Judwaa 2 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Judwaa 2 2nd Day Box Office Collection: Varun Dhawan starrer is having a great run at the box office. After an excellent opening day, the film has shown huge growth on Saturday. Looking at the early trends it seems that Judwaa 2 2nd day collection will be in the range of 19-20 crores.

There was a Dussehra holiday which has boosted collections in most parts of the country. The growth was massive in places like Maharashtra and Gujarat where the collections were affected by celebrations on Friday. The plexes have shown huge gains as the growth was 200% at places. In terms of footfalls, this will be the second highest single day of 2017 from Bollywood.

Judwaa 2 2nd Day Box Office Collection

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It has almost ensured that film will get a hit tag. As we reported earlier, the film has got one of the best release periods. Judwaa 2 is going to rock on Sunday and Monday too which is evident from the advance booking. The word of mouth will come into play on Tuesday but the job would have been done before that.

With Judwaa 2, Bollywood will have five clean hits this year and two of them belongs to Varun Dhawan. This says a lot about the star power of the actor and is probably enough to put him in the big league.

Day 1
Day 2
36.10 Cr


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64 comments on “Judwaa 2 2nd Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Fantastic! Varun Dhawan has successfully became a star!

    He has yet time to teach the next goal which is stardom!

    The comes superstardom!

    Then comes legendary superstardom!

    1. People are so idiotic saying that varun has gone past this and so! No one from the generations can match upto the Khan or Akshay Kumar!

      Varun Dhawan is nothing In front of Akshay kumar! He's doing better at box office than his contemporaries but still has a long way to go! All you can say is that the kid is doing extremely good!

      Why do you people all these actors with Shah Rukh Khan what he has achieved, actors today cannot achieve because that type of super enormous worldwide stardom is not available anymore!

      You should see the documentary on Shah Rukh Khan and his life, its on YouTube done by a foreigner! Which starts like this "after The Beatles a new wave hit the globe, some of you may not have heard of him but his name is Shah Rukh Khan"

    2. Agreed. Moving fast towards his own stardom.
      #Judwaa2 #VarunDhawan Jacqueline #taapsee & ors Congrats all set for 72-75Crs biz in 4Days Overseas Biz rocking as well.

    1. I have no fucking idea who this is bt I dont think he is an ajay devgn fan...lets forget the past...in current time...akshay gave 5 bqck to back 100 crore mivie qnd all are hits...ajay gave just 4 clean hits in last 7 years...and you said you are a better patriot than akshay...then I hope you qre one of the highest tax payers in country. ..inspires million of people by your success story. ..and also engage in donation. ..you are great patriot

    2. You deshdrohi psycho person they r multi starrers. Don’t even know that…
      Manipulation king Flop Ajay movies
      Sos trade 88 cr
      Shivaay 87 cr
      Singham 97 cr
      Still struggling to give a 100 cr movie since 2014
      Whereas Superstar Akki gave 5 100 cr movies in 2016, 2017
      2016 - 2017 Akki gave 5 100 cr super hits 4 solo
      Let your flop actor Kalwa give a single solo hit 100 cr movie till then stop barking...

      1. You mental person talking about singham returns what happened after 5 days it crashed completely. It collected that much only becoz of franchise factor and Rohit shetty woh gave Blockbuster Chennai Express just before that.
        Superstar Akki gave 4 200 cr Grossers worldwide flop actor Ajay yet to cross one

        1. Oo Bhai Singh is bling bhi sequel tha or holiday ke din release hua fir v 16cr sirf ..Singham returns 32cr hahaha akshay crowd puller nahi hai ..stardom hi nahi hai

          1. Singh is bling sequal tha baklol director this boat ha great story aur 16 nahi 17 CR opening tha without sheety kalwa aajtak 12 CR opening bhi nahi diya hai

  2. I won't be here for sometime.Till then Akki fans can breathe a sigh of relief.Jab bhi wapis aaunga bajakar jaunga tum bewakoofo ki.
    Akki ka hi dialogue for you idiots:
    Yeh darr mujhe accha laga.
    Learn to respect your baap Ajay Devgn Sir.

    1. Ok Devgn Saab we will respect our Baap Devgn Sir who is not able to cross 70 cr without manipulations and yet to cross 100 cr without our Dadaji Rohit Shetty ki. ?????

  3. Newton jaisi movie skip karke log remake dekh rahe hai

    India ka kuch nahi ho sakta ??
    Note:i m not against Varun

  4. Sallu india ko pagal banake chodega ??
    Agar aisi movie chalne lagi to bollywood piche hi rahne wala hai. ?

    1. Thoda wait karo abhi secret superstar jab flop hogi us samay aapka pagalpan dekhne layak hoga .... public ko entertainment chahiye aur entertainment ke nam par Salman/SRK/Amir sab chutiya bana rahe hai do ki aukat to janta ne dikha di ab agle ki baari hai

  5. I think hit ke liye 110cr chahiye
    Theatrical rights sold for 55cr

    Below 110cr means semi hit

    1. Aunty aapko badi knowledge hai lagta hai salman ki nanny kaa work bhi kiya hoga aapne.Note: I'm not against parshya

      1. @Arjun
        Uncle nani ka work ka pata nahi par fusslight diaster hone me mera 10% ka haat hai ??

        Aamir ke fans se panga nahi lene ka nahi to TZH ko hawa me uda denge.

        Samje uncle. ?

        1. Sahi baat 2-3 sal me ek movie dene wale ke fan ko nahi chhedne ka nahi to uska dhuan nikal jayega. In jaise fan ko lagta hai industry kewal 2-3 sal me ek movie dene wale chilgoje ke karan chal rahi hai !!

        2. Btw aamir k against bol hi kaun raha hai parshya aunty aamir apni jagah hit hai nd uski apni fan base hai similarly salman varun srk nd others sabki apni apni fan following hai so apna gyaan apne pass rakho apne baccho pottiyo ko gyaan do

        3. @parshya
          Aunty tzh k trailer k waqt bhi tum jaise logon ki jalegi nd btw aamir ki movies ki speed dekh k lg raha hai ki ab baap buddho k roles hi krega..?

  6. u expect people to shell out 400rs to watch serious movie or they go and rejuvenate themselves from tough weekdays work!?.. tere dimaag main vaise bhi kuch nahi hai.. main bekaar main explain kar raha hoon..
    watched it today.. varun isnt really imitating salman.. but he does hav charisma and energy and spontaneity of salman khan and i think its enough to catapult him into the big 5!!!...he is a terrific actor too as he showed in BKD.. that should fetch him awards!

  7. Varun's competition now is with Srk.He is already ahead of Akki and soon gonna overtake srk.
    And if he continues his good run he will start challenging Ranbir and Hrithik too.

    1. Varun ahead of SRK understand but ahead of Akki good joke .... Akki given back to back 5-6 hits in 2 yrs this kind of stardom only enjoyed by Amitabh & Rajesh khanna in 70-80s. Still fools comparing with Akki !!

      1. Akshay can't be compared to legendary superstars like amitabh and Rajesh Khanna. It's a big insult. Akshay doesn't have even 1/4th of fan following which those superstars enjoyed during their prime. Akki has never given any HGOTY. He is nothing compared to khans and forget about big b and Rajesh ji.

  8. My last comment:
    For all those asking me what have I done for my country I proudly tell everyone that my nationality is Indian and cast my vote in every single election which Canadian citizen can’t.
    If I am ever offered to give up Indian citizenship and become a citizen of another country since my beloved India doesn’t permit dual citizenship I will reject the offer unlike greedy stars.
    I can proudly say I am a bigger patriot than Akki who’s fans according to me have no love for their country and are the biggest traitors like him

    1. @Devgn
      Why r u quiting.. Dont quite
      Fan war me maza ata hai.


      Now varun definitely bigger than rest except Ranveer sing.

      Padmati will be HGOTY beating TZH

      But no one can beat Aamir. ???

      1. How will padmavati be HGOTY? I agree no one can beat aamir and aamir is undoubtedly the no. 1 megastar but come on use the common sense. Padmavati doesn't have any bankable star except deepika and TZH is without doubt will earn lot more than padmavati because this year aamir doesn't have a release so that makes it easy for salman to give HGOTY.

        1. Abe lallu even with less movies he kicks your ass. That's not called lazy you gawaar. He is most hardworking and most talented actor. He is involved in every aspects of film making which your lazy c grade heros can't even do. What aamir has done for Dangal your tiny stars can't do even half of that. Beating aamir is impossible. He is Baap of whole Bollywood. Your aukaatless tiny stars can't even dream to surpass aamir. Puri zindagi nikal jaayegi lekin aamir ko beat Karna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai.

  9. Highest single day (From Bollywood) still belongs to Raees 2nd day i.e on republic day - 26.40 crore.

  10. Varun will soon become 4th biggest Box office draw after Aamir\Salman\Akshay. SRK fans sorry cant count 10 Years old movies.

  11. Disagree with you prashya

    Varun is way ahead than other young actors right now

    But agree on no one can beat aamir sir

    1. @Modest fan
      Wait for Padmavati u will see d power of Ranveer

      I can bet it will easily cross 150cr.
      Varun abhi 120 under hi khel raha hai.

  12. Varun will beat akshay with two super hit in a year.
    Jo bolte the sirf akshay hit de sakta one year me 2 film ab to varun 2 super hit dene jaraha hai.
    Varun getting more audience than Akshay with j2 having negative review.

    1. Haha lallu comedy movies ko negative review use dark nahi pasta houseful 3 nonholiday negative review 194 CR ww
      H2 negative receive nonholiday 188 CR ww
      Sik negative review record opener in India as well as overseas 124 CR ww 2nd highest at that time after srk osm
      Welcome bumper opener negative review clash with quality movie
      123 CR ww 2nd highest at that time

    2. Lallu comedy films ko hamesa negative reviews hi mile hai h3 is still highest grossing ww comedy movie 194 cr judwa 2 couldn't beat it h2 negative reviews 188cr ww
      Welcome opening is excellent with clash with quality movie tzp
      Sik record opener in India and overseas with negative review varun will never compete with akshay kumar uska universal appeal movie bkd 116 cr tepk limited appeal movie 135 cr

  13. biggest test is when golmaal will lock horns with secret flopstar :D..
    predictions by trade..
    Golmaal = 20cr
    Secret flopstar = 6-8crs..
    ... beat that.. global star fusssss.. :D

    1. Don't you remember how badly all the best and blue fucked main aur mrs flop actor? :D :D don't cry too much. I understand your frustration. Our 2011 born flopstar doesn't have guts to clash with any movie with offbeat movie. Secret superstar will easily beat golmaal again which is not a star oriented film but a successful franchise which is bigger than all stars in the film combined. It's not ajay Devgn film it's a franchise film. But our flopstar's main aur mrs khanna, kyon ki, saawariya, God Tussi great ho were crushed badly in clash. Poor flopstar is yet to win any clash in his career and now he doesn't have guts to clash with anyone. :D even Kal Ka Launda ranbir beat him in clash with GTGH vs BAH.

  14. Bhai Jeet u surely lack common sense. AAMIR doing cameo in SS and you are comparing with a Hit franchise like Golmaal. Anyway inspite of that in Multiplexes SS will beat Golmaal mark it.

  15. m sure half of judwaa2 collections are because of Salmans cameo and his association with the film.. hehe.
    That man is a superpower. wow!
    Imagine the anticipation for TZH. Huge!!!!!!

  16. So kalwa fans compare his flop actor with superstar akshay kumar
    Akshay last 5 film ww collection according to boi
    Tepk 210 CR

    Jolly 183 CR

    Rustom 215 cr
    H3 194 cr
    Airlift 210 cr
    Total 1012 cr
    Flop actor kalwa last 5 films ww collection according to boi
    Baadshahoo 95 cr (expected)
    Shivay 124 cr
    Dhrishyam 110 cr
    Action Jackson 89 cr
    S2 215 cr
    Total 633
    Still kalwa fans compare his disaster actor with akshay kalwa has have stardom in india
    Aur overseas ka beat hi mat karo aaj tak 25 cr cross nahi hua kalwa de overseas me
    And akshay has 5 movies which has collected 40+ cr in overseas
    [email protected] me raho kalwa fans aur raha citizenship ka bat kalwa ko India ke Babar dog bhi nahi janta citizenship ghanta dega

  17. Parshya,,,,,,agar shivaay movie south me bani hoti to sabhi yahi bolte south wale best hai Bollywood se,,,,,,,but Aai Dil hai Muskil ko logo ne jyada pasand kiya,,,,,,Iska matlab Hindi movies audience ke liye sirf,,, Judwa 2,,,,ADHM,,,TAPK,,,,jaisi movies banni chahiye,,,,,,,na ki shivaay behteen action movie,,,,,,,

  18. I was told yesterday that who care about critics reviews...real critics is a public...with negative review from the critics the film shown huge growth..that means public word of mouth mostly on positive side...best of luck varun.....and i watch this movie yesterday night this movie is the second best movie of the year after Bahubali 2..

  19. varun dhawan Bollywood ka next Salman khan h ....
    varun dhawan Salman khan ji ka biggest fan h ...
    you are my nxt Salman ...hats off varun bhai ...
    shaandar successful actor ek bad ek hits film dene wala ..

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