Judwaa 2 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Judwaa 2 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection: Varun Dhawan’s Judwaa 2 has shown excellent growth on its 9th day. As per official figures, Judwaa 2 2nd Saturday collection is 5.75 cr.

The film has remained super strong in Delhi/UP, Bihar and Central India. The second weekend collection might be lower than last Varun Dhawan starrer Badrinath Ki Dulhania. But Judwaa 2 has already consumed a lof capacities in the holiday period and had come from much higher levels.

Judwaa 2 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Judwaa 2 box office collection after 9 days stands at 108.08 cr. Considering the weak competition in next few weeks and rejection of new releases, it has high chances to challenge Toilet Ek Prem Katha lifetime collection. As of now Judwaa 2 is leading by a margin of 2 crores.

Day 116.10
Day 220.55
Day 322.60
Day 418.0
Day 58.05
Day 66.72
Day 76.06
Day 84.25
Day 95.75
Day 108.10
Day 112.91
Day 122.45
Day 132.25
Day 142.05
Day 151.72
Day 162.65
Day 172.82
Total133.03 cr

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56 comments on “Judwaa 2 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection”

  1. Last 10 saal me aamir ne 4 all time grosser dia ghajini dhoom 3 pk dangal .srk ne 2 all time grosser dia rnbdj chennai express ..but what about salman hahaha salman bas peecha krta rehga lekin all time grosser kabhi nahi de skta ..dwarf agar achaa movie hua to dangal ko beat kr ke all time grosser ho jaega

    1. "Dwarf" movie would break Dangal and Bahubali 2's record if and only if they would have caste me in the lead role because everyone knows that i am the real life dwarf and nobody can do a better dwarf role than me.

      1. How anyone can bash Akki? Shame on all those people who bash Akki n they r all traitors/ real deshdrohis
        Akki saved bollywood which was going through slump in 2016 with 3 100 cr Grossers n in 2017 when every Movie is Flopping even of big stars then again Akki came to the rescue with 2 movies n that too with such socially relevant movies...
        Everybody can praise their fav hero but should not bash other actors
        If u can't appreciate Akki then don't bash him....

        1. I am in full support of Bollyarena for giving such Authentic figures

          I am not against Ajay devgan
          But according to trade figures sos, shivaay never crossed 100 cr
          To be frank Ajay 1st started manipulation from sos
          Now one question why Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh does not give Ajay movies official figures??????
          Coz he manipulates
          He started manipulation for Baadshaho from 1st day itself with even 2 cr difference
          Nobody can deny this fact even Ajay fans.....
          As a True Akkian I accept the fact that Khans r bigger stars compared to Akki
          Then why can't Ajay fans accept the truth....

    2. Abe ek baat bata agar Indians audience se pucha Jaye ki dhoom3 aur bajrangi bhaijaan me kaun si film achi thi to 99% audience kahegi ki BB achi thi,,,lekin 1% tere jaise log dhoom3 kahenge,,,ab ek baat bata ki all time blockbuster se kya hota h ,,,collection se koi matlb nhi hota h story achi honi chahiye, samjha...

    3. Oye gadhaa. All time grosser will remain amirs record. Nobody will be break it up even not overseas popular srk. In India everybody is throwing up on him

  2. Again that devgn guy is arguing...ok 2.0s theory is stupid see my one..
    This decade-ajay hits- golmaal 3 sos ouatim singham 1 and 2 rajneeti bol bachchan. ..look I am not saying he is bad actor..he is just not very successful enough. ..hit ratio -30%...6 out of 20 films
    Akki-houseful 1,2,3 rr, special 26, holiday, gabbar, airlift, rustom ,jolly llb, tepk. ,...10 hit films...38% 10 out of 26..
    Solo hits are 7..ajay solo hits -2..
    Even akkis success rate is higher than him..
    Opening day-ajay> akki. ..highest total-ajay> akki....collection of all films-akki> ajay. ...nmb of hits-akki> ajay.....nmb of solo hits-akki> ajay...100 crores-akki> ajay (7 solo grossers)...akki leads...and there is no such thing as rohit shetty or patriotic brands. ..pls don't say ajay or akki cannot deliver without them or these...akki is> ajay

      1. Lol..no actually both gruops are stupid...ajay is a gifted actor and also has good fan following though not in the league of khans bt enough for movies to gross more than his current films...akki haters say he gets hits because of patriotic films...both of them are superstars except just one fact that akki is in better position than him now

          1. To be honest i have nothing against Akshay Kumar but if people like @2.0 and @Ustaav will be using vulgar and racist chants on Ajay Sir i will give them a smack back! Almighty God made every human being equal , leave india and come to Australia where i live you will be suprised with the names they will call the Fairest light skinned Indian. No matter how white you are for foreigners they call us names i cant mention here due to self obligations!

            1. @Hameedbhai Jab hum Ajay ko bash karte hai you start bashing Akki but when others or devgun guy bashes Akki you don't bash Ajay
              Jab tu Akki ka hater nahin or Ajay ka fan nahin toh kyun comment pe comment marta hai
              Aur Akki ka fan hone ke kaaran it's my right to praise Akki n 2.0 I will say it cross 2000 cr what's wrong with you...

    1. Am in a good mood for now. My Activation button is safe for now pending when someone falls into my trap?

    2. Ever since Golmaal 4 trailer has been out there is no single day some group of Fans dont Troll Ajay Devgn.

  3. Ak6666ay Se To Aage Nikal Hi Gaya #Varun ??

    ab Akchhay Fan Ye Na Bolna K Robot 2.0 Arahi Hai Lol Rajni Sir K Dum Pe Bhi 200Cr Ni Depaega

    Law Budger Movie Ko Hit Karne Wala Canadian ?

    Only #Aamir_Srk Rules ?

    1. Bro it will be more proper if you call the actor by his proper name pls. I find it very disrespectful be it any Actor.

      1. theek h bhai me to nhi chahta ki akshay supar star bhi kehlaye kyuki jab varun dhawan superstar kehlayega or movie uski phir bhi chutiya hi rahegi me akshay ka fan is liye hu ki uski movie ki quality bahut achchi h to mere liye ye mayane rakhta h ki uski kitni achchi movie aati h jise dekh kr mujhe khusi mile chahe 50 cr kamaye ya 2000cr mujhe dekhne me achchi lagni chahiye

      1. @devgun don't make a fool out of yourself always
        Always talking about Singham returns
        Tu pehle Kangana TWMR ko cross kar
        Tere logic se toh tere Ajay se KANGANA, Ranveer, Ranbir much Bigger stars hai☺☺☺☺
        Yeh baat accept kar nahin toh bhaunkna band kar aur apna ilaaz karaa

      2. Ok then let ajay take his success ratio more than akki...he did 5 films more than ajay bt still his success ratio is more..and I already put this sr point...giving 5 100 crore films is better than giving 1 140 crore and giving 5 flops after it

      3. First cross 85 cr without sheety
        Badshaoo vs SMS clash result
        Badshaoo flop
        SMS hit
        Bhommi is bigger star than Ajay????

  4. Today should be close to 7cr hopefully, it'll be tough to beat the highest grosser of this year Raees, but it can try 139cr!

    Might beat TEPK 135cr

    Let's see!

  5. Aur ha me apne bollyarena fans se kehta hu ki me kisi bhi actors se nafrat nhi karta hu,,,sirf achi filme pas and karta hu,,,mujhe collection se koi matlb nhi hh.

  6. First tell us which figures are you following? This site is strictly Boi followers for other heroes if not almost 4 cr gap just to make This crappy film ahead of Tepk by 2 cr. Salute Bollyarena Salute! No need to rush this Boy to wherever you want to take him,i know you want this film to cross Tepk and Raees but i dont see it happening and even if it happens for the case of Tepk,the Budget and genre will always make it superior ahead of Crappy 2 in terms of Real Market Value.
    When are you updating Abhishek 100 cr movie list? If you can give Varun our own Dilwale then You have to give Abhishek Bol Bachn too since he had the more memorable role than Ajay unlike only SRK Dilwale which in no angle can you say Varun had a memorable role because he was wasted in that film!

  7. Hameed Bhai Kya baat boli maza aa gaya Akkians ki kehke leli.
    I am glad somebody exposed this fake patriot.But I also feel pity on you for supporting a so called king whose films collect half as that of Varun :'(
    And don't forget how Srk got defeated in real terms in 2012 clash.Had they not booked screens sos would have decimated Jthj.

    1. Bhai Devgun, any proof Akki is not Indian? Do u hv photocopy of his Birth Certificate? ?
      Am not after Akshay ,i like him but taking a Big Celebrity like Ajay D whose Wikipedia profile is so massive and loaded, for granted his fans think they can escape just like that and other people here just watch just because they support other heroes?

      Bhai Devgun all i know is Shah Rukh Sir is a BRAND an ICoN , those like you who think taking a dig at his recent failures ,calling him smaller star bla bla deep inside you know that let SRK give next 20 flops he is already a Made Man a Living Legend.

      About Jthj and Sos all i know both movies did 100 crs above business and were clean hits. I have respect for Ajay Sir but truth be told Shah Rukh is an International Legend while Ajay is a superstar at most in Asia.
      Hope you understand that.

      1. Hammedabhai i like your comments strong hard to digest for some fans but you have facts and diplomatic. Well done

  8. @bollywood a man who gives 15 crore opening can never give 375 crore plus lifetime. dangal opened 29 crore plus without any heroine and commercial elements while jhms opened 15 crore net with all the elements. dangal carried no hype before release but still opened at 29 crore net plus and jhms though had lesser hype than other srk films but still was a hardcore commercial film but opened half of dangal. srk has given only 1 all time grosser in his career and the count will remain 1 for the next part of his life.

    1. Are you talking about Ranveer or Varun here or Ranbir? How many times has Srk given 15 crs opener? Are you crazy? This is his lowest opener of recent time!
      SRK has 10s 20s 30s and 40s under his petty inshort all others are 20+ except for Clash with Sos time he gave 16 which was very good. His openings are from very good to excellent!
      Jhms was a bad movie even beforevrelease and mind you it had limited hype. Most trade sites predicted its lifetime low. Even this Bollyarena you are writing on predicted 95 cr so which buzz?
      What is Hardcore commercial movie? What are their attributes? Some people just like making a fool out of themselves.

  9. Ajay aur popular Ajay is working in Bollywood since last 3 decades and have just 6 mill fans aur Twitter aa thuu?????

    1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ajay_Devgn

      Mr Tuuk ☝...... Not me The WORLD BOOK WIKI says it. If you are staying in an area with 2G network this is just the 1st linings...

      Ajay Devgan (born Vishal Veeru Devgan on 2 April 1969),[2] also credited as Ajay Devgn,[3] is an Indian film actor, director and producer. He is widely considered as one of the most popular actors of Hindi cinema, who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi films.[4][5][6] Devgan has won numerous accolades, including two National Film Awards and four Filmfare Awards.[7][8] In 2016, he was honoured by the Government of India with the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honour of the country.[9].

      I dont just comment without facts...now you can tell Wikipedia that they are crazy?.

      And listen its only a very dull person that quantifies twitter following with popularity. Some are not just into these stuffs.
      Brad Pitt Tom Cruise Will Smith Jackie Chan entered Movie Industry before Ajay Devgn but they are not even Ajays 7.4 million followers. Does it mean Ajay is more popular than them? Such a foolish ideology you got over there dude.

  10. @hamid I have stopped commenting on skin racist if you want trolling will stop than first tell 2 rs man devgn to stop disrespecting akshay simple logic if you disrespect I akshay I will disrespect your fav actor

    1. Why dont you tell @Devgun by yourself? If you will so foolish to behave like a kid and reply someone with a more childish remark? So who is the kid among you guys?
      I never saw Devgun with such remarks if i had seen it i would have definitely told him.
      You are not a Kid so you can go ahead if yhats what you want.
      I dont have anything to say any more Mr racist....me going to watch Big Boss stay cool and chill out Mr Thuuk...

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