hai ?
      Akshay fan ye yaad rakhna Iski Next Movie Khud Lead Pe Hoga Aur Akshay se Aage niklega
      My Young Fav Are VD Ranvir And Rk ??

      Only Aamir Rules ?

    2. TEPK is not the highest grosser of the year at this moment, Raees made 139cr! TEPK made 134-135cr, I won't bothered with what Bollyarena thinks!

      And people saying he will make it bigger than SRK, actors of today can't achieve that type of stardom today! But his box office numbers are in dreading rapidly and I'm happy!

      Varun Dhawan an official Superstar! Not SLB kid!

        1. Lol nice one to laugh at your own little joke, amusing isn't it?!

          Btw, these Figures that I stated are not from Red chillies, these are figures by a lot of trade guys, there's even professional who say that it crossed 150cr!

          But majority of them after on 139cr,
          Let's just say this regardless highest grosser of year right now is Raees ww!

          If TEPK made 133, you would've said Raees made 132! You can say whatever you like! ?

  3. only Sallu fans can break d bahubali2’s record in India.
    coz sallu fans thinks all days in xmas r holidays

    22 dec-Non holiday (xmas start)
    25-holiday (xmas)
    01-holiday(New year)
    05-holiday(xmas end)

    TZH plus point

    1.sequal of blockbuster film ETT
    2.Director who has given 300cr movie sultan
    2.Hollywood level Actions
    4.Beautiful songs
    5.higher screen and ticket price
    8.Salman The Megastar
    9.school will be closed for 10 days.

    sallu fans ABKI BAR BAHUBALI2 PAR. koi bahana nahi chahiye.
    bahubali2 ka record nahi tod paye toh kam se kam Dangal ka to todo.

    Dekhte hai sallu fans ki power.
    All d best Sallu fans.

    1. Beautiful songs ? Bhai/Behen ek gaana bhi release nahi hua ab tak . Time machine me future dekhliya kya ?

      1. @Suhail Ismail
        All sallu fans gaana release hone ke baad yahi bolne wale hai
        what a beautiful song..song kitna bhi bekar ho

        thats why i consider that point.

    2. beta agar story achi hui to dangal ko crose kare gi india m 1 holiday new year sunday ko 38 crore lose ho ga people good content ko dekhte h na ke franchise ko aur na drictor ko q ke srk ki ra one action film thi per kia hua song acche race 2 1 franchise thi super hit ya hit h is ka mutlab ye n jo tum chesen likhen h sab aise h example aur bhi n badri ki duhanya subah mangal low cost low drictor low acting many more low song phor bhi super hit ms dhoni example h aur adita chopra yad n kia kaha tha amir ka koi kamal n story ka kamal 2 year m film is aur everything good

      1. abe lallu aditya chopra never said any such thing because he is media shy guy and never gives any interviews or never tweets. and you rascal, aamir with or without great story gives HGOTY and ATHG and don't bring talaash which was off beat thriller and that genre doesn't work and it was not commercial. just remove aamir from talaash and put your star or any other bollywood star instead of aamir and it will sink badly and won't even cross 40 cr life time. aukaat me reh moron. aamir is one man industry whose name makes the movie ATBB evn before the release. sab ki apni apni aukaat hoti hai. I pray to god that your aukaatless tiny star achieves at least 1/4th of the megastardom aamir has achieved. god bless you moron.

  4. Kuch #Akchhay Fan Ko dekhkar taras araha hai bichare k kese din Chal rahe hai abhi tak newcomour actor se compare karna par raha hai lol ?
    Baap 1hi tha 1hi hai aur 1hi rahega

    1. New comer is bigger star than srk not Akshay Akshay niche genre movies collection more than new comers full commercial movie

  5. Taras atta hain amir fans par. Aaj tak non holiday 100 crore bhi nahi kar paya. So said holiday ka sahara lekar. Saal main do saal main ek movie karke Raja bane phir rahe ho. Kabhi saal main teen film karo toh murkho 300 crore toh chado 100 crore bhi ho jaye toh kahna Aamir rules. Star sirf ek hain film industry main or woh hain Akshay Sir. Love u Akshay sir.

    1. @Parshya Bro Ignore Karne Q Bol Raha Hai Unke Pass BolnE k Lie Kuch Hai Hi Nahi ?? WO Bichaee Padhkae Hi Ignore Kardenge

      Akshay Ko 10Janam Lena Hoga Aamir Sir Se Aage Nikal Ne K Lie

      Only Aamir Rules ?? Aamirian Always ??

    2. Right parshya. Akshay sir has given back to back 5 good movies and his sixth will be 2.0 in this list. This is done in very short time of period. Jo acha kare uski tarif hi hoti hai, nobody need to worry about him...

  6. @parshya yaar jitna tum Salman Salman karte ho utna shayad Salman k die hard fan bhi nahi karte.
    You are real fan of Salman.......
    Almost all your comment have only Salman.
    Tum Salman ka naam liye bina jee nahi sakte.
    Itna hate wala pyaar Salman se
    Har baar Salman Salman Salman.
    Salman k siwa kuch aur bhi soch yaar.

    1. @Aamirsalman

      Bhaiyonki chinta karni padti hai
      Wo aise sadme se gujar rahe hai ki
      Kuch bhi kar sakte hai

      Kahi Eiffel tower se na kud jaye ?
      I love u sallu fans ???

  7. If any Akshay fan has even small amount of shame and guts left then can I ask you a basic question?
    Here's a so called superstar whom you compare with Khans but he's yet to give a single hgoty Athg.
    Isn't that a matter of shame.Even stars like Govinda sunny gave huge hits.
    Don't you sometimes feel ashamed to be fans of a star who hasn't has been defeated by every single newcomer and even Kangana.Just check the highest actors of other stars and Akki
    And your favourite star isn't even an Indian not even NRI.
    He's just a small actor who does movies for money and give small grossers unlike Khans Ajay Hrithik.
    Akki cannot ever cross 150 on his own at least till 2020.After that while his movies would be chasing 200 the khans would breached 500 mark and youngsters would be targeting 250.
    You're not even liable to be considered a superstar.You are a decent actor and wannabe star that's it that too because Rajesh ji son in law.You are also a product of nepotism unlike Ajay who despite being related to films had to work hard and became successful on his own.
    So my only request to your fans is stay in their limits.I won't abuse Akki's fans but I want them to be humble and respect other stars because their star isn't that big that they could even fight with Ranveer or Ranbir leave Ajay who's miles ahead of this joker.
    Hope you understand this and just agree to whatever fans of other superstars(which unfortunately Akki isn't) say just like Akki does being a sycophant of ruling government.
    If you want to reply do it with facts which you don't have.Have a nice day and watch Insaan where you favourite joker gets beaten by the KING of action

    1. Alshay is a product of nepotism???lol i am not against ajay bt when did he give hgoty or big grossers by himself???singham returns...error 101..shut up dude....akki gave 5 hit films within 20 months...and the best thing is in an article you agreed with me that akki is bigger than ajay bt ajay is vetter actor...then you posted ajay's best movies vs ajay's worst movie..

      1. Ajay is a product of Nepotism...

        Wanna know how!!!!
        Coz SHETTY Adopted Vimal pan masala

    2. Ajay SHETTY ke bagair kab solo hit dega ....
      Ajay says I am Feeling Ashamed of myself that I am surviving due to Rohit Shetty n Vimal Calculator... I feel like Dying ??????????????????

    3. If you think akshay was helped by rajesh ji then on this basis akkians can also say that ajay was all bcoz of his father (a mega stunt director in 90s)??

  8. @Devgn akki and nepotism lol ajay is a product of nepotism and he married twinkle when he was a established actor so it arguments are baseless so come up with better arguments idiot

  9. @parshya bhai koe sadme me jae ya nahi jae par aap ko zaroor salman phobia hojaega.
    aap tesion mat lo yaar.
    Salman salman chodo amir k liye enjoy karo.
    TOH aur TZH dono fans k log enjoy karenge.
    salman ki ek hi to flop gae iss decade me.
    Aur Amir khan to always good hai.
    TOP STAR of bollywood always AMIR SALMAN no body give competition to both amir salman.

  10. Ajay is flop actor of all time
    Ajay last decades success ratio according to boi 20%
    Ajay success ratio this decades 23%?????

  11. Bhai ki taang kahan ki toilet 133.60 Crore
    RAEES - 139 crore highest grosser shah Rukh khan RAEES

  12. amir good star h agar hum amir ke fan n but good chease ko support karte h chahye koi bhi ho

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